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Thursday, March 9, 2017

March Adventures...............................

Today Laura and I took off on one of our adventures. First we went to breakfast, I was hungry so we did that before we left town, just as well we did. I forgot my camera and my phone. The very reason we were going out. To take pictures. Anyway I had two eggs and cheese hashbrown casserol. IT was OK but I would have prefered regular hashbrowns but the toast and marmalade made up for that. So, we stopped by the house on the way back and picked up the cameras gave the poodles some more treats and left heading for Point Betsie. Did I say it was cold? It was bloody freezing. 28 degrees and windy, but at least not as windy as the last few days.
Laura took this picture. I didn't get that angle and I like it.
 photo laura3_zpszvyeka2s.jpg
Here are a couple of mine.
 photo 103_0646_zpshzdsfufs.jpg
 photo 103_0644_zpscjlhnzs8.jpg
I was hoping to get the ice pictures but the ice was almost gone, still I did take a couple of pretty ones. Walking was easy because the sand is frozen.
 photo 103_0648k_zps4rayvznf.jpg
 photo 103_0651_zpssogtsaan.jpg
We have seen some great pictures by brave souls who went there mid winter and got wonderful shots. From there we went down into Frankfort hoping for some great wave pictures but alas, no waves so I didn't even get out. Still trying the thaw out from the beach. The sun came out and it went up to 30degrees. Wow, the sun was warm if you stood out of the wind. It was lovely and refreshing. Cleared out the lungs.
So not even stopping at Frankfort beach we headed for the Platte River. I remembered that I never did take Laura there. So we set back on the trail home. We passed these cute guys, Mersangers I think.
 photo 103_0665kl_zpsvnw0ppmt.jpg
 photo 103_0664l_zpskyy7gsju.jpg
Saw a couple of deer but missed that shot. We got to the Platte River and turned down the road, we were lucky and there was no one there. Laura really liked that area and will be taking visitors there this summer as well as Robert and the kids. It is as beautiful as the Outer Banks in the Carolina's, in summer especially. Today we had it to ourselves. We stood on the beach and saw two Bald Eagles fly off.
 photo laura4_zpspj0kk6p8.jpg
The Platte River runs into Lake Michigan. It is among pretty dunes and woodlands.
 photo 103_0642k_zpsmtltebe7.jpg
If it had not been so cold we would have gone over to the sand bar but no way without getting very wet. That would have really frozen our toes.
 photo 20170309_124006_zpsr7rn8ybb.jpg
 photo 103_0676k_zpsrkrkvidw.jpg
 photo 103_0671_zpsz3mwkfmr.jpg
The winds have brought down quite a few trees, and a lot of people are without power. Fortunately not us, but we saw the signs all around of trees down on trails and back roads.
 photo 17191361_10155056463599761_1770865566138077779_n_zpsnazhlrny.jpg
Laura took us a selfie and a picture of me wearing Tristens hat. I need to get my knitting needles out and make us both our own hats.
 photo 17190588_10155056463989761_6866867061727700797_n_zpsz6c0wue9.jpg
We walked back along the ridge among the trees out of the wind. The wind must have cleared out all the snow, just a few patches here and there.
 photo 103_0703_zpsspungmjz.jpg
Look at this.......strawberry leaves
 photo 103_0700_zpsavncsrh9.jpg
and a blue blue sky
 photo 17203183_10155056463839761_9115882400969562921_n_zpswf6smnlg.jpg
After we left Platte River we were going to see if we could see any more deer, we have gone down to Esche Road beach but didn't get out we were still warming up. So we took off down the dirt road but didn't get far.
 photo 103_0707_zpst29xxayx.jpg
So after stopping to get a snack we went to Port Oneida to check out our usual stomping grounds. Laura was very brave and we went up into the hills on the dirt tracks. No snow in the woods and it was not muddy so we did well. Still warming up, but got out to take pictures. Found a heart somewhere
 photo 103_0667k_zpsbvm0hetr.jpg
Turning into Port Oneida we saw these two having a chat.
 photo 103_0710j_zpsxlyphvko.jpg
No deer though. We saw a few Hawks. Loads of Crows in big flocks (Murders) but normally around here we only see them in family groups. This guy was rather big but too far away for a good picture. We saw a juvenile Bald Eagle in a tree. He didn't cooperate.
 photo 103_0725_zpsujkx9b85.jpg
Still we saw them and were happy for that much. We wonder WHY don't we ever see bear. I mean they are waking up, they are all around here yet we never see them. Laura said it's because the Lord is keeping them away from us because we would want to pet them. Sigh..............probably right. Sheesh!!!!!!! Guess we have to be content with the regular suspects but it was so nice to see a Fox and the Bobcat, we don't ask for much. Just a picture.
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Felicia said...

That lighthouse is really pretty. Glad you had a good time even though you froze.

Merlesworld said...

That was a very busy day bet you it was fun even if freezing.
That lighthouse is very different but frozen sand never seen that in my life.

Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

I love lighthouses. We climbed the one in Pt. Huron, Michigan and also I think the one in St. Augustine, FL. There is one in Michigan City, IN which is not too far from us. Nancy

Gemma Wiseman said...

Like a grand adventure, even though it was so cold. Hard to imagine frozen sand. Must be a weird feeling.Great series of pictures.

Magic Love Crow said...

What a great day, full of adventure! I love the pictures of you two!! That heart in the tree is so special! Great photos! Big Hugs!

indah nuria Savitri said...

Look at those icicles...look wonderful indeed..