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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Boys and dogs..............

It has been so cold. Very cold. The poodles do not want to go outside. It's too cold for Tristen to play outside. There have been snow days. That for me means babysitting. When Laura has to work I have the two girls here so then there are three disgruntled kids bored out of their minds. So, as it was also too cold for Gerry to work the other day we went to Books a Million. Then to Toys R Us. Reina said it was a great day. Sure was for them. Not so much for me I had to pay the bill haha. It was worth it though for several hours of peace and quiet.
 photo 2180218d-7507-44ab-946d-4b1addaa67b0_zpsje3bj0j7.jpg
I got Tristen some blocks and some toy soldiers. Now he has had this stuff before and really has never played with the stuff, the blocks get lost and so on. Well it seems that he has turned a corner here somehow. He has really enjoyed playing with them and using his imagination. At last.
 photo 9ccf4016-0f4b-41dc-a684-23c35e597fe1_zpsll3vtukg.jpg
We went to school the other night for his school parent teacher conference. His regular teacher is out on maternity leave. It seemed he was in trouble every day, she wanted him to go to the doctor and be treated for HDAD or some such thing. As he had already seen his doctor and I had discussed it with him I was not about to do that again. Plus the fact that I don't want him diagnosed and put on pills. I don't want him labeled at 5 years old.
So I began with his diet, being more careful about what he eats, and as we eat pretty healthy anyway it was not a big change. Also consistency with bedtime, also not a big change. However I am now insisting on others in his life following this practice. Anyway, the teacher who is filling in while his original is on leave has done a spectacular job. He has turned a corner academically as well as in his behavior. His work has improved so much I told her how I felt. That she had turned him around. To be honest (and I didnt say this) I dread the other one coming back next week. Don't get me wrong, she is very nice and Tristen likes her a lot. I think its just that the sub has more patience and is more organized. Maybe the regular will come back in a different frame of mind. She had just moved to this area and now has a new baby..........we shall see. Now that I know how well he can do I will certainly not allow for her to put him through what was going on before. She was sending him to the principle several times a week it seems and having him evaluated. He has certain goals to reach before kindergarden next year. I am optimistic that he will do well now. He has done better in all aspects. Here he is enjoying relaxing with his computer
 photo 39e50cd7-30d0-40d3-93e2-0ecfc5e8977c_zpsw1yhvago.jpg
He is even getting better in his art work. This picture is (left) Bodi (the dog) Granddad and Tristen with the giant who is like a tornado.(he says) Notice how happy everyone is. Bodi is his favourite of the poodles. Also his name at the top is one of the best he has done so far.
 photo f47641ff-d52b-45dd-ab29-0b696295a8c2_zps2oc8m4oj.jpg
Bodi is his friend
 photo bea0b4e5-0c4d-4577-a097-9ad155f45d1e_zpsniktkvzh.jpg
The girls are hating going out in this weather. They are all getting plump from eating good food and laying on the heating pad all day.
 photo 782c41c7-4a47-4cb0-bc24-c721f1b0dfc8_zpstlabyhbz.jpg

 photo afef2089-ae43-4dec-90b2-3a0839d2623f_zpsrxpniphr.jpg
I can not wait until we can all get back outside again.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Frozen Pipes and toes...............

