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Thursday, July 7, 2016

My Fish................

I have not talked about my fish in awhile. They are still alive. All four of them. The "baby" is still black. My cousin Robin said they start off as black, it seemed last year that he was starting to change colour but is basically still black.
The pond seems to be doing well at keeping itself now. I seldom top it up but when I do then we put the anti chloride stuff in it. Occassionally I will put some anti bacteria stuff for slime but it's seldom needed unless we disturb it when the pump needs cleaning.
 photo 103_4928_zpsjizv9hcz.jpg
I never named the fish because I lost all my others after a couple of years, a Raccoon I think.
Boots and Bessie both check them out but they are smarter now and have plenty of hiding places.
 photo 103_4934h_zps7pog1uyn.jpg
I know if I give them names I will doom them.
 photo 103_4933h_zps8wrkuegx.jpg
I love how the ivy trails over the edge and the rocks give some shade too. They hide under the filter and in the plant roots. They like toys
 photo 103_4929h_zpsir84lfhc.jpg
I have two glass balls on stems that float around. One was stuck and the orange fish was nudging it so I set it out. That fish kept leaping out of the water like a whale doing a back flip. Never seen it do that before. It does like to jump through the water jet. They push the glass balls around the pond and seem very playful.
 photo 103_4926h_zpsfzw9wbws.jpg
I thought that (above) was a good picture. I have not seen the black guy with them he is shy, besides its hard to get a good picture, he does not show up well.
Anyway, here they are, all happy and healthy for now. I think this is maybe their 4th year. Or is it five? I don't remember.


Merlesworld said...

You have kept them a long time I will set up my pond this year in the spring and plan to get fish.

Magic Love Crow said...

So cute! I would love to see them playing!