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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Winter Blues.................

We have snow now, plenty of it. Today it was wet and heavy, sleet came down along with fluffy snow. It's not that cold really all concidered. So it stayed wet an heavy. Gerry did get the snow blower going so didn't have to do it all by hand. Midway through afternoon I heard the dripping start. Our roof leaks. It's hard to find out where it's coming in. The roof is new, but it's an add on so it could be from where the two roofs join, or more likely the ice gets up under the shingles. In any case, until Spring when we will redo the roof it has to be dealt with.
 photo 103_2468_zpszaf2dtnz.jpg
I went out to take a picture. Gerry said Tristen has taken the axe and didn't know where it was. He needed it to chop the ice off the roof.
 photo 103_2469_zpsswmpfzm6.jpg
Gerry was not at all happy. Tristen could not remember where it was and so tomorrow I guess I will be digging in the snow to try to find it. We have to clear the roof in any case. The weight of the snow can damage the roof and destroy things when it comes off. Last year the ice came down in chunks and I thought the porch would cave in. Next year when the weather is good and he redoes the porch and the roof I want an electric barrier thing put up so it keeps it from freezing. Icicles can inpale a person when they come down.
 photo 103_2468_zpszaf2dtnz.jpg
I took a few pictures this morning. The snow was deep heavy and wet. No school today. Roads too bad.
 photo 103_2446_zpswyridcaz.jpg
Look at my bird feeders
 photo 103_2452_zpsip2icowv.jpg
Tristen was determined to have fun. He was yapping to the man over the road who was shoveling his drive. Poor guy.
 photo 103_2451_zps52mwmpbt.jpg
The fence all but disappeared. This is looking up 9th st from my front path.
 photo 103_2449_zpsqgnistac.jpg
The front of the house
 photo 103_2444_zpsjgtgkdyx.jpg
The branches are weighted down
 photo 103_2445_zps2k5tbjcf.jpg
Looking up Oak street.
 photo 103_2443_zpsncbeocw2.jpg
The poor Apple tree will get it's branches broken pretty soon. Every winter it holds heavy snow and some of the branches are dying, so at some point I will need a new tree.
 photo 103_2438_zpszoz2egjy.jpg
I will have to trim it heavy this Spring.
Can you see the wheel Barrow under all that snow? Looking towards Bud's house, the blue one. I( can barely make it out, the postman must be careful not to fall over it if he cuts across.
 photo 103_2448_zpswdfhcak6.jpg
Well, the birds are fed. I put out food, bread for those who need it. The squirrels eat a lot of it but I am trying to feed the Crows. Any scraps go out for those who want it. This weather keeps most in hiding. Can't say as I care to be out myself when its so wet. Certainly not fit for driving. Winter has been short this year but when it comes, it comes.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Winters afternoon...................................

The sun came out and the sky was blue. So I asked Gerry if he wanted to take us for a ride.We went. Tristen has another cold so was not really into it but we went and he was fine with it. I think it was about 30 degrees and no wind. So we headed out to Empire. I wanted some pictures. The last time we went in Winter there was a lot more snow. In fact piles of it. Today there was hardly any. I took a few pictures along M72 on the way. I love the old barn, in summer it has held antiques (for a long time) and then an art center. Now I think it will be antiques again. Will wait till summer to find out.
 photo 103_2353_zpsesj8jnkm.jpg
 photo 103_2352_zps6yhvb1u4.jpg
The trees were looking pretty.
 photo 103_2351_zpsvhao83ob.jpg
We headed into Empire and down to the beach.
 photo 103_2354_zps9a3fvjol.jpg
 photo 103_2359_zpshegtonqj.jpg
 photo 103_2357_zpsp0mkd0qa.jpg
There were more people on the beach than I expected. There were people out on the small lake in ice shanties.
 photo 103_2364_zps3b8x4uns.jpg
From there we went on into Glen Haven. I just took a quick couple of pictures there. It was a bit colder there.
 photo 103_2374_zpsn2znpujv.jpg
We went via the Lighthouse as the parking lot was clear.
 photo 103_2378_zpsauc0xolg.jpg
 photo 103_2373_zps9huwt5fk.jpg
There were people up on the Dunes, some were sledding. What a great idea. Maybe another day.
 photo 103_2366_zpsm77po7qc.jpg
D H Day barns and house look lovely in the snow.
 photo 103_2367_zpssq5zosbl.jpg
 photo 103_2368_zps1cxcjnhd.jpg

