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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Kids Creek..............

Laura and I took Tristen shopping with us yesterday. We went to Kohl's and to Michaels for various things and after that we went for a walk. There used to be some fields all along US 31 where Mr Oleson kept most of his Buffalo herd. In fact when we came to town in the early 1970s there was a large farm at the intersection that now has the Mall on it. Beautiful old barns all torn down in the name of progress along with the Cherry orchards that lined the road. Traverse City was a small town when I arrived in 1971. Anyway, the remaining fields along that stretch of road eventually were developed and the last bit went when they built the Kohl's store. However, lucky for everyone, Kid's Creek flowed through that area making it rather unsuitable for building and so maybe a 5 acre spot was saved. It is dedicated now to Mr Oleson and they have put in a pond and pathways that meander through and around the creek. The rest of the fields that back on to the next road over will soon be developed and this little area will be an oasis in the concrete jungle surrounding it.
 photo df36db7d-f286-4316-94f0-a54878097c51_zps7ea2fb81.jpg
The look on Tristen's face is because he was told to wait for Grandma Laura. We started off towards the pond, no ducks today, they were out on the Creek somewhere. We could hear them. Kid's Creek does not go in a straight line, it curls around itself back and forth. There are fish in there. Salmon and Rainbow trout. I think thats why they built the pond, so people could have a place to fish without trampling down all the wild things.
 photo 61448f5c-b89e-442d-9069-e63f0e7de2d4_zps4566319a.jpg
The stream is very shallow, maybe a foot at it's deepest, at least what I have seen. It probably gets deeper in places. It runs all through the woods surrounding the town and shows up all over the place. This little area is so convenient for a quick get away from it all.
 photo dbe5c1f8-2b4d-4f10-910c-800fc52f8139_zps0c7c8874.jpg
The air was full of the scent of Honeysuckle. Pink and white varieties of wild Honeysuckle so sweet.
 photo 1674477c-e6f8-4634-ba6b-73a4e6b7b8b3_zps0709197a.jpg
I took some pictures of flowers as we ambled along. The Strawberries were in flower, Wood Anemonie and Goatsbeard that had a pretty yellow flower.

 photo 43be25df-95c5-4bda-995f-064898d834a4_zpse5610b6e.jpg
We saw a Red Wing Blackbird. Normally they dont sit still long enough for me to get a picture. This one must have a nest because he was putting on quite the show for us.
 photo 6b71c2c4-792a-4180-bac0-f5a934002c56_zps88d173b0.jpg
We passed a lady with several kids and met them again as we got to the end. Tristen is enthralled with other kids and so outgoing he is never shy
 photo d72cbd38-6b48-4b1b-8c53-8a95642d75f2_zps5619e3ae.jpg

There was a pine tree that had baby pine cones that I thought was interesting and quite beautiful.
 photo 00384f7b-844b-45d2-8cb6-b06a51eb27e1_zpsfda2ea20.jpg

All in all it was a pleasant break for us. Just relaxing and fun for a small boy.


Merlesworld said...

Everyone needs a wild area in walking distance from their home, you have Kids creek and I have Duck creek we are lucky.

Noelle the dreamer said...

Merle is so right! Thanks for sharing Janice!
Be happy!!

Kay G. said...

What a great post. I am glad that a bit of nature is left still and not everything is paved over.

You ARE lucky to have gotten those shots of the red winged blackbird, they are difficult to photograph.
That little boy looks like he is having fun!

Amazing wonders in my life said...

Wow... I loved your clicks... in that i liked the most was the Red wing blackbird...

Magic Love Crow said...

What a great day! I love red wing black birds! I love they way they sing! Beautiful photos! Take Care ;o)