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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Not a lot..........

Not a lot going on......and yet so much. Sigh. Where shall I about frozen pipes. Yes, that's a good place to begin. I think I did say that the pipe burst in the wall down in the basement bedroom. Well thats all dried out and we have purchased new carpet. This weekend my husband should be putting in new dry wall. Then the carpet and then I get to decorate. The room will be blue.
 photo 74c53e7c-18cc-4cd8-9fb0-8e6438e455b3_zps5f4ad27b.jpg
I do love blue. The other bedroom down there is blue, it was such a pretty room. Laura lived with us awhile and I found this amazing colour blue. No point in describing that room because it is no more. My ex son in law is living there at the moment, not sure for how long, but no point in decorating that room. Just is dominated by a huge TV a bed and leather rocker. Say no more. all my stuff was turfed out, I have blue and white quilts that I think I can still use and a white bedspread. That will do for a start. In Tristens room is a nice wicker chair that my parents bought me. I will paint that white and move it before Tristen destroys it. Its something like this.
 photo 7821b4ff-64ff-452b-bc49-3b8835c2cd8d_zpsec8dd75f.jpg
I have so much fabric that I can easily find some blue and white and make some cushions. I may even make a new quilt. I have a whole bunch of nick nacks packed away and so I won't have any problem with decorating. I will do a before and after post later, much later, when all is done.
The stuff I don't use will go in my garage sale this Spring. I am on a cleaning out binge.
Granddaughter Danielle is coming down from her home in the U.P to take care of her dad for a few days following his surgery. Lucky me, he will be off work 12 weeks. A torn rotator cuff. Anyway, I want the room done by then.
The burst pipe was the worst of the things happening here. Our small 1/2 bath down on the main level is frozen now. Run the water at night I said. No he said it will be fine...........pipes froze. Got those thawed and I ran the water day and night. Don't need to he said. Pipes froze. Put a heater in there I said.........he ignored that remark. This morning he says. "the guy on tv said to put a heater in there".........duh!!!........use a hair dryer, no, why bother telling him that right.
"oh the guy on TV says use a hair dryer" so my hair dryer is chugging away by the toilet now happily playing on its own. WHY oh why does the man not listen to me?
Meanwhile I am living among boxes and stuff.......stuff.......all over.....stuff. Big clean out coming soon.
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LOLfromPasa said...

You are having a challenging time. Sorry about those frozen pipes. A bummer. Stay cheerful, as you are. I like blue too :).

NanaDiana said...

Janice- NONE of them ever listen to US! Trust me- I am so sorry your pipes froze-that was certainly preventable.

You will have fun with that blue and white bedroom. You are a good soul to let your ex-SIL live with you. You are one of a kind! xo Diana

Magic Love Crow said...

I can't wait to see the before and after pictures! Your hubby should listen to you! I have the same with my father! It's like talking to a brick wall! LOL! Keep breathing my friend ;o) Sending you big hugs ;o)

Anonymous said...

oh wow, thats a shame, MEN!!!! Its me, Laurie from I love a cloudy day, I have a new computer program that is alllowing to come back to blogging, new blog almost the same name, I MISSED YOU!!!!
gosh I love blue and white and I want a wicker chair just like that one, lol!!!

Kathryn Ferguson Griffin said...

Boo on frozen pipes! Love that bedroom pic! So dreamy! Thank you for sharing. You are one of the features today at the Anything Blue Friday party at The Dedicated House. Here is the link so you can check out your feature. Hope to see you again at the bash! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

Parsimonious Perfection said...

Sorry to hear about your stressful time right now. Not fun for you. :(
I am visiting from The Dedicated House Blog, I love that bedroom! Hope things get better soon....