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Monday, March 25, 2013

Welcome Cooper.....

A warm welcome to my new Great Grandson Cooper Daniel. He was born Friday and weighed 8lb 14oz. My granddaughter Gabrielle is the new mother. She was living with me up until a couple of days before he was born. Now she is living with her boyfriend Tony who is Coopers Daddy.
It's tiring work being born.
 photo 0a7d61e3-270b-41c4-bc3b-18b639cdcbbb_zps5252de74.jpg
Gabby ended up having a C section as she was not able to dilate quick enough for Cooper who wanted out of there. He is a lovely baby, not squished and bruised. One good thing about a C section baby.

 photo 9cf7150b-b28c-42e6-9339-fb4cbae9f3fd_zps7b7ebad8.jpg

He has peachy gold hair. When Gabrielle was born she did too. In fact we said we now had a blond (Danielle)a brunette (Alexandra) and a red head (Gabrielle) .....well her hair did not stay that colour but its so pretty while it lasts.

 photo a77f14ac-9691-47b9-aa74-3f260ddb4492_zps977b2599.jpg
Here I am holding Cooper. My 2nd Great grandson. As you know I am raising number one, Tristen who is 3. They will be quite close I think, as a good closeness in age. Reina and Tristen are 4 years apart and they are great together so I am hoping that the 3 of them will be close all their lives.

 photo 6c281b56-6fb4-4319-bde9-d6eee184feff_zps5682937c.jpg
So a new little family begins. God bless them please.


Noelle the dreamer said...

Congratulations Great Grand'Ma Janice and all the best to Mum and Baby Cooper!
May God indeed shine His light upon all of you!
Happy Spring Janice!

Anonymous said...

beautiful granddaughter and beautiful baby! I find my 3 year old grand daughter very busy, I applaud you for raising yours, you are a strong woman!

Oliva Ins said...

Oooomggg sooooo cute :)) congratulations:)
Come and visit my blog and we can follow each other if you want ?:)

Magic Love Crow said...

What a beautiful baby! Congrats ;o) Many blessings!

Jennifer A. Jilks said...

How delightful!!! What fun!!!!
Cheers from Cottage Country!

Merlesworld said...

Very sweet baby, all the best.