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Sunday, March 31, 2013

St Michaels Mount.................

St Michael's Mount (Cornish: Karrek Loos yn Koos, meaning "grey rock in the woods") is a tidal island 400 yards off the Mount's Bay coast of Cornwall, England. It is united with the town of Marazion by a man-made causeway of granite setts, passable between mid-tide and low water.
Its Cornish language name — literally, "the grey rock in the wood" — may represent a folk memory of a time before Mount's Bay was flooded. Certainly, the Cornish name would be an accurate description of the Mount set in woodland. Remains of trees have been seen at low tides following storms on the beach at Perranuthnoe, but radiocarbon dating established the submerging of the hazel wood at about 1700 BC.The chronicler John of Worcester relates under the year 1099 that St. Michael's Mount was located five or six miles from the sea, enclosed in a thick wood, but that on the third day of the nones of November the sea overflowed the land, destroying many towns and drowning many people as well as innumerable oxen and sheep; the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle records under the date 11 November 1099, "The sea-flood sprung up to such a height, and did so much harm, as no man remembered that it ever did before". The Cornish legend of Lyonesse, an ancient kingdom said to have extended from Penwith toward the Isles of Scilly, also talks of land being inundated by the sea.
In prehistoric times, St Michael's Mount may have been a port for the tin trade, and Gavin de Beer made a case for it to be identified with the "tin port" Ictis/Ictin mentioned by Posidonius.
Historically, St Michael's Mount was a Cornish counterpart of Mont Saint-Michel in Normandy, France (which shares the same tidal island characteristics and the same conical shape), when it was given to the Benedictines, religious order of Mont Saint-Michel, by Edward the Confessor in the 11th century.
 photo 730c001c-9452-45f7-9ac7-adc288c992f7_zps5c9c765d.jpg
The vision of St. Michael the Archangel at this site in Cornwall was one of many that were reported across southern Britain and northern France in the 4th and 5th centuries.

 photo 1e0e05f4-1c8b-4028-8f32-0cd02014429a_zps1e3ced56.jpg

As a great heavenly warrior, St. Michael is often seen on high places and many of his legends involve slaying dragons. Some theorize that St. Michael's strength and victory over dragons is an expression of the struggle of the newly-arrived Christian faith against native paganism in this area.

 photo st-michaels-mount-500_zps4b1a182a.jpg

St. Michael's Mount is also a prominent site on the major ley line known as St. Michael's Line. Ley lines are hypothetical straight lines between ancient sites that are believed to carry special energy and power. St. Michael's Line runs northeast across Britain from St. Michael's Mount, through sites such as Glastonbury Tor (with its St. Michael's Tower), Avebury, and Bury St. Edmunds.
 photo 4311f38a-f54a-4632-9453-103c22b5a4c5_zps30272487.jpg
You can read more here......St Michaels Mount

When we were in England we did go to Cornwall and we saw this magnificent sight. We were not able to go over to the Island at that time so it is one of my things to do. I am fascinated by legends. To know that this was all on the main land at one point and the sea came in makes me wonder why. What happened that drowned out this area as well as Lyonesse? the Island where Genevieve came from in the story of King Arthur. What made the sea rise, and earthquake, a tsunami? something happened thats for sure. So I am trying to read about this. I began the fascination long ago, it was piqued again while at Tintagel last August.
Apart from anything else this is a beautiful and ancient land.....Cornwall.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Good Friday...........

Hot Cross buns........

 photo hotxbuns_zps5e7c1634.jpg
Our local store has a bakery and they make awesome Hot cross buns.

