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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Boys and dogs..............

It has been so cold. Very cold. The poodles do not want to go outside. It's too cold for Tristen to play outside. There have been snow days. That for me means babysitting. When Laura has to work I have the two girls here so then there are three disgruntled kids bored out of their minds. So, as it was also too cold for Gerry to work the other day we went to Books a Million. Then to Toys R Us. Reina said it was a great day. Sure was for them. Not so much for me I had to pay the bill haha. It was worth it though for several hours of peace and quiet.
 photo 2180218d-7507-44ab-946d-4b1addaa67b0_zpsje3bj0j7.jpg
I got Tristen some blocks and some toy soldiers. Now he has had this stuff before and really has never played with the stuff, the blocks get lost and so on. Well it seems that he has turned a corner here somehow. He has really enjoyed playing with them and using his imagination. At last.
 photo 9ccf4016-0f4b-41dc-a684-23c35e597fe1_zpsll3vtukg.jpg
We went to school the other night for his school parent teacher conference. His regular teacher is out on maternity leave. It seemed he was in trouble every day, she wanted him to go to the doctor and be treated for HDAD or some such thing. As he had already seen his doctor and I had discussed it with him I was not about to do that again. Plus the fact that I don't want him diagnosed and put on pills. I don't want him labeled at 5 years old.
So I began with his diet, being more careful about what he eats, and as we eat pretty healthy anyway it was not a big change. Also consistency with bedtime, also not a big change. However I am now insisting on others in his life following this practice. Anyway, the teacher who is filling in while his original is on leave has done a spectacular job. He has turned a corner academically as well as in his behavior. His work has improved so much I told her how I felt. That she had turned him around. To be honest (and I didnt say this) I dread the other one coming back next week. Don't get me wrong, she is very nice and Tristen likes her a lot. I think its just that the sub has more patience and is more organized. Maybe the regular will come back in a different frame of mind. She had just moved to this area and now has a new baby..........we shall see. Now that I know how well he can do I will certainly not allow for her to put him through what was going on before. She was sending him to the principle several times a week it seems and having him evaluated. He has certain goals to reach before kindergarden next year. I am optimistic that he will do well now. He has done better in all aspects. Here he is enjoying relaxing with his computer
 photo 39e50cd7-30d0-40d3-93e2-0ecfc5e8977c_zpsw1yhvago.jpg
He is even getting better in his art work. This picture is (left) Bodi (the dog) Granddad and Tristen with the giant who is like a tornado.(he says) Notice how happy everyone is. Bodi is his favourite of the poodles. Also his name at the top is one of the best he has done so far.
 photo f47641ff-d52b-45dd-ab29-0b696295a8c2_zps2oc8m4oj.jpg
Bodi is his friend
 photo bea0b4e5-0c4d-4577-a097-9ad155f45d1e_zpsniktkvzh.jpg
The girls are hating going out in this weather. They are all getting plump from eating good food and laying on the heating pad all day.
 photo 782c41c7-4a47-4cb0-bc24-c721f1b0dfc8_zpstlabyhbz.jpg

 photo afef2089-ae43-4dec-90b2-3a0839d2623f_zpsrxpniphr.jpg
I can not wait until we can all get back outside again.


NanaDiana said...

Good for you for standing your ground, Janet, for yourself and for Tristen
I am so glad he is doing so well. I do think consistency is a big part of it...and not always easy either

Blessing and prayers for all of you- xo Diana

Mac n' Janet said...

As a retired teacher I'll tell you right now I hated to see any child medicated because they were hyperactive. Different children have different activity levels and they need to learn how to work with that, not mask it.
Boys tend to have more troubles with this than girls, school is a very female orientated thing.
Some teachers deal better with boys, don't be afraid to "shop" for a teacher who meets Tristan's needs.