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Friday, July 12, 2013

To the Beach................

Yesterday was a perfect day to go to the beach, so we did. It was hot enough but not uncomfortable. It was breezy rather than windy. The water like bath water. So we took the kids life jackets this time because we had said they could go in. I remembered to take Tristen some dry clothes and he had some beach shoes. We set off ready with his swim trunks on and wound up to bustin........we went to lunch first. Figured we just better get that out of the way. Made it without too much stress as the kids were excited. So then on to the beach. We parked at the Lighthouse....bathrooms woo hoo. Nice ones too.
So, the first thing they did was find the mud puddle, yep of cause they did.

 photo e59f5ae6-127f-486f-9514-234345d47cad_zps7b767c10.jpg

Then on to the water (eye roll here)
 photo 4c01ca91-b3f4-4688-806a-6e2bcc665c70_zps93bd99bd.jpg

 photo 4b6e66d4-1f1b-4933-9d9a-fdd06e9e7516_zps90c05e40.jpg

 photo a66b44cf-4444-4d80-adba-c51b6c468104_zps7315840b.jpg

 photo 7e4577db-4d79-4dd0-bf54-e9846405b47f_zpsecb763f0.jpg

 photo 71c081ff-99a9-4f85-9fc9-dbaaef81d9aa_zps81d04a64.jpg

In the background you can see one of the Manitou Islands. The baby bear cubs.......this is the Sleeping Bear Lakeshore. I have told the story before but will have to tell it again some day.
 photo 062aa1fc-43a8-4ab0-85af-fd4038ef7375_zpse1123dbd.jpg

 photo ab059e8d-3123-4978-833d-8e034cf5afb1_zps8a4815bd.jpg

We ended up walking right around the point just to see what was beyond. The water was not as calm around the corner. It was the original location of the lighthouse, but because of the storms it was moved to its current location. There are a great many shipwrecks in those waters.

 photo 553824cb-25ea-49d1-a7bc-f020f70d587d_zps38c1c99a.jpg

We had walked a long way so turned back. We sat and let them play some more in the water. Great spot where the water was shallow and we didn't need to worry. We have to watch for rip tides so we don't let them go in too far. It doesn't stop the enjoyment.
 photo c8e25479-4ba4-472b-b758-443088ca00bf_zps55f4ff9f.jpg

Reina is 7 she and Tristen are like brother and sister. She is really his aunt as his mother Alexandra was/is her sister.
 photo d8750a80-b35e-4b08-986f-468949655270_zps88169957.jpg

After we left the beach we took a drive up the Dunes on the trails there. This view looks out over Glen Lake at the Alligator...........can you see why its called that? Come Fall or cooler weather we want to climb those trails as I have not yet done so.

 photo 0782f83d-f8c5-4a46-9f2a-741c59c531b4_zps2b9278d3.jpg

This is another view from the top of the dunes It looks down over Glen Lake.

 photo b2e8b1db-ff57-42d5-aa06-be11d7fa445a_zps3ca89ab1.jpg
This one looking in the other direction, you can see the same view we were looking at from below.

 photo bfccefe8-cfa0-4b49-b8fb-8515824b3a1c_zps5fd3c2bf.jpg

We stopped at one of the picnic spots, we usually stop there and look for Indigo Buntings. We found raspberries, and wild cherries. Yum and did see a Bunting too.
 photo d30e24c3-b2b7-4c58-b061-10ffa9c6a305_zps73bd08ac.jpg
Here is an Indigo Bunting, I could not get a better shot.
 photo 0af37ba1-456a-47b4-910d-d0373dd5f419_zps19b0e685.jpg
Reina loved the cherries, Tristen "I dont love them"
 photo 295d8d38-d4ab-41d0-b820-b00db9a5b8ae_zps6c92c0ed.jpg
 photo 79d9cb93-1342-4639-ac5d-af46c6f71a77_zps0cbb2fac.jpg
We met this old gentleman there, he was setting up for a picnic. I thought he was alone so sent the kids over to say hello. Tristen says "hello my name is Tristen and this is Reina" they started to chat. I went over after a bit and he told me he drove this old car all they way to Alaska. Said it took him 12 days to get there and 10 days to get home because it was downhill coming back. (smile) Come to find out he was meeting a group of people there so that made me feel better, I thought he was alone.

 photo 76bd492c-5beb-4d30-89dc-db03d0a98c5e_zps30e67970.jpg
on the way down we went through dunes covered in Babies Breath, it looked ethereal
 photo af426934-960d-4b4f-b603-0a9dccce0df6_zps9c2ec8a5.jpg
I spotted a deer, through the trees and it was laying down. Took ages to get a shot of it. Turned out to be a small buck. It was the sun on his ears I first spotted.

 photo 4c568762-56ac-458a-a7c5-abf8e26271f0_zps62eab02a.jpg
I gave the camera to Laura and she snuck up a bit closer but we still had to focus through the trees. Ended up with a couple of shots I could use.
 photo 76d066f5-db5b-4702-8775-416c755c34d0_zps87b4afe6.jpg
He was easy to spot because the sun was shining through his ears. Getting the shot was the hard part. Then we thought there was another one, boy was that ever difficult to figure out. It turned out we were right though. Twice we nearly drove away and then went back. They got sick of being stared at and got up to walk away. Got ya,,,,,,,,,,,,Can you see her? I may only have one good eye working but it does a great job. Imagine back when I had two eyes, they didn't call me hawkeye for nothing
 photo e2e1089e-923c-4357-910e-07d8ef78967f_zps24bc8a4d.jpg
She blended in perfect with that dead pine behind her. Felt bad that they had to leave but ah well........if we saw them......nah, I don't think anyone else would have. We continued on home, everyone tired by then and ready for coffee. Got some in Empire and muffins for the kids to stuff their faces on the way home and tide them over till supper. End of a perfect day.


NanaDiana said...

What a wonderful, wonderful day. It looks like everyone had a wonderful time. Those kids are just adorable and you can tell that they love being there. I hope you have a great night- xo Diana

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic day out. It looks so beautiful there. The children's faces when they are in the sea sums up what a wonderful time they were having. You are certainly a hawkeye, I had difficultly spotting the second deer in the picture, and I've got my glasses on!

A Brit in Tennessee said...

I smiled throughout the entire and innocence going hand in hand...
I miss the beach being closer by, Tennessee is landlocked, although we do have many lakes.
Love the pictures !

Merlesworld said...

Nothing beats it mucking around on the beach on a summers day.

Magic Love Crow said...

A wonderful day! I can't believe that gentleman drove that car to Alaska! Good for him! I've been to Alaska and loved it! Great deer photos! And, I love all the water photos! You had a nice long walk! Simply gorgeous area! Take Care ;o)