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Monday, July 6, 2015

A Lazy Day..............................

Sunday was hot and humid. I am good for nothing on such days. Tristen had a busy few days so we stayed home and relaxed somewhat. I had Gerry paint an old bench for me in the hopes of decorating it later. At least its painted now.
Tristen and Gerry played in the tent. Tristen had been avoiding it because Reina told him it was full of spiders, so Gerry got it all set and despidered. Not that there were any but you know, we have to go through the motions. I snuck up on them.
 photo 100_7848_zpstok3hhcy.jpg
Gerry was reading a story.
 photo 100_7850_zpsyf3unjz4.jpg
Three of the four poodles were in there too.
 photo 100_7852_zpscpyoijrw.jpg
I did a few things outside but not much, just too humid for me. I got some work done inside. Tristen went in the sprinkler. Finally he got his wish, it was hot enough.
 photo 100_7870_zpsmjdcqlsj.jpg
 photo 100_7866_zpsr4fxmkm0.jpg
 photo 100_7857_zpsptifvwg3.jpg
I had to get this shot of Bella relaxing under the fan
 photo 100_7902_zpsgkkzbfns.jpg
Later I went out front to turn off the sprinkler. This Juvenile Robin was very appreciative. Was finding lots to eat

 photo 100_7888h_zps01ycrpyc.jpg
There had been an air show and baseball and lots of things that wore the two of them out. Tristen stayed overnight at Reina's Friday and came back Saturday very tired after a day at the beach. I just have to show these two pictures Laura took on the way home haha.
 photo 11693112_10153432565914761_741600456_n_zps8lmgnn5i.jpg
When a girl is grumpy the male takes a nap
 photo 11717183_10153432566009761_496190004_n_zpsrxujr5hg.jpg
Anyway, he recovered quickly and had a great weekend.

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Magic Love Crow said...

She was grumpy! LOL! I love the pictures in the tent! Too cute! Puppy in the fan, adorable! We are having a lot of humidity right now! Not doing anything outside! Big Hugs ;o)