crucifiction photo: crucifiction thecrosssceneryblank.jpg

The cross signifies the Crucifixion and you only get these wonderful treats at Easter.
Good Friday............the day He died. The day He gave His life for us to save us from the results of our "sin". Can we even begin to understand what this meant for Him. To volunteer to suffer that way for people who do not deserve it. To have stepped down from Glory, to humble Himself and become a man, and to suffer as a Man, to die. He had one advantage, He knew where He would go back to, knew what it was like there..........and He opened the way for us to go too. We just have to believe this and ask Him to accept us, very simply put, to ask for forgiveness. We have all, every one of us fallen short of perfection. I can not believe people have a problem admitting that. Wishing it were otherwise, asking to be born again simply means that at some point, when our life here is done we can be reborn into eternity and wont have to deal with our human frailty any more.
Jesus, the Christ, the Redeemer........our Saviour. He was not killed by the Jews, or the Romans............they did not have that power over Him. He voluntarily allowed it to happen that way, as it was predicted, as it was ordained. He GAVE His human life, His blood for ME!!!! and for you. I know I do not deserve His sacrifice but He loves me. Me, who is so unworthy.
At any time there were 10,000 Angels who could have sent every one of Pilates men, the soldiers and everyone involved into oblivion. They were at His command. Waiting for the Word..........instead, as a human being He felt fear, betrayal, agony.......He did not hate Judas, Jesus loved him. Judas was an instrument in the plan, he started the ball rolling so to speak. He did not do it because He hated Jesus, he only misunderstood. Judas was not a bad man, he didn't betray Jesus for any other reason than to try to make Him show Himself and set up His Kingdom. Poor Judas missed the point, he thought that by forcing His hand Jesus would free them from Roman rule. He did not see the big picture until it was too late. He really believed that those angels would come down and start the new Kingdom that Christ talked about, he missed the part where Jesus said "it is not of this world"........and so when Judas saw what he had done he was heartbroken because he loved Jesus. He killed himself. Will Judas be with Jesus? Only our lord knows that but I hope he asked for forgiveness because he would have received it.
It is Finished............nothing else needs to be done. We only have to ask God for forgiveness and accept His gift of eternal life. Because of this one man, the son of God, died for you in your stead.

 photo 94f32156-4139-4628-abdd-fe8ae28ab7f1_zpsbe346fed.jpg

Good Friday commemorating the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and his death at Calvary. It is observed during Holy Week as part of the Paschal Triduum on the Friday preceding Easter Sunday, and may coincide with the Jewish observance of Passover.
Based on the details of the Canonical gospels, the Crucifixion of Jesus was most likely to have been on a Friday (John 19:42).The estimated year of the Crucifixion is AD 33, by two different groups, and originally as AD 34 by Isaac Newton via the differences between the Biblical and Julian calendars and the crescent of the moon. A third method, using a completely different astronomical approach based on a lunar Crucifixion darkness and eclipse model (consistent with Apostle Peter's reference to a "moon of blood" in Acts 2:20), points to Friday, 3 April AD 33.

It really did happen folks. No Easter bunny, or Easter eggs just a terrible terrible death............that He did not in any way deserve. He volunteered. So when bigots try to blame the Jews, or the Romans or anyone else for the death of Christ they entirely miss the point. It was them, it was you, it was me.......

Thank you Lord...........and some day I too will be with you forever because you are my King, My Lord and my saviour. Amen

Monday, March 25, 2013

Welcome Cooper.....

A warm welcome to my new Great Grandson Cooper Daniel. He was born Friday and weighed 8lb 14oz. My granddaughter Gabrielle is the new mother. She was living with me up until a couple of days before he was born. Now she is living with her boyfriend Tony who is Coopers Daddy.
It's tiring work being born.
 photo 0a7d61e3-270b-41c4-bc3b-18b639cdcbbb_zps5252de74.jpg
Gabby ended up having a C section as she was not able to dilate quick enough for Cooper who wanted out of there. He is a lovely baby, not squished and bruised. One good thing about a C section baby.

 photo 9cf7150b-b28c-42e6-9339-fb4cbae9f3fd_zps7b7ebad8.jpg

He has peachy gold hair. When Gabrielle was born she did too. In fact we said we now had a blond (Danielle)a brunette (Alexandra) and a red head (Gabrielle) .....well her hair did not stay that colour but its so pretty while it lasts.

 photo a77f14ac-9691-47b9-aa74-3f260ddb4492_zps977b2599.jpg
Here I am holding Cooper. My 2nd Great grandson. As you know I am raising number one, Tristen who is 3. They will be quite close I think, as a good closeness in age. Reina and Tristen are 4 years apart and they are great together so I am hoping that the 3 of them will be close all their lives.

 photo 6c281b56-6fb4-4319-bde9-d6eee184feff_zps5682937c.jpg
So a new little family begins. God bless them please.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Winter Poems............

First Day of Spring

First day of Spring!!!! the grip of Winter still.
Looking out my window, the birds still feel the chill.
Huddled by the feeders their feathers are all fluffed.
They stay in my grapevines until they are all stuffed.
It's time for building nests, time to raise some young,
but they really can not do that until the Spring has come.
Come on old man Winter, it's time for you to go.
Wev'e had enough of Winter and sick to death of snow.