It's been a bit nippy around here. Three days of frozen pipes in our downstairs toilet. The hair dryer has been very handy. They froze last year too but this year has been extra special cold. Apparently, according to my son Jason, it was minus 44 in the North Pole and a city somewhere in Michigan showed minus 39.
Last night got to minus 17 here and our pipes did not appreciate it. Got them thawed out and left the water running. I checked it out when I went to bed and all was well or so I thought. My husband had turned off the hot water one. Guess what, yes, that one froze. I could smack him. I got up at 5am to be sure nothing had overflowed or flooded, all was well and so I stayed up so have been rather tired today.
A view down my street yesterday.
 photo 063d3c42-b75f-4375-8d6c-9f06550dc43f_zps184494bf.jpg
We have had much more snow than this but its seldom been this cold. Some one put some plastic penguins on our frozen bay last night and they did not look out of place. People really enjoyed checking them out today.
Looking down Oak st
 photo fefaa69e-6b26-4ad2-b0e7-1cbdc7a137c1_zpsdb9550d2.jpg
Then looking over at Bud's house I was thinking his front porch furniture wont be used anytime soon an.d looks quite lonely
 photo ce8ca384-61af-433c-b53f-112be6b59ffb_zps1a9eca93.jpg
Looking the other way down 9th
 photo f1893568-e5da-4b4e-a982-82b80d20d5aa_zpsc727b1a3.jpg
The amount of snow is not impressive and it is pretty. The Bay froze last year and again this year. It had not frozen for a good many years. It is cyclical, so I don't read too much into that but, the weather is changing for sure. This arctic weather is just not normal.
I feel so bad for the birds and animals. Here we have a winter that is without really deep snow, so food is easy to get for the deer and other critter but, so what, now they freeze to death.
Roll on Spring.
 photo d925e971-1ec7-4c87-b17b-be96216ed547_zps12b2732d.jpg
I see the buds forming on the trees. Actually they form in the Fall I believe but they are growing and I can see them more prominently now.
 photo 0148a935-5622-450c-9818-d2311a7b310a_zps9ae11a04.jpg
I will believe it though when I see the Forsythia starting to bud. I should cut some and bring it inside and try to get them to bloom. It is supposed to work.
 photo 51fb32e6-394e-464f-8ef6-fe6b53b4e232_zpseb8ba40c.jpg
Anyway, I am tired of the cold but not looking forwards to heat. I like mild temps. I want to get outside, work in the garden and do outside stuff. Next year I am getting snow shoes for sure.
I bought a Hyacinth but that has finished now, so next time I am at the store I will buy some mini daffs. I end up putting them in the garden when it thaws. Then they come back the next year and spread. It just gives me that feeling for Spring. Hope that it is coming soon and I will dream of warmer days.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Winter blues...........

I am thinking that next year Tristen will be 6 years old. Time to get outside in the winter months. I have never done any winter sports. Sports are just not my thing. I know, it's not all about me is it.? So........I have been thinking.
 photo 00a4af7b-891f-4876-b969-f643dd9e2a50_zps63e53343.jpg
I am thinking snowshoes? I know nothing about them.
 photo 5ec094de-4218-43ed-b205-f3b599531930_zpsd14fa7a1.jpg
I have some antique snow shoes. They are huge. I wonder how folks can walk in them. I would think the legs hurt after just a short distance having to spread the legs to accommodate the width of them. Well I hear there are modern ones that are nothing like those.
 photo eb26c759-8cac-44ae-b066-85e91c778801_zps2be58084.jpg
There are so many really nice groomed trails here, I am sure we can find somewhere to go. As you work up some heat I doubt I need too much in the  way of outdoor gear. I don't wear heavy coats, I don't own any. I don't have boots either but that's easy enough of a fix. Tristen always has outside clothes and snow pants. I don't think I would need them. Anyway its a thought. I had at first thought about cross country skiing but I think that would be more difficult and more expensive.
 photo b1aed547-683b-4160-8c48-8e382131aa9d_zpsf03168cc.jpg
I have a whole few months to think about that LOL Next winter will be here soon enough. There is too much beauty out there to sit at home getting cabin fever. My husband would never go out snowshoeing or anything like that. I do have friends who do though and maybe I can have them help me next year. That would be so nice. A whole new freedom and Tristen should not be too expensive to fit out with snow shoes and whatever else we need. Too late for this year. Financially and otherwise.
 photo e2fc193d-e663-4c61-a405-15ff6801e8c2_zpsa364e5ea.jpg
So never say never.............I am up for a new adventure and I am sure Tristen will be too.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Faith in times of trouble..................

