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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Old Mission..............

Today we chose to visit Old Mission Peninsula. Old Mission is the strip of land between East and West Bays of Grand Traverse Bay.
 photo dc93fd09-56b1-4549-ba42-9e2563732f05_zps30595b4f.gif
 It was windy today and quite brisk. Laura froze, We went first to the Lighthouse but didn't go down to the beach as the wind was really blowing and they were cold. So this next is not my picture. All the others are mine but that one I googled.
 photo 99d359a8-34e4-412d-a7e2-382a6dd303dd_zps3f20fad0.jpg
We went inside but there were too many people in there. Our town has become one of the top tourist places in America. Its really a pain for us locals, selfishly we have been used to having these places all to ourselves and so the challenge is to go to the places that are not so well know. We took a quick look and I got some pictures before heading into the woods.
  photo 4b56358f-34b9-4ec7-88fe-9c36aa797014_zps23e1071e.jpg

 photo e5e29866-140f-4585-948a-bbaef7938f62_zps6452d080.jpg

 photo 273b55e8-b3d0-4637-a92a-7444778e33ac_zps42a20e07.jpg
They have restored an old cabin that was there.
 photo 948fbec8-4206-48f3-b32a-42499a0e060c_zpsa5f0fe41.jpg
 photo 3f846fd5-4d1f-429c-b6b3-0285a3db6f9a_zps77df671e.jpg
 So then we headed off into the woods. It was warmer there with dappled sunlight. It was difficult for me to see the ground as we walked. There were boulders and tree roots so I had to pay attention.
The woods were lovely though. Our tree today was the Oak. So now the kids have learned Beech, Maple, Birch and now Oak. We collected leaves of each kind and they will make a board tomorrow with the leaves we brought home,
 photo 635eade0-6a01-4a4f-8ca9-5edc019436cf_zps7f484057.jpg

 photo e4dbc02b-1cfb-4904-b70f-b95fc669673e_zps3216e6df.jpg

 photo c779d0b7-0f79-4e7c-b27c-00a8d6038bb5_zps22ba77ee.jpg
We saw some tiny tiny frogs
 photo 7047131b-2c12-479b-b24b-b7be75f0e226_zps99e7e5ab.jpg
 photo c14b2fd0-6a1c-4838-a3b5-64b152ed17d9_zpsa2f9ef61.jpg
We did go down to the shore just to take a picture, the water was rough and it was cold. It's August, who carries a coat? Personally I was fine but Laura and kids were cold.
 photo 8dca976b-02ac-45a8-ab80-49aa26917d49_zps55ce7c36.jpg
We went on our way and headed for the very small Old Mission, cant call it a town. It consists of a General store and the replica of the Old Mission School. The school founded to teach the Chippewa Indians, We went in the store to get a snack. The old guy who was serving was a saint. He was supposed to have 5 other people serving but he was on his own. Calm and to the point with everyone being patient. They serve take out food as well as a deli and wine, and the old fashioned store has novelties and can not have changed since it first opened.
 photo 1d9eb2ff-5cf3-4bc4-9671-02d2a087da89_zps2a36fb44.jpg

 photo 2e379a1e-6fc5-4137-9474-a2e077f8e2d2_zps0bd183b2.jpg
There is also an Inn there
 photo a95cb489-cfb7-40b8-89be-d7d2e9bd3faf_zpsd8790266.jpg
The beach was a place to let the kids go play as we finished our snack and drink. There was a climbing thingie for them there
 photo 4fb89568-05a7-44b9-8971-7289e5a69201_zpsbf4a6e31.jpg
There was a time when the Peninsula was full of cherry orchards
 photo ad66eed5-e53a-4c6d-9c9d-4e4a363c71ea_zpse3bde261.jpg
There used to be fruit farms of all kinds. There still are a few, apple and peaches and pears, but Cherries are what the area is known for. Now Wineries and Vinyards have taken over. It's ideal for growing grapes for wine. Hops too are being grown in Michigan.
 photo e760c136-f56a-4fbf-8a08-e0a3989143e6_zpse1807be4.jpg
Well I know what we will be doing tomorrow......we will be pressing leaves and sticking them on a board so they can have them in their rooms. Wish me luck.


Debbie@Debbie-Dabble and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

My Goodness!! Just beautiful!! Thanks so much for your lovely words when you visited!!


Yesteryear Embroideries said...

I have never heard of the beautiful place........I live too far away.......but if I lived closer, I would certainly want to visit!

Magic Love Crow said...

I'm wishing you luck ;o)
You take such amazing day trips! Wow!!!!
Love the little frogs ;o)
Hugs ;o)