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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Winters afternoon...................................

The sun came out and the sky was blue. So I asked Gerry if he wanted to take us for a ride.We went. Tristen has another cold so was not really into it but we went and he was fine with it. I think it was about 30 degrees and no wind. So we headed out to Empire. I wanted some pictures. The last time we went in Winter there was a lot more snow. In fact piles of it. Today there was hardly any. I took a few pictures along M72 on the way. I love the old barn, in summer it has held antiques (for a long time) and then an art center. Now I think it will be antiques again. Will wait till summer to find out.
 photo 103_2353_zpsesj8jnkm.jpg
 photo 103_2352_zps6yhvb1u4.jpg
The trees were looking pretty.
 photo 103_2351_zpsvhao83ob.jpg
We headed into Empire and down to the beach.
 photo 103_2354_zps9a3fvjol.jpg
 photo 103_2359_zpshegtonqj.jpg
 photo 103_2357_zpsp0mkd0qa.jpg
There were more people on the beach than I expected. There were people out on the small lake in ice shanties.
 photo 103_2364_zps3b8x4uns.jpg
From there we went on into Glen Haven. I just took a quick couple of pictures there. It was a bit colder there.
 photo 103_2374_zpsn2znpujv.jpg
We went via the Lighthouse as the parking lot was clear.
 photo 103_2378_zpsauc0xolg.jpg
 photo 103_2373_zps9huwt5fk.jpg
There were people up on the Dunes, some were sledding. What a great idea. Maybe another day.
 photo 103_2366_zpsm77po7qc.jpg
D H Day barns and house look lovely in the snow.
 photo 103_2367_zpssq5zosbl.jpg
 photo 103_2368_zps1cxcjnhd.jpg

On through Glen Arbor and got delicious coffee and pastries. Then on to our fav beach at Port Oneida.
 photo 103_2388_zpstq82er3m.jpg
 photo 103_2393_zpszalbkqie.jpg
 photo 103_2403_zpslwrxozun.jpg
 photo 103_2404_zps0c7vcue7.jpg
And back up we go, harder going up
 photo 103_2409_zpsemm1r306.jpg
The trees just look so beautiful.
 photo 103_2425j_zpsaptpaefm.jpg
 photo 103_2429_zpspmfrbnye.jpg
No wildlife but the red barns sure look lovely in the snow.
 photo 103_2381_zpsan78rt9k.jpg
 photo 103_2424_zpssv2byzy2.jpg
Poor Tristen was just not into it but made a valient effort. Gerry doesn't get out of the car. I could have walked forever but, well, time to go home. There is always another day. At least we got out.


Susie said...

Janice, So beautiful. The skies sure make it pretty. Love seeing places like this....but oh boy it looks bone chilling. Please stay warm and safe. Bless you, xoxo, Susie

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Ooh Janice, so beautiful....all the pictures !
I've never seen the ocean when it has a snow-covered beach, what a magical place.
You live in a beautiful part of the USA your landscapes heavenly.
Stay warm !

Magic Love Crow said...

Gorgeous my friend! What a beautiful, magical day! Loved sharing this moment with you!

Merlesworld said...

Everything looks crisp and clean against the winter sky.