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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Saturday drive.................

What to do on a hot sunny day. Too hot to take a hike, too many mosquito's and too tired. So Laura and I first went to an Estate sale, no AC and very crowded. We went yesterday and I will talk about that in my Pretty things blog.
So we had lunch here and then we headed out to Suttons Bay. Gerry actually stopped at a garage sale on the way. He usually flys on by. I managed to find a couple of things. Of course I did.
Anyway, the road to Suttons Bay goes out along the Bay, that is Grand Traverse Bay. On the map we would have been going up on the left side to the north. You can see Power Island across the arm of West Bay as well as the Peninsula (between the Bays)
 photo 10341611_10152109782031835_3932750825967075793_n_zpsd2241eb4.jpg
Its so pretty along there. We got to a place called Black Star Farms. It is a horse boarding facility as well as a Winery and Cheese outlet. Their own brands. You can follow the link above. Well apart from all that they have a farm petting zoo so I thought the kids would enjoy that.
 photo 808e1656-706d-4169-9835-ee54f98df8d3_zps8ba0f142.jpg
 photo 9f20038c-2dc0-450f-a7a9-fee82d6b97d3_zps621a34a1.jpg
We had a bit of a meltdown (Tristen) so just a little sulking in the car. We stopped at the park in Suttons Bay and let the kids loose while Laura and I had a look around. Its all different. The last few years there has to have been lots of tourist dollars rolling in because old places have been replaced by new ones. Sort of changes the feel of the old place. The places we used to enjoy were owned by families who no doubt have retired. Its the end of an era.
 photo cc168e2e-5189-4deb-806d-1b4d98e2f997_zps698a48d7.jpg
We left there and went to
Leland. Laura wanted to see Fishtown and we had promiced ice cream. It,s a pretty drive. Leland has a fish weir,It lets the river down to the level of the Lake (Michigan) Along that little stretch of water Fishtown grew up. It used to be where the fishing boats came in. Now that still happens but the shacks and huts have become shops. There is still a fish market and a boat service to the islands.
 photo ff0d91a0-b8a9-46a8-8852-b974a1ef6a42_zps2bffefbd.jpg
Enjoying ice cream
 photo bc6187cf-3ce2-4d17-aa5a-d82742419e61_zps7ce32e48.jpg
 photo 8a70a3ff-9731-4fa4-ab83-c651ab7788dc_zps10dc9d32.jpg
 photo 39ddf586-9580-4d52-81bb-f6f4fbe923bd_zps5614ddde.jpg
 photo a544ba44-6d17-4b48-936f-72b1741de076_zps16b7ba99.jpg
 photo c64db78f-cf1c-41d7-ba7f-115303e32838_zpsb6164f43.jpg
The Weir by the BlueBird restaraunt
 photo 8c1effeb-b80a-426f-bf5f-9ae152b7b866_zps1ba845be.jpg
Country Roads..........Laura rescued a baby Snipe out of the road. We went right over him but didnt hit him. Went back and moved him on his way. By now the kids were hungry so on the way home we stopped at the Hayloft. They have good Margarita's and Burito's
 photo 197b94d2-f271-48fa-bfc4-768384b44ce5_zps26ac38b1.jpg
 photo 520b9118-2e1d-449e-b743-33c87031d1ea_zpsa6bb24b9.jpg
 photo 30ea97c1-97cf-40a0-82af-817c870d91e1_zps880ccfb5.jpg
So that was our Saturday. A nice day out but noisy as kids always seem to be. Ends with a headache and a cup of coffee. Yawn.
I will share this with Inspire me Monday at Create with Joy


Magic Love Crow said...

That place where you ate, looks like so much fun! Looks like you all had a great time ;o) Too bad so many things have changed. The petting zoo looked great ;o) Hugs ;o)

A Brit in Tennessee said...

A fun-filled Saturday Janice, the children are lucky to have grandparents who participate, so many can't be bothered it seems.
Loved the petting zoo, my knid of place :)