JKS March 21st 2013.

 photo 07a01a0d-7b0f-4da4-9981-a243414af59b_zpsb6c83ba7.jpg

Not much has changed since I wrote this poem. Although the sky is not blue today.

Winter Sky

Winter sky so blue today.
A few dead leaves in tree tops play.
Left over from the days of Fall
Should not have lingered there at all.
No normal winter this time round
Barely enough snow to cover the ground.

The north wind came and brought more snow,
covered bulbs that try to grow.
The sky turns grey and the wind does blow,
Covers up the ground with snow.
Winters back with an icy blast,
I just can't wait till winters past.

JKS 2013

 photo dbdb6367-d432-4627-b1fa-f922de2d299d_zps708941ed.jpg

Then I can go back to a poem I wrote in November and say we have celebrated way too long.

November days

Rain and snow in wintry blast
here we go, it's winter at last.
Cold cold days November brings
very soon the sleigh bell rings
Horses breath hangs in the air.
Under's ice...beware.
Children skate on frozen pond,
while adults roast chestnuts in fires beyond.
The bandstand waits to host the band
people gather in a wonderland.
The band strikes up a gay refrain
Time to celebrate winter again.

JKS 2012

 photo d054af2d-033c-4456-9413-c2e982fd75d5_zpsb24f84c0.jpg

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Monday, March 18, 2013

Soon.....soon, please soon........

As the snow is falling yet again.....

 photo 7e0dbf28-8c89-40d9-a9d4-274b6e042a27_zps137d3036.jpg

I think ahead to what it was like last Spring. First off here is a shows Traverse City, where I live, between the two Bays in Grand Traverse Bay on Lake Michigan. The red trail is showing Leelanau County.
 photo 9fe13651-aef1-48ce-bef2-658314a3dd9b_zps976ef92a.jpg
The area around Traverse City, in Leelanau County is where we go the most. Although there is not a wrong direction to take when looking for beauty. It abounds. For today though I will show Springtime around the Leelanau Peninsula.
Its supposed to be Spring this week. Actually my wedding anniversary is the first day of Spring. From what it looks like out there today, I am not hopeful. So a few pictures from a local web site that has photographers who take wonderful pictures. Glen Arbor web site you can find on Facebook...........
 photo f206e0da-c097-4280-9457-27615f1367a3_zps83cf7193.jpg
Wild flowers on the Dunes....above are so pretty but the Trillium is my favourite and is found in the woods.
 photo fdc6dd7c-8e1a-41f7-a600-3921735adc0d_zps870b6b02.jpg
Walking in the woods is one of the first things we do. Its calming, its fresh and no hunters to be concerned about. The wildflowers are beautiful. Pink or yellow Lady slippers, granny bonnets, violets, Dutch Mans Britches, Iris. So many lovely flowers. The woods full of bird song and deer. If I am lucky I see a fawn nestled in the grass waiting for mum to come back. Never touch these little ones, they are not abandoned and have no scent for predators to catch.....leave them be she is watching you.
 photo 61cc0ee0-53e1-4734-9d11-f6d9032d7bab_zps624aefc3.jpg
 photo 3669bca8-0523-4f6a-ac59-80d719340846_zps8fc9d2b8.jpg
 photo 5a3b22b6-6420-4a4a-8fcc-4ed155eb81e9_zps5d17447a.jpg

The Dunes and Bluffs are beautiful and to walk there before the summer tourists arrive is the best. Solitude. Its quiet and you seldom see anyone. That's what I enjoy. I don't care if there is still a bite in the air, if we are lucky it may be warm at least. After the woodlands the beaches are my favourite places. We don't go often once the summer people come but even so, its possible then to find our secret places and enjoy them still.
 photo 974ecb82-9ee8-41b1-ae05-ce2eb2675e40_zps1b23a035.jpg

The ghost forest up on the sleeping bear, shows how the drifting sands have taken out woodlands before and will again as it shifts and moves.
 photo 48f1c93b-c3fe-406f-8982-a3a2524f7ece_zps24244404.jpg

 photo fc311550-be00-4506-837c-39fc05373ef3_zps31f80596.jpg
The arts and craft fairs begin as soon as Memorial day is over with, that's the official start to summer (May) so a way off yet but I sure look forwards to that as well.
 photo c2ae02e8-6ce1-4ec5-b148-e1afa43d018d_zps435747a7.jpg

