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Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Do our furry friends plan on being cute. We lost our tiny toy poodle a couple of years ago, She was the cutest sweetest thing. This is Brea.She looks and behaves a lot like Bridget.

Brea being cute..............


Brea is just over a year right now. We bought her and her 1/2 sister Bella after Bridget died. They have the same dad. When Bridget died we were so devastated because it was an accident that took her life, I was watching a little boy who was about 2 at the time, he swung a bat at the same time that Bridget went for the ball. Killed her almost instantly.
When we got Bridget she was about one pound of attitude.She was cute and sassy and full of herself. She would love to go for walks and strut her stuff in cute little outfits. She demanded adoration and got it from everyone who saw her. Her walks became a visitation to everyone who would stop and admire her, she looked in cars and peoples windows and doors just expecting people to come and pet her, and they did. She would walk right up onto their porch if they were sitting outside. Her best friend was a huge mastiff named Con, they would walk side by side to everyones amusement. I think she was about the size of his nose. There will never be another like her.
This is Bridget being naughty...............


Brea is not outgoing like Bridget was but she has the naughty part down pat.
Bella is quiet and a lot different in her personality from Brea. Every one of my poodles have been special, unique and wonderful. You can never replace a friend who you loose but it sure helps when you have others. I will do a post on the rest of my poodles in time.

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