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Monday, April 25, 2011

Dreams Of England...............

Dreams of England........
I often dream of England, I dream that I am there.
I roam the fields and long lost haunts.... I wander everywhere.
I walk in places from my youth with friends that I once knew.
I remember well those lovely roads but my dreams are all too few.
I wish that I could stay there and live in those sweet dreams,
But I must stay in this new world or that is how it seems.
I know that I must come back here and live my daily life,
I live here now because...... I am a mother and a wife.
But my heart remains in England and till my dying breath
I will dream that I am back there and some day after death,
I will walk again those wondrous paths as my body lays beneath
I will roam those old green meadows the woodland and the heath.
Stroll again the Bluebell woods and pastures oh so green.
Among the ancient hallowed hills the best I've ever seen.
Maybe I'll meet King Arthur who knows who will be there?
Merlin with Excaliber and all of those who share...
This love of that great country where the bravest and the best
Can not lie in foreign soil, but must come home to rest.



A quiet walk on a well worn path
Thru woodlands lush and green
Solitude and silence echo the birds sweet song
Butterflys and dragonflys the only things to be seen

The whisper of a falling leaf
My footsteps fall on moss all soft and giving
The pungent odours from long dead trees
Bringing sustenance to all things living.


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