Old logging trails and railroad beds scar the woodlands and make some great paths to walk on through the forest. We have Black Bear and they say Cougar and Wolf live here too these days. Rare... but they are here now. They are smart and stay away from tourists too. We have to take care though in the less traveled seasons. Common sense must rule, a mum with cubs........back off slowly and don't run. She doesn't want to hurt you and the big ol' pussy cat you wont even see. This lady was in our neighborhood before being escorted some 50 miles off to a nice home in the forest.
 photo 48e21a9f-d04e-4def-b1a9-fb608f67a200_zps9e8ff34f.jpg
You may see deer though and you could see raccoon's, possum and skunks. Heck we see those in our back yard often enough. Not to worry, its their home as well as ours. So be careful and enjoy and let them live in peace.
This next picture is a pond at the bottom of the Dune climb we look for Heron there. The sand is not as high as it was when we first saw it in the 1970s when they still had sand buggies drive up there and across to lake Michigan. They stopped that back then and just in time. This is all National Park land now. The farms have been bought up and fixed up.
 photo 747ba35c-b3d4-4e64-a558-7b7e2efd8396_zps5c2960db.jpg

Wont be long till its Mushroom hunting season, then the woods are full of a different kind of hunter...........people do not share their secret places either.
 photo 9d56e8bc-68e1-439c-be2a-0d33b4e0a2cf_zps3bd0ffa1.jpg
One day I will do a post on the history of this area........but not today. I will leave this instead with Blossom Time taken from the Old Mission Peninsula in Traverse City
 photo blog-cherryblossomChateauChantal.jpg

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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Living on the Edge.............

Of the bed that is...........I am sure you have all seen the cute cartoons that show how much bed pets take up???? Well they are just so true.
We have four poodles. Not big dogs but well, they do like to snuggle. Bodi prefers the end of the bed because she is then under the fan, or by the open window depending on the season. She is our plus size model (shhhhhhhush)

 photo Bodicea.jpg
She is just the sweetest dog possible. She has all kinds of health issues, a lot to do with weight. When we first got her she was a black tuxedo poodle. She has faded to grey. Everyone loves Bodi. She does take up the space on the bed though.
Then there is Bijou. She is not so big but is long and spreads out. She never knows where she wants to be, she wants to be where everyone is who may be getting scratched at any given moment so is a pain in the butt at bedtime. It takes awhile for her to choose her spot. Usually ends up in the middle spread out across the center of the bed.
 photo Bijou-1.jpg
Next we have the terrible two...........two toy poodles on the small side but they have to be together and have to be touching me. They sleep under the covers, Brea prefers the top so she can give me kisses when I least expect it, or stick her paw in my face when she stretches. She is very put out if Bodi chooses to sleep up top. Then I cant find a space to put my arms. Brea is our naughty poodle. She just loves to be naughty and she is full of fun.
 photo brea.jpg
Bella is her sister, they have the same Dad. Bella is the quiet and sweet and shy one. She is always close to me. She sleeps by my belly curled up in the space made when I curl up on my side. She sits with me on the sofa, on the back as close as she can. Sometimes she sleeps on my shoulder. She is happy to be next to me and Brea in bed and sometimes they are kissing each others faces.
 photo bella.jpg

So it was the other night......I was laying on my back, Brea and Bella right next to me when Bodi decided to sleep up top. I could not find a spot to put my arm and had one leg hanging out the bed............I thought to myself "There is something wrong with this picture" All pets were happily snoring and I was wide awake and trying not to disturb them....................WHY? I ask myself and I not disturbing them.? Husband has half the bed and here I am sharing my inadequate side with 4 others. Hmmmmmmm.........SUCKER!!!!. Eventually I fell asleep and Bodi drifted off to the bottom of the bed. She does not like to be touched when she is sleeping. She likes her space (the nerve) So I could turn on my side and get comfortable.

 photo Picnikcollage-1.jpg

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Roll on Spring.........

