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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

WInter comes again.............

After the snow we got before, and then 3 days of rain that got rid of it all............we got snow again last night. This seemed colder. It was stuck on the trees and so the back roads were icy enough to cancel school. So wonderful (not) we had a snow day, no school. A snow day and its only November. Does not bode well.
 photo 61a7c542-8d80-4cb6-b9a2-8cfc2030190d_zps8789ddcc.jpg
Our front yard was rather pretty. I go outside without a coat to take my pictures and it was a bit nippy.
Tristen went out for awhile, but didn't stay outside very long. He would love to have me help him to make a snowman. I want to and have not mentioned it yet. We need more snow and a day that is not windy and wet. Besides I need a carrot for the nose.
 photo a6cf0a09-b660-43ad-b995-1244b14c79bf_zps048f567b.jpg
The flowers long gone but still pretty with littel white fluffy hats.
 photo 839e223c-0de0-4d0f-99ff-e55c0dac1da7_zpsfd3c358a.jpg
The front of the house this morning, not as pretty as some times. Still, it was snowy.
 photo 247b5a73-0f7b-427c-aa4a-11f1624abc49_zpsaf92f3b3.jpg
It looks so much better with a blue sky. As I stood there taking my pictures I could hear the Chickadees in the pine trees. They were not at the feeders yet, maybe its warm inside the pines? In any case lots of twittering going on. I often wonder where all the bird sleep. If you could see into the trees at night are all the branches full of huddled up little bodies.
 photo 82b6781d-3edb-435a-a0ac-8dbc912c26f0_zps136925c3.jpg
I took more pictures of birds today and will show those on the garden blog. Not a lot else going on these days. Poor Tristen was bored out of his mind, and I was not very patient. Some days are like that. He didn't want to do anything. I gave him his own markers, I suggested this and that and it was all no I don't want to. He wanted to sit on me and just watch TV and I am not a person who just likes to sit. I will for a time but then I think of something and I have to pursue it. Its the same with TV I can't just sit and watch TV. Like now, we are watching a movie and I am also doing this. Might explain a few of my post huh!!!!
Well, I am going to post my bird pictures now I think.................looks like more snow tonight and I have to go shopping tomorrow or there will be no veggies to go with our turkey.


Merlesworld said...

It is very pretty to look at but oh so cold.

Magic Love Crow said...

These pictures are so gorgeous!! I hope we get snow for Christmas ;o)