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Monday, April 27, 2015

Follow ups...................

When it rains it pours? Well it sometimes seems that way doesn't it? I am not sure where to begin, I have not had much chance to write on here, or indeed, not known what to say.
First of all Bijou. Well, she has made a recovery of sorts and now needs to go back to the vets for a follow up. I suspect the stones in her bladder are bad. She pees all the time and not much comes out. That means the bladder stones are getting bigger. She has recovered from whatever it was that almost killed her. Still no idea what happened to her. She is her usual annoying self now. So we will get her back to the vets and get another Xray done to see how bad her bladder is.
She managed to get her hair cut and is looking pretty again.
 photo 13a0c963-9de6-4b82-b4a0-c45d85e81bc6_zpslvtabmou.jpg
Bodi got her hair cut at the same time and she is pretty too.
 photo b2050900-6799-43ac-9761-d37be7e9db4e_zpszu4vomv2.jpg
I take the poodles in two by two. The other two got theirs this week. I stopped in at the thrift shop at that time but that is for another post.
So........Gabrielle is doing better. She had a mental breakdown. She is working on it. It makes me wonder what mental illness is. What triggers it? How is it to be avoided? Is it in our genetic make up? I know it is hard to talk about and very hard to understand. Some of it I think is our personality that make us susceptible and then a chemical imbalance maybe. Especially in women. Anyway, Gabby took Alexandra's death very hard. She has never been comfortable talking about it. She is a depressed personality or rather I should say melancholy, ADHD and more comfortable away from people. So it was around the anniversary of Alex death that she went to pieces after a confrontation at work. She is still very fragile but is doing better.
 photo f10745ed-9e20-4e14-8f09-a888b97ebdef_zpsjzlrsowy.jpg
Reina, well she is doing well. They have put off her surgery in the hope that it can wait until she is a little older. She is very young to have gall stones,but she does.
 photo e0af5666-4d91-4365-9a07-ebcaca5e4d56_zpsg8tfjz9v.jpg
So now for the latest news. My daughter Laura ....phew. So she has been having marriage problems and this led to what can only be described as a breakdown too. She took an overdose of tylanol. Now, as soon as she did it she realized it was probably not in her best interests and tried to throw them back up. off to the ER they went. I am so sick of that place. Well she had to spend a week there on the psyche ward.
Back to that mental health issue. Oh, I am sure she had no intent upon killing herself it was a bid for attention.
Laura has a volatile personality to begin with, then when she is PMS'ing it becomes really bad. She has no self control. So maybe this little stay, and council will help work some of that out for her. So could be a blessing in disguise.
So how do we come to this?
My Mother I realize was a controlling woman when it came to my dad, jealous too. Laura is much the same in personality as my Mum. She recognises that and try's to work on it. I remember mum had a nervous breakdown when my dad had an affair. I remember some problems in their marriage but they pretty much kept it away from me. I just remember a few things that made sense later in life when I was more aware of adult things.
As a child I didn't notice a lot, I was naive and back then kids didn't know much about such things. They only made sense later. Her family too was very volatile, at least some of them were. So as I grew up I think maybe I too had some of those traits. Especially while raising kids. Patience was not one of my virtues and certainly not one of Laura's.
I now know PMS was a great part of it for me. For Laura far worse than that PMS times 5. I wont go into all that as its not my story to tell but I wonder about mental health and how little help there is for anyone until it's too late.
The main problem for her has been lack of health insurance. She needs meds for the PMS and depression and when you don't have the insurance you stop taking them. That should not happen.
Anyway..............just a few reasons why I have not been very active on my blogs. Everything will be OK in the end.
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Mac n' Janet said...

Sorry for all your problems, and yes problems with mental illness does run in families. Mine has problems with depression, not me, but my mother, sister, nieces etc.
Hope things get better for you.

Magic Love Crow said...

I am so sorry about everything Janice! Sending healing prayers! I know last year, I had a major break down! So I understand about mental illness! Big Hugs!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Wow, Janice, you certainly have been through a lot recently with your family. I'll keep them in my prayers that the darkness brightens for all of them.

Create With Joy said...

Dear Janice,

I am SO sorry to hear that you and your family are going through such a rough patch. I pray that God will uphold and protect each of you and that you will feel his presence in a very powerful way. Thanks for checking in with us. Sending much love your way.