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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

April Afternoon....................

Laura came and got Tristen yesterday, she took him to play at her house while I took a shower and did a little work. A nice opportunity for them to share some Grandma time together. They came back around noon so that we could go to the park. We went for a walk first because we thought once he saw the playground we would not get a chance to walk much. So we set off into the woods. It was a nice cool day but bright and sunny. 107_0051-1 A bit cool down by the ponds, especially when there was water both sides of the trail. Too muddy yet to walk along the edge. 107_0061-2 We met a very nice lady on the walking path, she was walking her lovely dog. Tristen loves big dogs and she let him throw the ball for her. He was delighted that the dog kept coming back for him to throw them again. He sort of wanted the bat and said "I need that" and so we had to direct him over to the playground. 107_0070 We found a tree with two holes in it. Something a little boy would just have to explore. He just had to stick his hands in through the holes 107_0065 107_0066-1 We found this Holly bush. Well I thought it was Holly but I didn't know once I saw the yellow flowers. I must look it up now 107_0064-1 We went on over to visit a Killdeer and show Tristen her eggs. She was very nice about it and once she knew we intended no harm she waited till we had viewed her nest from a safe distance and then settled back on the nest. I have posted pictures in my Garden Journal. 107_0082 107_0075 We also showed him a big ants nest and I think he may have been a little more intrigued with that. He certainly would have stuck his hands in if we had allowed it.
After we left the park we took him to visit Granddad (Daddy to him) and he was thrilled to look around the house being built. He will have fun going over there this summer watching the house being built. He loved getting on the back hoe and it was a job to winkle him back out again. Granddad had to get aboard and pry him loose. 107_0093 107_0098 After a long afternoon out they dropped me off at home to start supper and Laura took him home to play with Reina, she had been a bit ticked to have to go to school while Tristen got to go out. Well he stayed for supper there and came home a very content and tired little boy.

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Tracey@Breathing English Air said...

He is such a cutie. What a grand day out for him, so much to see and do, no wonder he was tired at the end of the day.