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Monday, February 17, 2014

Ice Caves........

This winter has brought some rather odd phenomena to our area. As if we don't get enough visitors in summer, we now have a rush to see the Ice Caves. I have never heard of this before. I am sure its not the first time its happened but it is rare here. In the Upper Peninsula maybe more often. It was the first time I had heard of it there, watching all the people hiking out to see them off Lake Superior and then come to find out we have our own. We have some great local photographers who have no doubt had a great time this year. Here is one of them Ken Scott. Several of his photographs I have shown here.
 photo e2d02544-ce74-4565-a1fb-4f3ed99e0da4_zpsc3167aa5.jpg
What has happened is that the waves have frozen on top of waves and ice has pushed up and frozen in place. After awhile it has formed into caves and 30 foot cliffs of frozen water. I cant see who is in this picture but its a good one and I think that its Lydia and Tobin but can not see the other person?. Great picture and so glad you got to see these caves, what a fun winter for you.
 photo d41b45e2-d85d-4938-a1c7-aa3708a6a6a3_zpsa01382c0.jpg
You can see the difference, this one was taken up on Lake Superior at the Pictured Rocks. You can see the sandstone cave with the ice curtain
 photo 4aa05ff2-ae32-460a-b1e4-e9ed22591e1f_zps4863b48a.jpg
The picture above by John at Michigan Nut Photography
Check out the web site for more wonderful photos. The ice cave shown above was in Eben Ice Caves.
These ones are uniquely ours though, so pure and beautiful. The ice blue. I will share a few local pictures. They come from either the newspaper web site or local ones for tourists. The ice caves are just off the shore at Leland and Northport Michigan.
 photo d86ffa20-36f4-46c4-96ce-9f97349f2f91_zps274049d6.jpg
The snow is so white, and yet within it you see the summer aqua blues and greens.
 photo 51318c63-3155-4c8b-bc2f-b5a73ee5aee7_zps41c1be63.jpg
Kids are having so much fun exploring, a winter they will never forget

 photo d223a7f5-d57d-49c6-a260-dded3614837d_zps8c94573e.jpg
I think this is another from lake Superior, ice curtains.
 photo 62d547a4-a557-4987-8a9a-3e08d1ee9ac0_zps1b13de99.jpg
Look.....frozen summer colour
 photo fcbd1c6c-1251-4b4a-9f11-174b03007b52_zps93fa5cb7.jpg
This year almost all of the entire Great Lakes have frozen over. The ice is so thick that it will be safe for some time yet. People drive trucks and snowmobiles out onto the lake for ice fishing. It takes awhile to walk down to the shore, about 38 mins at a good pace. Then across the ice to where the caves are.
 photo 2f5bb5e2-7c42-4c22-a85d-d0d9b7100afe_zps4084a98a.jpg
I am sure the first folks who went to explore had a pretty walk like this. Now there are police directing and parking people because its become the hottest thing since I don't know what
 photo 8a55ce15-4b8b-4cb2-9ed7-aab11a2a0b22_zps29d57f13.jpg
Before it all froze it was still beautiful like ice sculptures. (Ken Scott)
 photo 7d2ad004-5dc1-4caf-a79e-74c40bc0e2e7_zps35935242.jpg
This is another of Ken Scott's wonderful pictures. Sunset
 photo 0e622cc7-1667-4daa-a1b8-b82c7b96dee1_zps74d91cc3.jpg
........and another of Leland (Ken Scott)
 photo c059f795-0f31-4420-93d8-a6c8aef9a796_zps490115af.jpg
I had to show you this one before I go.....frozen weeds
 photo d53c9e38-ec45-44ea-af29-f8dd2e746281_zps1e141123.jpg
Not sure I want another winter like this one for some time to come
If you get a chance check out the Facebook page for Ken Scott, its worth a visit. The link it at the top of this post, click on his name there. Thanks also to the other photographers whose pictures I have borrowed. I tried to use my nieces pictures but not sure I managed to get the right ones.


NanaDiana said...

Wow, Janice- We usually make the trek up to Lake Superior a couple of times during the winter but not this year. It is amazing. They say that this the Great Lakes have never had this much ice in recorded history. Lake Superior is about 96% frozen-unheard of. They showed an ice breaker on Lake Michigan and it was cutting through 3 and 4 feet of ice to try and keep a clear channel. Crazy!!!! xo Diana

Arija said...

An absolutely wonderful event and superbly photographed. A beautiful post indeed Janice.

Maureen Wyatt said...

We have ice caves about an hour from my house and people are flocking to them to take pictures. Those are beautiful shots of something that is truly amazing.

Noelle the dreamer said...

Stunning photography Janice and thank you for the link!
Keep warm and think SPRING!!

Marigene said...

Mother Nature sure has some unique happenings in her repertoire! Those ice caves are awesome.
Thanks for sharing, Janice.

Magic Love Crow said...

This has happened in our area too! It's amazing! I love the photos you shared ;o) The frozen weeds are beautiful ;o) Hugs ;o)

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos. I saw some of the caves on the news and online--those ice curtains are gorgeous!