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Monday, January 16, 2017

Monday Adventure in January........

We just wanted to get out. You begin to get Cabin Fever around about now, miss the vitamin D and all that. Today ended up being a nice day after all. We had expected it to rain at least in late afternoon, but it held off. Nice. Must have got up into the 30s (F)The roads were clear, not as much snow as I expected but was not bad. We went to Leland first and had lunch at Trish's Dishes. I had a cup of soup that was really good. Tomato Basil Bisque, now I need a recipe because I am going to make that.
After lunch and coffee we went down to the beach.
 photo 16114947_10154899691794761_2411099459168010392_n_zpsbxhc3ldw.jpg
We love going to the beach in Winter, we seldom see anyone although we did see a few people walking dogs. Just the odd soul otherwise. No snow on the beach but frozen pebbles were pretty.
 photo 103_0142_zpsqebd3b3k.jpg
We found Blue stones and Petoskey so that was nice. We wished we had some thick waterproof gear so we could get in the water. Brrrr, we did not, so stayed as dry as we could.
 photo 51a73909-b175-4a7d-862b-8b56ce1ee916_zps50qdcnm5.jpg
Laura got a little bit wet getting this nice one.(above)
 photo 20170116_162707_zpsxotuie3v.jpg
 photo 15965419_10154899692924761_6772207130772000376_n_zpsbhqsgfzv.jpg

We walked back to the car and ate the cookies I got at Trish's. Nice thick peanut butter cookies with the now cold coffee. Was good even so. Next we headed towards Port Oneida. Saw a deer but not too good of a shot.
We did venture down to the beach and had a chat with a man who was just leaving, he agreed it was so good to get out and stretch the legs. This beach was colder in a different direction. The steps down killers. Phew!!! This is what we need though, more exercize. My body remembered last summers beach combing and complained a lot. My neck and shoulders from hunching down looking for stones.
 photo 20170116_140236_zpsj4htfcqc.jpg
 photo 103_0160_zpsigzhtf4g.jpg
 photo 103_0167_zpskjrynxoo.jpg
As we headed out we stopped to look at a Beaver Dam
 photo 16114196_10154899696934761_4104997437860314573_n_zpsfsugcywh.jpg
 photo 103_0177_zpsm5f6cc4m.jpg
 photo 103_0179_zpswdhwp8mu.jpg
 photo 15941254_10154899698489761_5748026789803029664_n_zpsuxrw76rh.jpg

We left Port Oneida and headed for Glen Arbor where we saw deer
 photo 103_0189_zps7wfxz9yk.jpg
 photo 103_0192_zpshwdwkhf4.jpg
Passing the sand dunes we saw people sledding. Brrrrr. They looked like Meringue all swirls of frosted egg whites.The Dunes that is, not the people.
 photo 103_0200_zpsjxo1eacy.jpg
we stopped at Empire Beach but we had been looking for the ice balls and they were all gone, did not see them on any beach today.It does not look as though Lake Michigan will freeze this year.
 photo 20170116_152408_zps4ykbhef5.jpg

We headed home and saw this guy on the way, at the very top of a tree. Not at all sure what he was up to, looks like maybe eating the twig he was on. He didn't move a muscle. Maybe he was frozen.
 photo porc_zps7sbcty7g.jpg
That was it for today, our next adventure will be on Wednesday. We think we will be going skiing if you don't hear from me, know.


Laura Rodriguz said...

It was a lovely day out. Thanks for the lunch, coffee and cookie was a nice treat!
We both came away with some great treasures with our blue stones!

Anonymous said...


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NanaDiana said...

I see the idiot above found YOU, too. lol Another attention seeker who doesn't dare leave the real name.
I am so glad you had such a wonderful time on the beach. I love the beach, too, in any sort of weather. Hope you have a great day-xo Diana

Magic Love Crow said...

What a great adventure Janice!! A fantastic day! What fun! I really enjoyed all the pictures! Great finds on the beach!! Big Hugs!