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Friday, August 8, 2014

A day out with the kiddies again...............

This time I thought it might be nice to go to the dunes again. We had planned on going the other direction as I think there were art and craft fairs going on. I figured that would not interest the kidlets. That would also mean they would get into trouble being bored so..........missed another art fair boo hoo. So....there was a place I wanted to show Laura, Tristen had not been there since he was about 2 so would not remember. We began the day by tending graves for Alex and my sister in law Janice. Bought flowers and planted those and then set off on adventure.
After making our way to Port Oneida I found the trail and set off through meadows and woods to a lonely cemetery up on the bluffs overlooking Lake Michigan.
 photo 9194834e-4223-4057-a890-51366b27eead_zpse607b1a4.jpg
Fascinating reading the grave stones. There are 8 burials there. Earliest born in 1822 and 1926 was the last death. I want to read more on these people. We have been exploring their farms and I know that their lives were harsh. I want to find out more about them. Anyhow thats not what this is about. After the visit to the cemetery we did the hike through the woods and meadows to the look out on a hill.
 photo 4b90ac8b-7f4d-425b-80da-f9141311e2a4_zpse097a7df.jpg
You get there through lovely meadows and what used to be farmland.
 photo 56960c03-7a73-4ded-9fd3-8ec93400c392_zps67f8eb4e.jpg
 photo 21cf5b9a-3bbd-4304-a657-b95ad90ae684_zpsa3b2917d.jpg
I could go on about the history and all the lovely things here but its not about that its about our day out. We have a couple of beaches in that area that we love but they were busy. We like our beaches with no one on them.
 photo 964426c7-e816-47cc-88dc-4c992fbf1c1f_zps9571bd0b.jpg
Here are a few pictures of the old farms
 photo 880f680c-5fed-4a3d-88b7-8d94898f20ce_zps722a66ac.jpg
 photo 69893938-b73e-40c7-a23d-b68b89217a85_zps3efe04b3.jpg
 photo b8c6abfb-299e-4fcb-bf0e-07b08fda0c52_zps495c3da6.jpg
 photo ec7ee7ed-41c4-4ba2-bc60-d47d0cc2937f_zpsb2e93ba4.jpg
 photo 710f5a71-f0d2-494c-94d0-bf7f29e1abd6_zpsce4b92a6.jpg
The woods were cool but when we were out in the fields it was hot.
 photo 5193b162-398a-4a03-abec-c471ede323fd_zps4eba369a.jpg
We went past the Beaver Dam area.
 photo 768e6c62-e121-4954-97ef-9e8580e4fa42_zpsd7b87db0.jpg
We only saw a few deer and this is the only one I could get a picture of, she was in a hurry
 photo 688ed2e0-6e81-4896-bece-55b3299aa066_zps98104f95.jpg
We had promised we would go to the beach so after we left Point Oneida we went to our usual beach and it was packed. We decided to take a closer look. We could not believe what we saw. The kids were running ahead and came running back to say that we were at the wrong place.......well we knew we wasn't so what the heck. It turned out that the water was way up to the dunes. I didn't realize we had that much rain, or snow. I have never seen the water that high up. We knew from the rocks and stuff that sometimes waves got that far back but not this. Well we found a nice spot and the kids got in. Don't get wet we said. Yea, well good luck with that right.
 photo 0afd1132-2e46-4291-8678-7362f374614e_zpse43a5e15.jpg
 photo 319839ae-3d6a-4d6b-ac4a-3493069283f9_zps349fc340.jpg
Good job we were prepared right. We both remembered to bring them a change of clothes but we both forgot underwear. They had a blast. Reina took her top off. She will love these pictures in a couple of years
 photo dfdbc8f9-e189-4ae2-8702-ddd32938eee0_zpse5cdb8d2.jpg
We stayed awhile till our butts got numb. They would have stayed a lot longer. I am baffled at the height of the water. Shocked, never seen it like that but it was nice too because we knew it was not deep for a very long way out. Not that you can trust that, and we never take things for granted. After that we stopped at the Dunes. We wanted to check out the shop there. Tristen wanted to climb the Dune.
 photo 94b62c8b-3d2f-4cfd-9b01-05271ad02152_zpsd5d2289e.jpg
By then we were all exhausted and it was about 30 miles home so we had to get on our way home. On the way we stopped to see if we could see any eagles at the dump. We had seen one while we were out at Oneida but we could not get it on camera. So here one posed for us. Thank you Mr Eagle
 photo b464d327-728e-4c80-a3b0-c3656f0106fe_zps1e7a82c2.jpg
By then the kids were driving us nuts so home we went. End of a lovely day
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Merlesworld said...

Sounds like a great day out.
I climbed up the dunes and rolled down them when I was a kid, now that was a long time ago.

Marianne7Sevens said...

That sure liked like a wonderful day out - and what a beautiful area you live in, or near. Just lovely!

Ivy and Elephants said...

What a great day! I loved the history part with the old graves and the beautiful old farm houses!
How wonderful to have so many varied and interesting things to do. Even the kids had a ball!

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

Sounds like a wonderful way to spend the day with your loved ones. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Nancy Reinke said...

Boy, you crammed a lot into one day. Old farms and cemeteries are fun to explore. It so interesting to read different gravestones, and some of them in antique cemeteries are pretty intriguing. The photos of the kids in the water show how much fun they're having. I notice the deer's tail is raised, so I wonder if there was a baby nearby, or maybe other deer that she was alerting. Bald eagles are fantastic birds; it's nice that you got such a clear shot of one. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving the nice comment. I'm following you now, too. xxx ~ Nancy

Magic Love Crow said...

A lovely day indeed! I would have liked to come with you ;o) I started laughing when you forgot the undies! LOL! Something I would do ;o) Hugs ;o)

My Little Home and Garden said...

This looks like it was a fun way to spend a beautiful day.