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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Faith in times of trouble..................

Do you find that things just get overwhelming? Do you struggle every day with finances, family issues, work related problems or all of those things? Years ago, many years ago I did.
I have learned though, that no matter how much you worry, it does not help. I learned that I can give it all to the Lord. Does that make sense to you? FAITH. What is it?
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I am not sure how I can explain my Faith. I liken it to what Jesus told us. As a child we believe our parents, we do not questions them they are infallible to a small child. Maybe until they meet their first teacher anyway, then their loyalty seems to be challenged somewhat. Anyway. Jesus said to come to Him as would a child, believe what you do not understand and trust His word. SO........I do that. If I have a problem, and don't we all. I just give it to God. I suppose that could mean bury my head in the sand and hope it all comes out right...........that is until something happens. It seems that once I do that, I get inspired. I usually seem to come up with a plan or answer.
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I do know if I set my mind to something and try and try to make it work first off, it is usually a failure. If I let it go and wait, then the answer comes. I think maybe this only works if you have that personal relationship with God. I use the word "saved" because thats what is familiar to most people. I am a born again Christian. Oh trust me when I say I am not the best, never will be. I trust in the Lord but I am not always obedient. I don't always do what I should or what is right. God forgives but He does expect us to hold up our end of the bargain, that means a changed life. That was pretty much easy for me as I was past my years of rebellion and partying. So not a huge change in my daily life. Only in my reliance on Him. Now when we have money problems (all the time) I know we will get through. Somehow we do. I don't worry about it anymore.
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That does not mean that I can do as I want, oh no...........what it means is I try to do better, try to manage my money better. Admit where I fall short (I like to spend too much) and try to get things under control. That's where God comes in. He can help me with that and shove me in the right direction. I do mean shove and sometimes with a smack side the head to go with. Sometimes something will come from an unexpected source just in time to handle a situation. When it all comes down to it, tomorrow will come. Days will pass and life goes on..........nothing we do or go through is the end of the world for us.
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WHen it comes to health issues. I pray that I don't have to go through anything major but in the end whatever will be will be. I can only ask for help to get through it all. Jesus says nothing will happen to us unless it is God's will. SO I trust that whatever happens health wise He will give me the courage and strength to endure what has to be endured. I can pray that He take away the sickness or the burden but when it comes down to it something is going to kill me some day. prayer is that God's will be done in my life and that He helps me through it with grace and a brave heart. That He will do.
There are examples in the Bible where God has granted someones wish to live when they would have died. Life was not good though, better in fact had they died when it was time. God knows what is best for us. We have to trust Him.
Trust and Obey..........
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Loving and leaning on God gives us peace.

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Scrappy quilter said...

Such a lovely post. My faith is believing the Word and knowing that He alone died for me. I'm not perfect however He still loves me. Our family has gone through a lot and yet our faith has remained strong. I'm so glad I have my faith. I'm not sure how I would have made it had we not.

Stephanie said...

What a beautiful post, my friend. Faith in Jesus Christ... I am thankful for His presence and never-ending love - yes, placing my faith in Him is the greatest thing I can do!

Thanks for sharing at Roses of Inspiration - I hope you join us again next Tuesday. Hugs to you!

The Artful Diva said...

your post and photos are very uplifting.