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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Head North..............

Edna and I had a day out, the week before I got sick. I am so behind on my blogs, its sad. I got the flu Sunday night after we got back, was real sick for a week and this week I am just starting to get better. Today, I finally felt like eating and I did. That's not for this post though haha.
So, Edna and I wanted to go out and get some pictures of the colours and going north seemed like a good idea. We had wanted to go to Alden to a store there, before the snow flys. Christmas shopping and all that.
 photo 9b67333e-5829-4b66-a5ee-1e316543f222_zps7f0d8f9e.jpg
We were over eager and got there early. So we sat for a few moments just enjoying the quiet of the village. We went in a store we didn't go in before and I found some unique small gifts.
 photo 4835f6e8-a2fe-433a-8c03-eb979b0afa58_zps0305bfcd.jpg
The Mill House is an always stop place to get great spices and herbs.
 photo e7ea31e5-cac2-43ea-aee2-cf77b59033c0_zps3ccd0d2b.jpg
The Corner store is where I get some nice little glass things. I managed to find a few things to put away for Christmas. Won't be spending much again this year.
After leaving Alden we headed north. I believe we went towards Alpena. We did not stop at one quilt shop. Unbelievable right? There were still some nice colours out there. It was a somewhat gloomy day I suppose but we don't let such things stop us from enjoying our days.
 photo 03b822ee-a762-4b9a-a16b-26a8b30e9167_zps77a91401.jpg
The sun did come out and we did have some nice views. I was reminded of Dead Mans Hill that was over by East Jordan. An overlook that looks out over the Jordan River. Well Edna knew where it was and so off we went. It's been many many years since I was there last. It's a lot busier now but still as beautiful
 photo 62d6bd6f-9e36-40cf-865f-ae185640445a_zps8af38134.jpg
Michigan was originally a great lumbering state
 photo 31412078-97cb-4bf0-b1ab-27eba3359338_zpsb31081eb.jpg
 photo 3a7da10a-8d84-46e6-85eb-2326a9efb613_zps4fb0fdf5.jpg
It was by this time a lovely day, it had really rained out there though. We could tell by the huge puddles. Everything was fresh and pretty
 photo 30102830-ada0-47e7-8dd8-816d14e74b74_zpsc71fd700.jpg
 photo a45c58fd-3496-44ae-b140-7d338962231f_zpsac5dd885.jpg
Sweet Edna enjoying the view. It were a bit nippy out there
 photo 4b676fb7-85b3-4c5d-9053-10021ecb26b1_zps845732a8.jpg
The countryside surrounding the area was spectacular in places. Pictures just do not get it.
 photo 8fc8c9f2-010f-48cf-8542-cc0b425522b3_zps69434f8f.jpg
On the way home we stopped at Kalkaska's beautiful farm market. I got some Honey Crisp, and some fresh veggies to take home. A lovely day as always.
 photo 66941555-a8bc-4de1-8dc2-a24220a7f436_zps5fd7d624.jpg


NanaDiana said...

I am so sorry you have the flu but glad you are feeling better now. I an glad that you and Edna had such a nice day. Michigan really is a very beautiful state. xo Diana

Magic Love Crow said...

What a great day Janice! Truly enjoyed this post ;o) Hugs ;o)