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Thursday, June 20, 2013

To the beach..............

Today we made a late start by going over to see Nancy, but we did end up going to the beach. I called Laura because Nancy was having a garage sale. I went last night to pick up some things she set aside for me. I thought Laura might like to look around. I bought a few more things myself. I will have to do a post in My Pretty Things blog.
Well anyway, we decided to have lunch first then set off for Glen Haven. It was hot today, not much else we could do. The kids were primed that we were to do something fun. They just had to behave and eat their lunch. So off we went. Glen Haven is on the State Park system now. I prefered it when we could do as we pleased. Dogs didn't have to be on a leash and so on, not that it matters to us now. We no longer take our dogs out like that, but in days gone by previous poodle pals have enjoyed their freedom to roam. At least we don't have to pay yet and we know some secluded places when we want them. So many tourists now.
We parked further up the road instead of the parking lot. We wanted privacy.
 photo a8843293-9ce4-4bc1-973c-c9a22f8a1133_zps0c6b48db.jpg
We told them we were just going to paddle and not to get soaking wet. Just stay on the edge. We were looking for rocks. if.......
 photo 67197952-6bad-4233-845f-f15c4083a33d_zps66792ffe.jpg
We reminded them again....stay on the edge, dont go in.
 photo 3fb96828-f2d9-4a18-b695-27ae48baec68_zps6b4297eb.jpg
They did for awhile. Reina tucked up her dress and they played at throwing rocks. Tristens favourite game. Then came the splash and Tristen fell in.

 photo 3ffec2c2-a027-4b2e-b1ab-a5e8b1d058ca_zps2c79e469.jpg
Can you say drowned rat?

 photo e464d7bd-90ae-416b-8331-a761328ecf0a_zpsd746c903.jpg
So, he is wet, may as well carry on.

 photo a280d1bd-41f8-4d01-968c-c5f7fea3d3c9_zpse0411b72.jpg
Next he needed to go to the bathroom............agh!!! Lucky we were approaching the Light house so we popped in so he could go. He was so wet he couldn't pull his pants up so I put them in my bucket and off we went. He went home in his Angry Bird undies. We collected stones a bit longer. Here is Laura examining the stones under the water. No Petoskey stones today. Nice piece of beach glass though. Very rare today. We seldom find it now everyone uses plastic.
 photo d2a0fcc0-8f61-4748-85b9-c5ba65a30d2d_zpsb2bcdac6.jpg

Laura on her way back, we wanted to get out of the heat...........

 photo bdf3b220-5b4d-4984-8310-e0769a354948_zps6b8b374f.jpg
On the way back we stopped at the overlook and took these pictues looking out over Glen Lakes. This is a part of the "alligator" called because of its shape. Not so obvious from here but in other pictures. So This is Big Glen and looking out over the trees to lake Michigan and I believe one of the Manitou Islands
 photo 779f57d8-0e4b-4daa-8052-38ebbedd6fc7_zpsc6053aa1.jpg
Looking the other way over "The Narrows" the bridge between Big Glen and Little Glen Lakes. In the distance you may see a small tip of the Sand Dunes.
 photo 0f5571ca-0883-4ead-ac10-d07b51ed3fae_zps381c5c42.jpg

One last thing........we saw deer tracks on the beach. Remember Lake Michigan is fresh water (Michigan Unsalted) and so the animals come to drink. It is so clear so aqua blue, so beautiful we don't need to go to the South Pacific to have that lovely beach and privacy.

 photo 5129023c-04b9-4666-b077-dcf1cdd8f609_zpsf91378f1.jpg
Conked out on the way home

 photo ebe138c6-0b6c-4173-9fed-367c14b89b38_zpscdcf1c2d.jpg

we went country roads on the way back and took our time. Saw this cute.
 photo 05daa258-9361-42c2-bdd2-deb9c21948e3_zps1d213582.jpg
It was not long and Reina was napping too. They stayed for supper and then they went home. Tristen is so tired but still fighting sleep. Tomorrow we will go garage saleing.


Anonymous said...

what a beautiful adventure, amazing place to live,

Linda said...

What a lovely place, especially for the children and a healthy way to spend the day adventuring in the fresh air.

Magic Love Crow said...

What a great adventure! Love seeing all the pictures, especially Tristen all wet! LOL! Hope you had fun garage saleing ;o) Take Care ;o)