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Monday, December 29, 2014

A New Year coming 2015........................

Time marches on, without a calender one day would be much the same as another. We would mark time by the seasons. We are commanded by a calender that January 1st begins a new year. So we sheep like, follow along with that. What does it mean to me?????
Well I actually like to have a clean slate so to speak. I like the idea of starting over. This year, 2014 has not been good financially for us for many reasons. Having a new start makes me pull up my knickers and take a deep breath and be ready to start over. New ideas, new  resolutions. Do I keep them? sometimes.!
 photo 30393f82-42ad-4124-83d6-d0bd86a35b5c_zps28ee75f4.jpg
I keep a day planner. I write everything in it. I have already got mine ready, I have all my birthdays and anniversaries, special events etc already in place. I have my passwords, my phone numbers and all that. Also I have my goals for the year. When the year ends I can see what was accomplished and what I want to aim for in the New Year to come. I seldom get to cross off everything but this year I did manage to cross of a couple and one was weight. Still have a long way to go but at least I had a positive loss at the end of the year. So what for this year.?
 photo 2bf51b97-f460-438c-aa2d-a459897ef34c_zpsc280e7e4.jpg
Well, I must loose another 10 pounds at least and I am ready to get going. I put back 3 after the holidays and so that makes 13 but that was pretty good actually. I lost 20pounds and put back 3..........a new start now.
We had some great walks and days out this summer with the kids. I want more of that this year. We all enjoyed the exercize and activities.
 photo 123409b6-8b78-4fdc-8020-d76fe94bdf4e_zps00e57e56.jpg
I have enjoyed my birds. I want to get some of the pictures printed and framed. I want to redo the theme in my living room without spending a lot of money. I don't have any to begin with and one goal is to pay down debt.
I need to cut back on shopping..........I spend too much. Food being the biggest expense. Now Dan is not living here we can certainly do cheaper meals. He didn't like the same things we do. I love spicy foods so we can do curries and chilli's and so on. I want to use more of my recipes in the tons of books I have. I love recipe books. So my annual resolution of doing one new thing every week is going to be reinstalled.
 photo 19384d38-b7c5-4507-a8cf-bb024edb4d69_zps231c8bf1.jpg
I also want to get back into quilting. I have so much fabric I must use some up. I spent most of this year painting. I want to do that too but in order to refurbish the living room I need to sew cushion covers and make some lap quilts. I want brighter and lighter colours than this one I already have.
quilt22 photo quilt22-1.jpg
I would also like to take some time and go to the Upper Peninsula for a few days with the kids. Take Reina and Tristen. It could be during the week while Gerry is working so he can watch the dogs. Have Laura get some days off work and just go.............I love it up there. Have missed it very much. Maybe go see Danielle for a day and then see how far we can go from there.
 photo c9993ee7-238e-4309-b1f1-b2d509c334ce_zps67ad6e2e.jpg
So I said, I love that clean slate. A new book to write in. What will this year bring? It will be 4 years in February since we lost Alexandra. It is still dream like to me. I can not wrap my head around it that she is not coming back.
 photo c61c2b4d-ec6f-4dec-9b04-0c71dd34d674_zps34752b5a.jpg
 Tristen is 5 now and a challenge. I am sure he has ADHD and it is a real challenge for us at the moment. I need to learn more about that and again, this is a new start for everything. So I will take a deep breath and resolve to do better.


Maureen Wyatt said...

I hope the new year gives you the energy and enthusiasm to tackle all the things you want to do and things get a little easier with Tristan. I'm rooting for you!

Teri Casper said...

I had no idea you had a blog also. Loved reading more about you. You are a brave woman. Wishing you a great 2015.