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Thursday, October 10, 2013

My lovely Great Grandsons............

This was a great day, both kids in a great mood. Tristen is a little jealous of other kids around me. He has decided he likes Cooper though. He knows he is like a big brother for him, and even though they are cousins they will be very close. So........I was babysitting for Cooper and Tristen wanted to play with him. So here are a few pictures that I took. When Tony came to pick up Cooper Tristen told him Cooper was going to live with us now.
 photo 19396ce3-a274-4398-b213-ed02806e1bdf_zps313bd459.jpg
 photo ed059975-5e65-411f-8f50-8e1976ccb209_zps0f606e9b.jpg
At this point Cooper is the complete opposite of Tristen. He is quiet and always smiling. Such a good baby. Tristen was always a handful and still is.
Here they are seemingly consulting
 photo 785dab8f-f97c-44cf-8878-998ad9eced07_zpsc5836005.jpg
Such a happy baby
 photo 606ce730-8175-4ded-85f0-0fdcc0edc868_zpse3da84fa.jpg
Well they were hamming it up together.....
 photo 7696715b-8137-4231-8600-2f08af81110e_zpsc86880d9.jpg
Tristen loves Bodi and didn't want her to feel left out so he gave her a big hug so she was not upset
 photo 9ec3d64f-50f3-4344-8120-75b4813c01be_zps451797cb.jpg
The boys are going to be an item some day, they will be in so much mischief I just know it
 photo 06b1566d-3f29-459c-b94f-c5da776d6c0a_zps77d1e056.jpg
Tristen wanted to hold him so he sat with him on his lap. Granddad of course supervised.
 photo 8f6ff644-2d64-43e4-9b48-4bb4b303ab18_zps49aae279.jpg
 photo 51161bab-70e8-4ec1-ba68-a85faffcc429_zps679ce1fb.jpg
Well I will quit bragging and shut up now, but they are quite handsome are they not. Cooper always laughs when he sees me. Probably knows I will feed him. He does like his food at the moment. Tristen is not so easy to please. He is learning independence and knows his own mind.


Tracey Steele@Breathing English Air said...

They are both gorgeous boys, and how great is it that Tristen has decided to like Cooper. Lovely pics.

Magic Love Crow said...

Hey Janice ;o) I've had computer problems for over a week! Just got my computer back today! I will e-mail you tomorrow! Love this post so much! Both boys are so precious! So happy they love each other! Cooper is so happy! Hugs ;o)