I am soooooo wanting Spring. I cant think of anything else. I want to stroll in the English countryside. I want to feel the warm (not hot) sun and see the birds nesting. They are making enough noise about it they must be working on them. Last year we had several around the garden. I hope they liked it enough to come back. I love England in the Spring and that is when I miss home the most. I have been in the States since 1972 and yet England is and will always be home to me.
I do like Michigan. I know I am fortunate to live in such a beautiful place but I yearn for the quaint old land that birthed me. I miss the long walks in the ancient woodlands

 photo 2b92dc4f-5fec-4fb4-af15-b0329227da7b_zps9c8c4ef3.jpg

Strolling through the villages, shopping and getting a nice English afternoon cream tea.

 photo f889043d-568b-4d3f-863a-ec1117e530d3_zps79f72e29.jpg

Strolling down the country lanes on a quiet afternoon.
 photo 9b78249d-e282-49da-8f28-f924bcfbb904_zps238db4e1.jpg
This is my home territory........Dunstable Downs and the Whipsnade Lion. I spent a lot of time walking those hills as a child. Alone as well. Didn't think much of it. I also miss that.

 photo 0b7a6146-8dc2-4e0f-a77f-a314ccf90b4a_zps86211452.jpg

How did I get from there to here? Well I met my husband that's how............he came from Traverse City here in Michigan. We never intended on staying put, we wanted to go back but that just didn't happen. Never was the right time or opportunity or the money. He was stationed in England while in the Air Force. We only intended to stop long enough to meet the family, him to get out of the air force and we would be on our way back. How naive we are when we are young. We just do not know life enough to make life changing decisions but there you are, and here we are.

Monday, March 11, 2013

The Pink Bits............

In a televised ceremony at Marlborough House in London’s Pall Mall on Monday, the Queen will sign a new Commonwealth charter, setting out for the first time in a single document the organisation’s “core values and the aspiration of its members”. It includes affirmations on democracy, human rights, international peace and security as well as freedom of expression. It also contains a commitment to “gender equality” and “women’s empowerment”.
The charter was agreed last year by heads of government of the 54 member states that belong to one of the world’s most enduring international institutions. The affection and respect felt for the Queen as the head of the Commonwealth has been instrumental in that success,

 photo d0b16e77-f24e-4022-a205-3f61af71508a_zps4fc5dc8c.jpg

The Commonwealth...........when I was in school it was "The Pink Bits". We were not taught that we owned the pink bits but it was as protectors I saw us. We colonized during those years where people were still discovering the world around them. Sure......we were taking from those who already lived there. I see that now. I think back in those days of discovery the explorers saw it as free for the taking and "native" peoples were not the same as us and so the land was up for grabs. Now I see that as just so wrong but back then people were different. They saw themselves as educating and bringing the gospel to them, saw them as children in need of civilizing.

 photo 14305a0f-ecc7-42e7-a183-1f68d75016db_zpse9b30e71.jpg

The opening up to trade............the positive things like that was one thing. The killing of the "native" peoples was something else. When I was growing up in England, English people were still being born in India and coming home to school. They were British and a great many were sent to boarding school for that British education. There were missionaries in China and people were coming back from there too. My uncle and aunt had 4 children and a family like that was very desirable in new lands. They got free passage to Australia if they would stay for 5 years. They stayed forever. Its amazing that Australia was still being settled in the 1950s. In researching my family history I found several who went out to South Africa to work on the railway. They settled and raised family there while the Zulu wars were going on. Great Britain had colony's in so many parts of the world that they said "The Sun never sets on the British empire" It was the greatest Empire in history.
 photo 6e84b7c6-b630-4be2-bca3-351ffb85b3da_zps29bb54ab.jpg

In many ways life was made better for some of the colonies. As it is today, some of the big companies like The East India company, were greedy exploitative corrupt business who did nothing but pillage in my opinion. Also loosing for the British Empire some of the most loyal countries like India. I believe there is still a strong bond with those countries though. India and Pakistan and all the break off small countries who got independence one way or other. The same with Africa. I think that a lot of English men love Africa, have roots there. When you visit a place like London these days she reflects the Commonwealth in the wonderful array of peoples and costumes that represent those colonies of long ago. Sure we lost America but there is still a special relationship between the countries. I am not sure America is better off (smile)
 photo b7128afc-0cae-4896-80fd-def8ed2e200b_zps387b1661.jpg

