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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

No Camera, oh no................................

On Sunday we had enough of staying inside and the heat so Laura and I decided to go for a drive and get the kids outside. Well I took my camera but, I forgot to put the chip in it. Now do you think you can buy one? No, remember if you wanted film you could pretty much pick up film at any old store? well not anymore.
So, lucky Laura's phone has a really nice camera on it so she is the photographer for the day. She will no doubt remind me next time we go out as I was "take a picture of that" all day.
We headed for the general direction of Leland because we were hungry so that is where we headed. With Reubens in mind. By Lake Leelanau was a beautiful field of sunflowers and people were in the fields taking pictures. So off went Laura to take a few for me
 photo 13939506_10154372753874761_3023634437102191361_n_zpstm8wbfyd.jpg
 photo 13920972_10154372753729761_1788060192251378664_n_zpshvq0sqmc.jpg
 photo 13886880_10154372753524761_408768563611207896_n_zpsooomehac.jpg
We continued on to find food. We love the Reubens at Fischer's Happy Hour. Best Reubens in the area.
 photo 13872737_10154372754279761_1261862316131369132_n_zpsciqftubt.jpg
 photo 13934759_10154372754309761_8442012731205662548_n_zps2qdef5u4.jpg
With very full tummies we headed to a trail we had wanted to explore. The Clay CLiffs area. The woods were just beautiful. Unfortunately the kids were replenished and full of energy. Oh the noise the noise. Can't wait till schools in and Laura and I can explore on our own. It was a bit difficult for me in the dappled sunlight, I didn't put on better shoes so could not feel my way very well. It gets harder to see these days, but I still do well enough.
 photo 13921126_10154372756319761_6747566346903030666_n_zpswvawl5cx.jpg
 photo 13934774_10154372754424761_204734448187884101_n_zps7gkigt0m.jpg
The view from the top of the Manitou Islands.
 photo 13876299_10154372756289761_7895467777310352148_n_zpsjtjupuns.jpg
The sky, so blue and the water so vivid, aqua near the shore and so blue beyond.
 photo 13934686_10154372756269761_8894681068412914218_n_zpsj3clzov7.jpg
 photo 13882295_10154372755874761_7577521860316710278_n_zpsbk3mlwta.jpg
In the woods trying to show them some beautiful bark, and they are offfffff
 photo 13892374_10154372754564761_3871754685954001419_n_zpsrt0ekbel.jpg

 photo 13882416_10154372755669761_5893166997004901035_n_zpsabsf7bqv.jpg
We continued on, the kids getting ever restless. We took some back roads but not much wildlife. Fine by me as I had no camera haha, saw turkeys though and we went by some of our old haunts where we used to live.
Let the kids out to run in the fields and let off steam.
 photo 13912593_10154372756799761_1021633751086362047_n_zpsyfbjsj2u.jpg
On the way home we stopped in Cedar for ice cream as they had finally settled down some. Then we stopped at Gallaghers Farm market. I bought some corn and a cherry crisp pie for Gerry. He had to find his own supper so I figured he would enjoy that.
Tristen always loves to stop at the play area at the farm.
We saw a hen and tiny fluff balls, must be two day old chicks.
 photo 13912887_10154372758999761_2446153052910353599_n_zpsr4zte8i7.jpg
 photo 13895049_10154372758409761_5810471846120663821_n_zpsjr0tvbfw.jpg
I had really wished I had my camera as we looked at the Hollyhocks, the light was amazing. It doesn't do it justice here but it will remind me to go back and see if I can do get it before they are gone.
 photo 13935143_10154372758644761_7630450463471509639_n_zps1wpxoqu0.jpg
 photo 13935055_10154372758794761_2351152293820307406_n_zpss6l5bhvo.jpg
I no longer get pleasure seeing the animals as I know their fate and can't get passed it. I know they have a good life but such a short one. Poor things. Still they live in the sun and get good food and lots of attention. Better than factory farms for sure. I don't know and don't want to know if they slaughter their own.
The chickens are free range that's for sure and always seem to have babies around. Roosters strutting. I love watching chickens and still hope to have some one day soon.
Next time I will be sure to have my camera. I usually take two but well..............this day I didn't. So thank you Laura for the pictures.


Magic Love Crow said...

Yes, thanks Laura for the pictures! Gorgeous!!! I love Reubens too! Yummy!

Merlesworld said...

A great day spent in the sunshine.
That field of sunflowers just beautiful.

Kay G. said...

You do live in a BEAUTIFUL part of this country!!
Those sunflower fields, be still my heart!!
Glad you were able to get these photos on here for us, much appreciated!! x