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Monday, October 6, 2014

Entertaining Tristen........................

I know that chances are we will not see Tristen grow up. You never know, it is possible and I hope that we do. Even so we will be old when he is in his teens. I am 68 now and he is 5. So do the math. My intent is to do as much with him now as I possibly can. I want to build memories for him, I want him to have the best childhood that I can possibly give him. Finances are not good so it wont be a question of spoiling him in that way. No........I believe time well spent is what he should remember. No guarantees because I have no idea what sort of person he will become. At this point in time both Gerry and myself are in pretty good health. I hope that continues but I don't intend wasting any time.
So.........Last Tuesday Laura Herman, his aunt, and myself went to the Dennos museum here in Traverse City. Laura has been on the weekend and saw that they had a quilt display as well as work from one of my favourite local photographers. As well as that was a childrens exhibit that she thought Tristen would like.
 photo 0d89ff6f-12c3-4a25-84c5-2bd56a62ff26_zpsef5af1ca.jpg
There is a lot of interactive pieces there, he liked the bed of nails
 photo 447ae95a-2e12-4989-8cf4-291102b33242_zpsb8dfc7fd.jpg
He loved this computer screen that would change the image to crazy images.......he made me have a go and got a kick out of me making a fool of myself. Sorry no pictures.
 photo 0380f439-9a1a-4f68-b5c0-b815c89a6b14_zps7eb7e5ff.jpg
He also enjoyed the mirrors.
 photo d9602c2b-f698-4f7a-8c44-06d1b2c50470_zpse1ef1d85.jpg
He loved the musical parts and we had a band going he had us all play an instrument and oh boy what a noise we made to his delight.
 photo fe33c265-328d-46b5-916c-738f25129c6c_zps9d0bd4f1.jpg
All noise makers
 photo 7bdd3221-93d8-4529-95e2-af03f90e4fd0_zpseff1034b.jpg
He wanted to know why someone killed the bear. I could not answer that.
 photo a37da73b-0473-4a75-a0d1-7670662f6338_zpsfef7bc91.jpg
The next place we went to was the Childrens Museum. On Thursday it was raining and Gerry was home so we decided to take the opportunity and go see what it was like. I had intended to do that for awhile. Tristen had been there before. He was excited. He was running around like a Banchee in the wind. He was the noisiest kid there and didn't know what to do first.
 photo 7aed9977-d32d-4f90-8972-9052f2d451f6_zpsfb85c384.jpg
Pull ya sleeves up Tristen........he had his fingers in everything. I had to have him sit for a few mins to calm down. He actually got into the little boat and was fishing, another smaller child joined him and it seems they buddied up. Tristen made him first mate.
 photo 6e2072a3-f8d8-43fa-9cd1-f9b0c72c1f42_zps0df02ccb.jpg
 photo e40406d2-f9aa-40ff-8bce-fd2182ed6659_zps496e8417.jpg
They moved to the larger boat and had a great time in that.
 photo 551a5eb7-d53d-4e5c-a35d-76c93ec0ea5f_zpsecbce25e.jpg
 photo 21a92133-3033-4731-99d9-9d1d0aafe9a5_zpsaf31bc46.jpg
There were other things there that he took a look at but he was most interested in the boat. He loved playing with the other little boy and was very reluctant to go home. At least now we can get out of places without the screaming and tantrums like you do with a 2 year old ....phew!!! He really didn't want to leave. I guess that was a hit so we will have to go back.
Anyway all for now. This has been a good year for finding new things to do. Now to line things up for the winter. That wont be so easy for me.


Maureen Wyatt said...

Looks like you have all the right priorities in raising Tristan.

Mac n' Janet said...

Love interactive museums, wish they'd had them when I was a kid. I'd been like Tristan not knowing where to start or stop.

Magic Love Crow said...

What fun places! Great for kids of all ages ;o) Makes them think and be creative ;o) I thought that was sad, when he asked why someone killed the bear. I think I would have said, he died of old age. Big Hugs ;o)

A Brit in Tennessee said...

I would say you already have given Tristen the foundation of the importance of family, and caring for one another.
My gran was the person who took me on trips, and influenced my life when it came to making memories.
I admire you tremendously, you are wonderful, caring grandparents, I wish you a long and happy life, including being able to watch Tristen grow into a fine young man.
What a fabulous trip you shared with him at the museum :)