British Empire, a worldwide system of dependencies—colonies, protectorates, and other territories—that over a span of some three centuries was brought under the sovereignty of the crown of Great Britain and the administration of the British government. The policy of granting or recognizing significant degrees of self-government by dependencies, which was favoured by the far-flung nature of the empire, led to the development by the 20th century of the notion of a “British Commonwealth,” comprising largely self-governing dependencies that acknowledged an increasingly symbolic British sovereignty. The term was embodied in statute in 1931. Today the Commonwealth includes former elements of the British Empire (encyclopedia Britannica)

Personally I think that especially the small countries greatly benefit from this arrangement. They enjoy support when needed and profit from trade and it makes the world smaller, like a family. The Queen is the head right now and well loved. When she dies, or hopefully before that happens they will vote on who will be the next leader of the Commonwealth, hopefully our next King would be that person.

Saturday, March 9, 2013


I miss the days when a man would stand up when a lady came into the room. When he would wait for her to be seated. When a man would open the car door and make sure she is comfortable before closing it. When a man would walk on the outside near the road............what the heck happened.?
Well Women is what happened, they have changed. Most would not want that now. Not sure I would either I am too busy to wait. I no longer wear the clothes that need to be tucked in before shutting the car door. I don't smoke so don't need someone to light my cigarette for me. In fact I really don't need a man at all. That is not to say that I don't want those things any longer because I's not the same thing. I am not helpless and cant pretend I am. I don't think women ever were unless cultivated to be that way. Its the common courtesy I miss.

 photo 42014a1f-102b-4088-8542-63691f2973c0_zpsa61ba4bd.jpg

Most men like long hair on women,or they used to anyway. The fact is that women today are too busy for all the frills and fussing, myself included. It was not always that way. There was a time when it took me ages to get ready and pick the perfect outfit. I still love clothes but they are casual now. I dont dye my shoes to match my dress anymore. Or go to bed with rollers in my hair. (I did stop that when I got married) I remembered my dad complaining of mum wearing face cream to bed,
Women used to wear gloves and hats and high heels all that went together. I love the modern shoes, the very high heels that I could not possibly wear these days. I know if I was still working I would though. I have always loved fashion and clothes. Men used to whistle at women when they appreciated their beauty. They would not dare these days. "Ladies first"..............maybe if its an older gentleman. The very elderly may still tip their hats or the equivalent if not wearing one. That little salute that goes back to "pulling the forelock" with a bow. Deference.
 photo 10979b3b-13ef-452e-85d3-006be8cfd4e6_zpsb8e46bdf.jpg
"Sugar and spice and everything nice"...........not anymore.
 photo faf0e57a-1034-463b-92fd-fae7ec0aa093_zpsd3b0d591.jpg

Being feminine and being strong are not incompatible. Just because a woman likes to be treated like a woman and not a guy does not make her weaker, or less competent. There have always been strong women. Actually they are stronger because they are female, it worked in their favour. Cleopatra, Joan of Arc, Helen of Troy, Bodicea, Elizabeth 1st and so on............they used their female wiles to their own benefit as well as their country. That tells me that man if either is the weaker sex (smile)...........I can not even imagine the beauty of Helen with the face that launched a thousand ships. Or Elizabeth with "the heart of a man and a King of England too"

 photo a94efcb0-e714-4841-95dd-0ba547110b68_zpsc4e614ae.jpg

Oh, I do believe that if a woman works she should get equal pay, its just plain silly not to. I believe a woman can rule a country as well as a man that's a proven fact, historically.
I suppose I want it all.............I want the way it was with a man protecting (even if she does not need it) the woman. Although the other side of me does not like possessiveness. Jealousy imply s distrust. I am not a weak personality, I wont be told what to do or ordered around but a part of me wishes that I had a man who could do so. I am mixed up......I came from between the worlds where I was taught that a woman should be submissive (in many ways I am) but that we are equal. I believe that God created us for different purposes,

 photo 28e126db-50fb-4db5-b353-64ffc655c629_zps4749d215.jpg

Even without that aspect, women were the gatherers and the men the hunters. Their personalities reflect that. In all honesty, I think families were stronger and children healthier when the woman stayed at home and raised the kids. I am still not happy seeing men do that. Oh I know, its practical sometimes but our search and desire for the material things have somehow damaged us and will be our downfall in the end. Nothing like a home with the smell of baking bread and the children coming home to a good meal, sitting down as a family and talking about the day..............somehow things got messed up but thats just my opinion.

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