On through Glen Arbor and got delicious coffee and pastries. Then on to our fav beach at Port Oneida.
 photo 103_2388_zpstq82er3m.jpg
 photo 103_2393_zpszalbkqie.jpg
 photo 103_2403_zpslwrxozun.jpg
 photo 103_2404_zps0c7vcue7.jpg
And back up we go, harder going up
 photo 103_2409_zpsemm1r306.jpg
The trees just look so beautiful.
 photo 103_2425j_zpsaptpaefm.jpg
 photo 103_2429_zpspmfrbnye.jpg
No wildlife but the red barns sure look lovely in the snow.
 photo 103_2381_zpsan78rt9k.jpg
 photo 103_2424_zpssv2byzy2.jpg
Poor Tristen was just not into it but made a valient effort. Gerry doesn't get out of the car. I could have walked forever but, well, time to go home. There is always another day. At least we got out.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The worst of me..................

I just read this.........and I need to improve when it comes to my distaste of certain "celebrity" "political" people who really get on my nerves. I must do better............."Do not gloat when your enemy falls; when they stumble, do not let your heart rejoice."Proverbs 24:17...........sigh!!! we need to instead, pray for them. I am guilty. I have also criticized another for doing just that when it was someone I liked (politician) who fell from grace......................I see my fault, confess it and hope to do better. I am not happy about it but I do see that we can not be "Christlike" by behaving in that way. I need help with this.
 photo f7af974c1d5908dee523e842b98f3f19_zpsgo88w7ya.jpg
I wrote this on Facebook yesterday. I am so sick of politics. I am not political simply because I can not vote, I am not a citizen and nor will I become one. I do believe in the right to vote but more than this I believe we should stay apart from this world. At least for me this holds true.
 photo the-creed-i-believe-in-the-church-33-728_zpswfthqmyg.jpg
I believe in paying my taxes, being a good citizen and following the laws of the land as best I can. I follow my conscience and I am a Christian. That means I try my best to do what God wants me to do. Having said that, I fail, often. That is one reason I need Christ in my Life. I think I was reminded of this when I read a page of "Our Daily Bread".
I despise people like Donald Trump and Sara Palin for that matter. So I was reminded it is NOT my place to judge. More than that it is not my place to put them down. I get angry when I just see that mans face. That must stop. I think it very unfair that a man like Borak Obama who has worked so hard to make this country better, has succeeded in many areas to make us better off after his 8 years in office, kept us pretty much from war and all that. While the previous lot made billions on the war effort, profited from the death of other peoples sons and daughter and left the country in such a mess. Yet they can not see we are better off now. I do NOT want to see Republicans get back in. They say they are Christian, well I don't believe that, not the way they behave. I could but won't get into all that.
 photo slide_3_zpsebnsl0fi.jpg
Oh I have my opinions and I am vocal when it comes to expressing them. I see so much that is unfair. The poor are condemned, the immigrants trashed. Well............then, what can I do?
Instead of spouting off about it I need to do something. I have no idea what. I don't have money. Well, I waste money, that's another issue I have to work on.
 photo overcome-evil-wirth-good_zps0tuo1802.jpg
I can help people when an opportunity arises and I think I do, but I should be able to do more. I will work on that. My first love is animals. I have a heart that loves them. Maybe that's my place but I also feel for the homeless and I am not sure what I can do about that because no opportunity to help has arisen. I am sure the Lord will lead me. So far I have had enough to do within my own family but.....I can do more.
Back to the original thought. Mr Trump is none of my business. I will try to avoid anything to do with him. It will be hard to not be sarcastic or to name call because I despise him. I have no right to do that. Then there is Rush Limbaugh and that hateful swine. There I said it. See thats what happens to me when I think about those people. Bigots and haters. I must NOT become one and I think the Lord has pointed that out to me. So for what it's worth. I promice to do better. I have said it publically and I must try very very hard to follow through. Everything is in God's hands and not mine I must remember that too. We each have our own journey and I must not get sidetracked.

