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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Done and Dusted.........

That's it then, over for another year. Christmas that is. It is always a lot of work leading up to the big day. When it's over and everyone is gone home it's sort of a let down in a way. Now what?
 photo fb6e0340-b3cf-44a3-9edc-282bef2df7fb_zps465b9e51.jpg
Christmas morning Tristen helped Granddad to distribute the gifts. After that it was rip and shred. Went quite quickly first time around. Jason was with us from Christmas Eve to Boxing Day when he had to get back for his cats. We opened our gifts then. Tristen was quite restrained he had no problem waiting for us to be ready. Coffee comes first even at Christmas. Also it keeps things under control somewhat. He was up at his usual time and was not nagging immediately to open stuff and I am glad of that.
 photo 2537e794-48ad-4584-be8b-7b023cf8bf32_zps4834608f.jpg
Gerry and Jason had to help with the putting of things together
 photo f8565648-8725-495c-9529-e1fb5c788b5e_zpsb22e36c3.jpg
Jason bought Tristen some Lincoln Logs. "Just what I always wanted" says Tristen.
 photo 8380964d-b4a7-4a6b-89bf-69ff35308beb_zps2594e825.jpg
 photo 5a73a8a1-a473-4787-8fa3-f141f99fc925_zps9d9d4b63.jpg
When the gifts were open Tristen had a short time to play before Laura and Reina arrived. Then we did it all again. They got their gifts and Tristen got a few more. Next to arrive were Gabrielle, Tony and Cooper. They got their gifts and then Tristen and Cooper and Reina played.
We had dinner sooner than expected, around 3pm. We enjoyed that as always. I did a roast turkey, mashed potatoes, roast potatoes, baby carrots, broccoli, brussel sprouts and two dishes of stuffin.......and gravy. My most favourite dinner. I don't usually do a dessert because everyone is stuffed.
 photo 722c77b2-8689-4412-abbf-6afa8e10438d_zpsecfac9db.jpg
The poodle girls all got a gift bag with chewies and treats and a toy each.
We had champagne with dinner and after that we made some "snowballs" That in case you don't know is egg nog, brandy and 7up. Yummy. Gabrielle enjoyed the Champagne.
 photo fffcc32d-3d80-4dae-a084-fe3ff45ef957_zpsb1c7207d.jpg
After all was cleared away, the kids all played games.
 photo 6adce4ea-6a3c-42d6-b57f-3b40f7fc82ee_zps76390c07.jpg
I think they enjoyed that. Gabby and Tony spent the night so no problems with driving home. Me, well I just sat and relaxed, it was a busy day.
Robert left to go work on his car and Gerry took Laura and Reina home when they were ready. A good day I think.


Maureen Wyatt said...

Glad you had such a merry Christmas and the family enjoyed their time together!

Magic Love Crow said...

What a beautiful day you had ;o) Love the photos Janice ;o) I want to try a snowball ;o) Yummy ;o) Big Hugs ;o)