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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May Day.................

May the first, May Day. The beginning of summer, or at least the beginning of the season. Going back to when I was in school beginning around age five I suppose I have memories of May Day. I remember my Dad working diligently on a costume for me to wear in the parade. I was a ladybug. We would parade through the village to the Village Green. There we would have a fete and there would be a maypole. Kids would dance around the Maypole and they would choose and crown a May Queen. A long and timeless tradition.
 photo bdfa4e72-a434-4f53-b21a-058ba65bb16c_zpsab75c337.jpg

The Maypole.....the Ribbon dance

 photo 97fc88a4-ea2d-49cc-a87e-7bd8402a58a8_zpse1837188.jpg
Dancers gather in a circle, each holding a coloured ribbon attached to a much smaller pole. As the dance commences the ribbons are intertwined and plaited either on to the pole itself or into a web around the pole. The dancers may then retrace their steps exactly in order to unravel the ribbons.

 photo 761f62da-24f0-4025-b227-f4626c99b1ff_zps4d7e277d.jpg

Queen Guinevere being Queen of the May
 photo d09e1b17-b2e8-4d7c-aa70-e92feb59d111_zpsd4e7e17e.jpg
The traditional folk dancers, the Morris men. They are witty, funny and very clever. English records date back to 1448 for the payment of Morris dancers. Traditionally they were also mumming plays especially at court.

 photo 3c373003-4f19-482c-b05e-bcadbd53aaab_zpsb3d0aedc.jpg
May Blossoms, the whole country is full of blossoms when the May is out.
 photo 918c2e1a-7990-43bc-aaac-924b792fee6e_zps0dd5c78a.jpg
Bringing in the May and crowning the May Queen.
 photo 79815016-1fe1-41ee-ae0d-b6f21de6c7f6_zps378b9c72.jpg

The traditions are of course Pagan. They go back to before Christianity and although Pagan, are not Satanic. They stem from the desire for all things new. For fertility and on May Day anything goes. The maidens could mate with whom ever they chose on that day. They could go to the woods and have anyone they desired. The whole idea being that procreation was the thing. For birds, beasts and people alike. They did so for the crops to thrive. Now we as Christians do not believe in such things, but we can remember. We can look back on those days with maybe a little melancholy.
 photo d374bfb2-8c5a-4d47-97fb-09778080dca2_zpsd761a565.jpg
These people worshiped nature, they saw spirits in all things. They believed the trees, the plants all living things had spirits. I believe so as well. They deserve our respect. These people needed to respect nature it was what kept them alive. God created all things and Pagans saw God in all things.
They believed on May 1st Beltane that the veil between the worlds was thinner. That we could see the Fae, the Fairy folks. Who is to say?

 photo 684157d1-14e5-4835-a3c1-b65ca11f7ef2_zps9ee309bc.jpg

Happy May Day.


Mari said...

What a beautiful post ;)
Happy May Day!


Merlesworld said...

I remember may pole dancing my sister did it at school but I just missed out they no longer did it when I was old enough, but we are coming into Winter so I think is was not done till September here.

Anonymous said...

what an amazing post, I enjoyed this so much!

Noelle the dreamer said...

Love to see the Morris dancers in Kent!
Very good post Janice,

Jann Olson said...

May is my favorite month. I love all of he flowering trees and Spring blooms. Growing up we too wound the Maypole in my grade school. Oh what a grand occassion! Your pictures brought back such fond memories. Happy May Day to you my friend!

Magic Love Crow said...

Happy May Day ;o) Beautiful post my friend ;o)

Babs said...

I really enjoyed your May Day post. Hope your May Day was lovely.


Congratulations on a wonderful site. The photos and words are brilliant.I'm also from England and grew up in picturesque countryside as in your photos,with bluebell-filled woods not far away. I now live in Greece and miss the beautiful English countryside so your pics and fine quotes have brought me great pleasure-Thankyou!
I wish you and your family all the best always.