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Thursday, July 25, 2013


I thought I would share some recent pictures of my other great grandson, Cooper. We see quite a bit of him really. His mother Gabrielle, my granddaughter was living with us until the baby came. She now lives with her boyfriend, Coopers daddy. A nice little family. They came with us to the reunion last Saturday. I didn't get any pictures though, he was sleeping for most of it.
Today I baby sat while Gabby worked. He is 3 months old already.
 photo 197ea24d-2cbf-4628-a088-a4c8fc19808e_zps56abbcef.jpg
This is how I like my babies, fat, cute and sleeping.
 photo e5e0cecd-bcb6-4afd-b88a-580c2d7c73c2_zps3b2afc8e.jpg
Just look at these toes, aren't they cute. They are so new...........look at those wrists and the hand it.

 photo 7cc18457-01a1-4c6b-a1f3-40ad65edee69_zps25548167.jpg
He is turning over now and getting his fat little bum in the air.
I know that Prince william and Kate are enjoying their new little one and the whole family of Windsor will get as much delight as I do from the new Prince. I love the names they chose. Especially remembering Lord Louis Mountbatten. I am sure that has really pleased Prince Charles. Alexander too, so much behind that name too and ties him in with Scotland among other things........God Bless the new Prince and his family


NanaDiana said...

Cooper is just a darling little baby. He is beautiful and I love the finger-sucking pictures...and LOOK at those sweet baby feet. God bless him and the new little Prince- xo Diana

Anonymous said...

How sweet he looks. I love his little hand up on his head.

Anonymous said...

well hello beautiful Cooper! You are truly blessed,

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

Your Prince is so cute!

Noelle the dreamer said...

So beautiful Janice! They grow so fast, d on't they!
Love your comments, there are some very good things happening everywhere despite all the heartbreaks announced daily on broadcast!
God bless,

Karen Harvey Cox said...

He is so beautiful. There is nothing as wonderful as having a new baby in the house.


Merlesworld said...

He is a cute little boy and those fingers must taste good.

Magic Love Crow said...

Cooper is a sweetheart! How adorable ;o)
The new Prince is a cutey too ;o)
(Will write tomorrow. I'm a little behind today! LOL!)
Hugs ;o)