Do you find that things just get overwhelming? Do you struggle every day with finances, family issues, work related problems or all of those things? Years ago, many years ago I did.
I have learned though, that no matter how much you worry, it does not help. I learned that I can give it all to the Lord. Does that make sense to you? FAITH. What is it?
 photo ae94bc36-a33c-478d-b5f9-d60902aaef11_zpsb2bb2519.jpg
I am not sure how I can explain my Faith. I liken it to what Jesus told us. As a child we believe our parents, we do not questions them they are infallible to a small child. Maybe until they meet their first teacher anyway, then their loyalty seems to be challenged somewhat. Anyway. Jesus said to come to Him as would a child, believe what you do not understand and trust His word. SO........I do that. If I have a problem, and don't we all. I just give it to God. I suppose that could mean bury my head in the sand and hope it all comes out right...........that is until something happens. It seems that once I do that, I get inspired. I usually seem to come up with a plan or answer.
 photo ae577bde-7776-4175-ba87-d5a4602ad950_zpsfe16e879.jpg
I do know if I set my mind to something and try and try to make it work first off, it is usually a failure. If I let it go and wait, then the answer comes. I think maybe this only works if you have that personal relationship with God. I use the word "saved" because thats what is familiar to most people. I am a born again Christian. Oh trust me when I say I am not the best, never will be. I trust in the Lord but I am not always obedient. I don't always do what I should or what is right. God forgives but He does expect us to hold up our end of the bargain, that means a changed life. That was pretty much easy for me as I was past my years of rebellion and partying. So not a huge change in my daily life. Only in my reliance on Him. Now when we have money problems (all the time) I know we will get through. Somehow we do. I don't worry about it anymore.
 photo 0937c211-7e1a-4a38-ab36-b8460e435cb7_zpsc2611bbd.jpg
That does not mean that I can do as I want, oh no...........what it means is I try to do better, try to manage my money better. Admit where I fall short (I like to spend too much) and try to get things under control. That's where God comes in. He can help me with that and shove me in the right direction. I do mean shove and sometimes with a smack side the head to go with. Sometimes something will come from an unexpected source just in time to handle a situation. When it all comes down to it, tomorrow will come. Days will pass and life goes on..........nothing we do or go through is the end of the world for us.
 photo c842f247-4842-49e8-9c51-43c528900e50_zps85bfd9e9.jpg
WHen it comes to health issues. I pray that I don't have to go through anything major but in the end whatever will be will be. I can only ask for help to get through it all. Jesus says nothing will happen to us unless it is God's will. SO I trust that whatever happens health wise He will give me the courage and strength to endure what has to be endured. I can pray that He take away the sickness or the burden but when it comes down to it something is going to kill me some day. prayer is that God's will be done in my life and that He helps me through it with grace and a brave heart. That He will do.
There are examples in the Bible where God has granted someones wish to live when they would have died. Life was not good though, better in fact had they died when it was time. God knows what is best for us. We have to trust Him.
Trust and Obey..........
 photo 89b0f02e-2848-47d2-b1d0-bad17eb4aa24_zps2efa7003.jpg
Loving and leaning on God gives us peace.

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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Do you believe in Angels?..........

Well, do you? I do. Have you encountered any? I am not sure. I am not really sure if we would ever know. Anyway, I love the idea of heavenly beings even though I know they will not be anything like what we imagine. I do know from scripture that they can come and show themselves in the form of people. ....Hebrews 13:2
 photo 61f94c21-ba29-4ba9-9f2c-adc4a22b4898_zps6afa55d9.jpg
There have been several occassions in the Bible where Angels were messengers. They brought good news as well as warnings. They have names. There are Archangels and other classes of angelic beings. They are created in art in many forms. Some by the best artists and sculptors of the ages.
 photo f8cb1f13-a5da-4d7a-b945-708e35f8f1a5_zps48d6a63a.jpg
Do we have guardian angels? Do angels write things in the book of life, note our sins and good deeds. What is real and what is fiction. I believe the Bible. I just don't know what else is fiction. I am sure that many stories have been handed down through the ages. I think it would be fantastic to finally find out what the spirit beings are like. I know they are not like us in any way or form but they do Gods will.
 photo 1f267c16-bf2c-47b5-ab62-5124a0f65a7a_zps46d6f780.jpg
So tell me, do you believe in Angels?
 photo 611a140f-b388-4383-8979-46cdff261c33_zps3f926992.jpg
There was a time long ago when the Angels were guardians, called The Watchers. They left their first position, they took the women and the beasts and they raped and interfered with them. Man was changed, his genes, his genetic code was corrupted. So........God washed the world clean. Were there other survivors besides Noah, or were his genes already corrupted. Ah well, look how man has progressed since then. Pfttt!!! Well Lucifer was an angel. The most beautiful of angels. He is king of this world and it shows. Not forever though.
 photo 39fab4fb-3647-4474-a2de-2944a88fc06d_zps8eb6f540.jpg
So have I ever met an angel? There is one story that I already told ......back when Jason was a baby. He was just walking, learning to run. You know how they run with arms up and belly out unsteady.....well he thought I was chasing him and so excited and squealing with delight, he the road, between cars. I stopped running in horror hoping he would stop but he didn't. A lady came out from behind the car, or was she already there? I had not seen her in any case and she caught him, stopped him. She was my angel.
 photo ae1e3dc3-88fe-4756-9d62-cae1539e24bb_zps106f89b0.jpg
So these mighty beings, these beautiful creatures that serve God forever are a part of our lives. Every day, they walk with us. They guide us and they protect us. Why?
 photo 06f898af-f39b-40f9-be4d-17477054e012_zpsea635383.jpg
We all die, so maybe during this life we have things to accomplish, to learn and we can not leave until we have? I have no answers but find the subject fascinating. I believe that there is but one way to Salvation and that is to Accept, to ask for Gods forgiveness and help and through belief in His son Jesus we will some day know all the answers and we will maybe be able to talk with the angels. I don't know. What do you think?