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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I Believe in Dragons.................

I believe in Dragons...........
No really. I do. I believe that at some point such creatures graced this earth. Too much coincidence in legends and in art in too many different countries to be otherwise. I also believe that many fantasy creatures once lived. When the angels were thrown to earth from heaven, they not only saw the "sons and daughters of man" to be beautiful, and to mate with them, but also with the beasts of the field. From those matings came hybrids and had God not intervened not only mankind but most creatures would have been wiped out. They themselves, these creatures could not breed. However, dragons could have been a form of flying dinasaur rather than the mythical creatures like the hydra or centaur.


Unicorns are just to beautiful to not have existed and so was the flying horse, but I will allow that maybe Pegasus was more myth than reality, that would be sad though.

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