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Friday, June 27, 2014

A Day out with Edna..............

Edna had asked me during the week if I wanted to go out with her to the Granery. Esther had asked her to make pies for the Granery. It so happened that Laura was not working and so I asked if she would watch Tristen for me. She was glad to, both Tristen and Reina had a great day. It was a nice day so they were outside all day. At her house they can go out on the street and along the subdivision and play in the hole that had been made across the road. SO he took his little bike with him and took off straight away when Gerry dropped him off. This is his weekend at his aunt Laura's. Grandma Laura was to take him over there because they were all going over for pizza. SO it was with a clear concience I had a day out.
Edna had pies she had made for Esther who owns the Granery.
 photo ba4db25e-8191-4d1f-980d-1d77e429aeeb_zps5ea176c8.jpg
So that was our first stop. I didn't go out there last year and Esther (in the picture) had not seen me before without red hair, she didn't recognise me. The Granery is an old farm house with a (yes) Granery that Esther sells hand made things and local treasures. It's always interesting and Is a place I love. It is also a working Cherry Farm. The garage has been converted to an Antique shop and I often find some lovely linens there. I didn't look too close today, I didn't have money to spend. I also resisted the flowers.
 photo 7cb0abe2-8974-4a08-9fef-347f28b97145_zps2e7a0224.jpg
 photo 06b9c056-57ed-4775-a4dc-9c1ad73cdc9f_zps7880d2cd.jpg
After we dropped off the pies we went to Elk Rapids, but on the way we saw a small farm Market. We stopped.
 photo 0b1e019d-0b50-491d-bbbb-1f8ce6f8f992_zpsf4896a2a.jpg
I bought some of these
 photo 101_1302_zps43764ea3.jpg
....and some of these.
 photo 3eb236fb-f709-44f6-bdc2-bd24cef5104e_zps00388963.jpg
For a small market there was some good stuff. I also bought some Pasties. Beef Pasties. Edna had a cooling bag so they got home unthawed woo hoo.
 photo acca478d-cd97-4ca4-97a3-94771dc2bef7_zpsd9a42d28.jpg
I would have loved to have bought some plants, herbs and so on but I didn't have enough cash. That is Edna(above) admiring them. They have some Bay trees. Small ones, I have never seen those before. I recognized them from the leaves.
 photo a2720eee-33fb-4ec7-8bc4-4b0bbd6b021e_zps289a42ba.jpg
So after we enjoyed that little market we went downtown Elk Rapids for a look. There was a man in the park walking a Golden Retiever, It layed down and refused to budge. When we passed them again it was still laying down and he was talking to it. Did I say it was hot today? I dont think that Retriever was going to cooperate unless he took it down to the river for a swim maybe.
Well we went on to Alden. That is another small town. I use the term town loosely. They are villages really. All done out in summer finery. Our area is a tourist attraction, these small town rely on summer visitors and so they spruce up and look their best.
 photo 18e461a0-3504-4878-9105-4884e42ba64c_zpsf340ed78.jpg
Both of us wanted to go to The Mill House in Alden. Its a place to get kitchen stuff and they have their own brands of herbs and spices. I may only go out once a year, more if lucky.
 photo 4035f45e-1619-466c-bf6c-d3b1ac1edd21_zps6cd1878c.jpg
The Mill House has an interesting garden. There was a man sitting in one of the garden chairs next to a skeleton, He said "this guy was waiting for his wife, did you see her in there?" I said "No, but it looks like you bored him to death"
 photo 69e804dd-fbb1-4d78-80f4-8e2c3faebb01_zpse7d71691.jpg
Mill House gardens
 photo b6769155-7de5-4690-96a4-a0449db082f3_zpsbd81d47b.jpg
We had lunch, we walked past the place once and the smell of fish and chips brought us back, it was lunch time. There are cute shops in Alden and small restaraunts.
 photo de6dbcdc-545a-4d98-a13c-350f89c2bae3_zps73d6b55b.jpg
 photo 19f1b631-2685-4a2d-a57a-c68784f409ec_zpscb288257.jpg
Every corner of this little town is decorated with flowers. The shops have benches or seats outside and the men were taking advantage of them while waiting for the ladies.
 photo 8cf53c5b-fc0d-45a9-9139-ee02d36f3363_zps8dd42b49.jpg
Other years there has been a butterfly garden outside one small eatery. It was not there this year, maybe the harsh winter was the reason. I missed it. I have wanted to go to one shop in particular to get some small pretty glass dishes, they are for rings or pills or whatever. I got 3 and Edna got a couple too. So pretty. I think I was a magpie in a former life. I love glitter and glass.
I liked this idea, the planter that is........not a new idea but it looks fresh. It was outside the place we had lunch.
 photo 0e9fc789-8416-4626-aa3b-4ee5d53ad772_zps35b9a149.jpg
Well that was pretty much our day, we did stop at Renee's quilt shop on the way home. Again I didn't buy anything. I have been sooooo good today. Renee is a lady who used to teach at the first quilt shop I went to and took lessons. She now has her own place and its beautiful. She is a lovely lady and she and her husband have made a fine store. It had got too hot for the both of us so it was home for the rest of the day.
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Merlesworld said...

Sounds like a pretty good day out, lovely place to spend some time.

Magic Love Crow said...

What a great day Janice! You go to many places in your one day outings! You were very good with your purchases! I think I would have came home with an entire car full! LOL! I love that place with the wooden carvings outside! Big Hugs ;o)

Ivy and Elephants said...

I loved reading your post, I felt as if I were right there with you girls going to all those adorable and quaint little shops! So many neat finds.
Thanks so much for stopping by. We are following you now and invite you to link up any post you want to share, we just love having you!