Monday, January 4, 2016

When a cat comes to call..................

When a cat comes to call and moves right in. What the heck happened, here I was happy enough being a one cat family and along comes this bundle of nonsense. Ok so it was cold and hungry and apparently homeless. Laura fed it but couldn't take it in because she has 7 already and didnt't want to leave her alone with them all, besides she can't have any more. (she has orders) So as she had an appointment, very convenient that.............she brings this midget cat thing over here. Well.... by the time she came back it was all settled in and not going anywhere. Meanwhile it has fattened up and is now terrorizing the house.Does she look like she is going anywhere? (below)
 photo 103_2393_zpsnh6mozns.jpg
So Boots is a more dignified cat, well apart from the constant yowling when food is present she is. Sort of... or unless some one comes to visit, then she will squat on anyone's lap who won't dump her. Mainly she is an outside cat. Unless it rains, or apparently if it's cold. Then she does the same as the poodles, she goes out, sniffs, turns and comes in. I have to be the doorman and stand and wait for her to decide if it's in or out, or in, or out or............
So Boots does not like moist cat food. She does not like treats except for cat nip, that she loves and gets all silly like cats do. Then she must have a head ache because she proceeds to smack poodle faces if they try to see whats wrong with her.
Anyway.........the two are becoming used to each other. They sit opposite and stare. Then last night and the night before I heard them thundering across the ceiling must have been playing tag or something. It also explained why my linen closet door was open and the towels were falling out on the floor. Hmmmmm. Boots never did that.
To day I gave Betty, that's her name, some milk. Boots came around the corner and saw it.
 photo 103_2387_zpssjgiijpr.jpg
Well........the air turned decidedly chilly. She has milk? I do not have milk! I want milk.
 photo 103_2388_zpsyinrpod2.jpg
....and proceeded to get closer and closer until Betty stepped back.
 photo 103_2390_zpsmafk37tu.jpg
Boots finished the milk and Betty retreated to the cupboard for a wash giving Boots a threatening look.(below)
 photo 103_2478_zps62invdkh.jpg
This afternoon I was working trying to sort my sewing stuff, all the drawers and cupboard got sorted. I got a lot of help from Betty.
 photo 103_2443_zpsf1ckigy4.jpg
I emptied out a drawer and in popped Betty. Tail hanging out the hole. I put the drawer back and into the drawer she popped again.
 photo 103_2441_zpsurj6nrzp.jpg
I was sorting on the table and she jumps on a vacant chair, stretches over to me and got as tall as she could to get into my face. I ignored her. Opened a drawer and by golly into that one she goes. What a pest.
 photo 103_2466_zpslrwufe9c.jpg
I went to the bathroom and yes, she came too. I like to stand in the bathroom window to take pictures of birds so naturally she has to get into the window to block the view and natter at the birds. That ended that project because I could not see around her. Next time bathroom door will be firmly shut. I have to clean the window every time I want to take pictures because there is kitty snot all over it. She bout broke her neck when a Chickadee flew past and she fell off the window sill. She has explored the toilet bowl but has discovered the water bowls taste better I just hope she does not notice that the poodles do not drink from the water bowl but from my glass. She is adapted already to being housebound. So far she is enjoying the stay. I reserve judgement.