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Monday, January 30, 2012

Robin Redbreast...................

Here in Michigan seeing the first Robin is a sure sign of Spring. Unlike the British Robin the American version leaves for the winter. It goes south to warmer climes. The English Robin stays and brightens up the winter landscape with its adorable cheeky self.


The British Robin is so much smaller than the one here. I really loved the cheeky little things and miss them a lot. Everyone knows the story of "The Secret Garden" and how the Robin shows the kids the secret door. How he sits on the gardeners spade waiting for worms. Well they used to do that in my Dad's garden too, and would practically be down in the dirt with him, impatient for a worm.
The American Robin is not so friendly and does not have the personality. It seems to be a small bird thing because Chickadees seem to be the same way. Very curious and friendly.
The American Robin is the size of a Thrush with the same body type. When I first saw one I could not believe it was a Robin.

The British Robins breast has a cute little heart shaped waistcoat........


Little Robin Redbreast.....children's rhyme

Little Robin Red breast sat upon a tree,
Up went pussy cat and down went he;
Down came pussy, and away Robin ran;
Says little Robin Red breast, "Catch me if you can".
Little Robin Red breast jumped upon a wall,
Pussy cat jumped after him and almost got a fall;
Little Robin chirped and sang, and what did pussy say?
Pussy cat said, "Meeow!" and Robin jumped away.


If I were a robin,
I'd live here too!
The carpet is washed
each morning with dew.
The apple trees bend
in the friendliest way.
If I were a robin,
I'm sure I would stay!
~Joan Walsh Anglund


JOHNSON, Cotswold Hills, England. said...

Although we are at last getting some cold and wintry weather, the robins are singing away as if it springtime.

I once read that 'our' British robins are the only ones that are so friendly and confiding. Those on mainland Europe are, apparantly, very shy and live in woodlands.

I have discovered they can't resist mealworms and, if I had the patience, I'm sure I could get them eating from my hand.


Tammy said...

Your English robins are so sweet. I love that last shot.

Sherry said...

The Secret Garden is one of my favorite stories. I can be very much like her. And when I feel embarrassed by my exuberence & persistance in "Silly things" it helps to remember there is a payoff in the end. AND that I am not the only beneficiary. :)

Kathy A Delightsome Life said...

We have had a lot of Robins in our garden of late. I do love to see their appearance, but my goodness - the British Robin is the cutest!
Thank you for sharing, your post will be featured in Home and Garden Thursday Features today,
God Bless,

Anonymous said...

There is something very endearing about Robins. Lovely post, I didn't know American Robins were so different.

Jann Olson said...

Who knew that there was more than one robin? lol! Love that British Robin! What a cute bird he is. I always enjoy seeing our robin because yes, he is a warm welcome for Spring. Wish he would take a bit of friendly advice from his British relative. I love that poem but could not remember all the words. Thanks for sharing!