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Saturday, October 12, 2013

An Autumn day out.................................

Laura had to work today, we had Raylene and Reina with us today. Company for Tristen but to be honest, him and Reina together are wowza....she teaches him all she knows. Sigh. So what to has been a beautiful sunny and warm day, and for October we are on borrowed time.So why not shut ourselves up in the car for a few hours, yeah that's the ticket.
 photo 4c086a67-35d3-4a09-a2f2-16e44e4752ce_zpsb3613149.jpg
Off we went to Gallaghers, its the closest we could think of. A farm market and has animals. So we let them loose out back to whoop and holla and that they did.
First off Tristen loves this little farm they have set up and always goes right to it. He dives right in and plays with who ever is there.
 photo 8cf9427c-0c5b-42d7-8707-5f92e5f63903_zpscd3555b6.jpg
Raylene is looking a bit out of it and I am never sure what she is thinking.........she joins in but always seems on the outside somehow.
 photo cb869939-d458-4d47-8ba4-8a5378d62eb5_zpsd5f862ed.jpg
They have a childrens maze but the kids seem to enjoy jumping from bale to bale more than working the maze.
 photo 3e38bcaf-d0e4-41f7-847f-6ab0a2f178ef_zps1e141c7a.jpg
I felt sorry for this pig, there were two of them, the other was sleeping. This one was happy, she was frisky jumping and kicking in a happy little piggy dance. So sad really...........makes me want to cry knowing her end.
 photo 6ed6c77c-e66c-4b0d-b958-b26996620dcb_zps29457aec.jpg
Walking in the pumpkin fields
 photo ddead9b7-f23a-48e3-9e73-28654d5130b9_zps1f5e8d5a.jpg
We did try for a pose but it was not to be
 photo d0e344a2-1aad-4ad3-a943-779647bc6006_zps8d40b935.jpg
 photo a8c2d6ad-8e58-4537-9a9e-85eadcf16833_zps747f7ecc.jpg
I went inside and got some goodies. I bought apples, a cherry crumble pie, donuts, and some squash and bread.
 photo 40c4ef6f-1d45-466b-9c5f-cb50d86781c3_zpse36e8834.jpg
 photo b8ebaadf-8d66-4fb6-8459-3bb7f3e955fa_zpsfb4f598d.jpg
I love this tree, its so big.......we had left the farm market and its critters and gone to Cedar for ice cream. Last weekend they will be open. Probably open today because it was such a lovely day. Anyway while they were getting and eating those I went to the meat shop for some Brats......Polish, Cherry pecan Brats and some hot dogs. Those too are home made there. Our area is fast becoming popular after being on the Today show and others. Our secrets are out. After that we went to the park to let the kids unwind again and for us to rest our ears.

 photo 865e429f-2f29-43cc-87f1-3385f2993f5a_zps507f887b.jpg
 photo c0782f6a-fdce-499b-9009-08b7d51ec8e8_zps18f74969.jpg
 photo 2a0123e1-3ccb-4fa0-bd47-01e0cf605f55_zpsffc155b0.jpg
 photo bc8bf937-a186-4598-9cdd-d5ce884cc12f_zps18e2d3cb.jpg
They settled down and so back to the car, well, I say they settled down......Tristen decided to have a hissy fit and would not get in his seat. Gerry was outside the car patiently trying to coax him............nah that was not working so when his bottom appeared between the two front seats I grabbed the waistband of his pants and swatted his bum. Rather a shock I suppose because the volume went up quite a bit but he got in his seat right quick. So then we headed towards the beach. Were we crazy or what........of course all the parks are closed due to the shutdown. Did not matter to us, we were going to these beaches since before they were a park....its OUR beach, its our park and by golly we were going to enjoy it. So after plying them with donuts we went on to the beach. Lovely, no wind, and sunny.
 photo 11414356-1429-496b-b110-3af16d592e81_zpsb6fd3f96.jpg
 photo 1d68496e-7633-47dd-a315-f561b1dcebfc_zps90016770.jpg
What a beautiful day, especially for October.
 photo 811fce86-615e-4bbd-aad8-cc8e8df851fd_zps4dd39ef5.jpg
We did stop at another playground before heading home but I stayed in the car............enough sun for one day. Then we headed home before Laura got out of work. We cooked steaks and had the spaghetti squash and zucchini with other fresh vegetables. It was sooooo good. She came to collect the girls and had supper with us. They took home Toffee apples and 1/2 the apples I bought. Tomorrow we will have the cherry crumble Yummy.


Merlesworld said...

Looks like a fun day out , I have never seen so many pumpkins.
Merle......... ......... ..............

Christine said...

wonderful family time! Thanks for sharing the meaning of the season!

Magic Love Crow said...

I am hungry from all your food talking! What a wonderful day! I love all the photos! Your "pose" photo is adorable ;o) Big Hugs ;o)