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Saturday, March 9, 2013


I miss the days when a man would stand up when a lady came into the room. When he would wait for her to be seated. When a man would open the car door and make sure she is comfortable before closing it. When a man would walk on the outside near the road............what the heck happened.?
Well Women is what happened, they have changed. Most would not want that now. Not sure I would either I am too busy to wait. I no longer wear the clothes that need to be tucked in before shutting the car door. I don't smoke so don't need someone to light my cigarette for me. In fact I really don't need a man at all. That is not to say that I don't want those things any longer because I's not the same thing. I am not helpless and cant pretend I am. I don't think women ever were unless cultivated to be that way. Its the common courtesy I miss.

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Most men like long hair on women,or they used to anyway. The fact is that women today are too busy for all the frills and fussing, myself included. It was not always that way. There was a time when it took me ages to get ready and pick the perfect outfit. I still love clothes but they are casual now. I dont dye my shoes to match my dress anymore. Or go to bed with rollers in my hair. (I did stop that when I got married) I remembered my dad complaining of mum wearing face cream to bed,
Women used to wear gloves and hats and high heels all that went together. I love the modern shoes, the very high heels that I could not possibly wear these days. I know if I was still working I would though. I have always loved fashion and clothes. Men used to whistle at women when they appreciated their beauty. They would not dare these days. "Ladies first"..............maybe if its an older gentleman. The very elderly may still tip their hats or the equivalent if not wearing one. That little salute that goes back to "pulling the forelock" with a bow. Deference.
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"Sugar and spice and everything nice"...........not anymore.
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Being feminine and being strong are not incompatible. Just because a woman likes to be treated like a woman and not a guy does not make her weaker, or less competent. There have always been strong women. Actually they are stronger because they are female, it worked in their favour. Cleopatra, Joan of Arc, Helen of Troy, Bodicea, Elizabeth 1st and so on............they used their female wiles to their own benefit as well as their country. That tells me that man if either is the weaker sex (smile)...........I can not even imagine the beauty of Helen with the face that launched a thousand ships. Or Elizabeth with "the heart of a man and a King of England too"

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Oh, I do believe that if a woman works she should get equal pay, its just plain silly not to. I believe a woman can rule a country as well as a man that's a proven fact, historically.
I suppose I want it all.............I want the way it was with a man protecting (even if she does not need it) the woman. Although the other side of me does not like possessiveness. Jealousy imply s distrust. I am not a weak personality, I wont be told what to do or ordered around but a part of me wishes that I had a man who could do so. I am mixed up......I came from between the worlds where I was taught that a woman should be submissive (in many ways I am) but that we are equal. I believe that God created us for different purposes,

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Even without that aspect, women were the gatherers and the men the hunters. Their personalities reflect that. In all honesty, I think families were stronger and children healthier when the woman stayed at home and raised the kids. I am still not happy seeing men do that. Oh I know, its practical sometimes but our search and desire for the material things have somehow damaged us and will be our downfall in the end. Nothing like a home with the smell of baking bread and the children coming home to a good meal, sitting down as a family and talking about the day..............somehow things got messed up but thats just my opinion.

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Kim, USA said...

I so agree! Love this post! ^_^

Merlesworld said...

I am not sure, I think equal pay for equal work is right but often it doesn't happen, men are often promoted over women, we have a woman running our country at the moment, the media have a comment about her clothes and style more often than they would if she was a man. I think it's unfair but it still happens.
Merle .............

Kim of Mo Betta said...

I think your opinions are pretty dead on! Our society has lost respect - respect for women, respect for our elders, respect for just baffles me how some children are raised these days. (or not raised, since a lot of kids are pretty much just raising themselves!)

Custom Comforts said...

Everything you said is so true. It's is sad to think that none of us knows what our roles are anymore. It is refreshing to find a real lady and gentleman.