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Friday, April 1, 2011

Citizens of the World.........................


Are we simply citizens of a country or are we citizens of the world?. That made me think. All borders and boundaries are man made. We are born into our country and culture. Some like me move to another country and learn a new culture. We are all citizens of the world though........we are linked by the things that happen on this planet. When men do evil it diminishes us all. If we do not do anything about it then we have some blame. We have laws, but there are natural laws as well. When those laws are broken it causes ripples across the globe. Think of Chernoble. Think of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. America is not only a nuclear power it has used that weapon against other human beings. We criticize and condemn others for trying to arm themselves and yet we will do nothing about disarming ourselves. People have stood up and tried to ban land mines and many nations have agreed, but we will not. American remains constant in the opinion that we need them on the borders between North and South Vietnam......we condemn China for its stand on human rights and yet we have a society that condones torture and holding prisoners without charging them, nor give them the right to council nor the right to representation nor the right to defend themselves(Guantanamo). Is that what we are, is that what we have become?.
There is a problem with illegal immigration, everyone seems so worried that they will somehow loose their own rights because of this, and yet these people do jobs that the average American will not do. Will this come to be another racial thing in this country much like the blacks were treated right up until the 1980s and beyond. Will they be rounded up much like the Japanese Americans in WW2 and placed in prison camps with their possessions stripped from them. Their rights taken away from them......and now again the Muslims in this country, what about their rights. Its all so ....wrong.
Yes we have enemies but I question how many have we made through our own actions as a nation?
I believe we owe it to humanity to do what we can to help anyone in need. If its the fact that the unregistered immigrants are breaking the law, then change the law. The law is to serve man, not man the law.As far as Mexicans go much of this land was taken from them in the first place. I realize that its not just Mexican's who come in illegally through that border. So fix that problem, don't persecute people coming here to find a better life. At one time that was what we were all about. There are other laws, Gods laws and God says to feed the hungry, do good to those who hate you and persecute you........pray for them.Give them hope.

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