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Friday, March 6, 2015

Is it Spring yet?.....................

I think at this time of year of life in England. Spring is my favourite time of year. The renewal process. The baby animals, the birds nesting. Here in Michigan it is late coming and gets hot way too soon. This has been an exceptionally cold year. I was happy that we didn't have the deep snow so that the animals had plenty of food. Well, that's as may be but the extreme cold had to have taken it's toll.
I am ready to get outside and not freeze. I am ready to go for car rides and walk on empty beaches. The snow need not melt for me to enjoy that, I love to take pictures of the beaches under snow.
Well my friend Edna and I did manage to get down state last weekend, it was a beautiful day. The roads were clear of snow.
 photo 851ee3a3-80cb-465d-88f2-25b9c584dd69_zpseausy1k1.jpg
It had snowed since then and it seems we will never see bare ground again. I know how quickly it goes once it warms up somewhat Next week is supposed to be in the low 40s. That is a heat wave. The snow is so pretty so instead of wishing it away I will enjoy it's beauty. I don't have to work in it like my husband does. He is the one who watches the weather.
 photo 246257b2-b650-454b-b1ae-877590a2a72f_zpseo9egaw7.jpg
If the roads stay clear we should be able to get out for a ride around this weekend. I really want to get out and about and have something better to photograph. I prefer to use my own pictures. I borrowed this one.
 photo 1b9d5886-7983-44ad-9230-2669a3331fc3_zpslrt48su3.jpg
One of the places we love to go is difficult to get too in winter as it is off a side, unmaintained road. I would love to get out there though. Would need snow shoes so maybe next year. Meanwhile this is Betsy Lighthouse in winter.
 photo 61e682ef-469c-4123-9e40-2bbb006c1a6b_zpsbehmrjii.jpg
(photo by Mark Lindsay)
This year there have not been the ice caves we had last year. There are a few small ones but not the huge attraction like we got last winter. I have not seen all the pictures this year anyway. Still it will be nice to get outside for awhile. I am hoping for a nice day tomorrow.
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Magic Love Crow said...

Gorgeous pictures ;o) It's snowing right now! I am anxious for Spring to come, but I will be honest, I hope the snow stays around till the end of April! LOL! I know, I am crazy ;o) Hugs ;o)

LV said...

You shared some awesome snow scenes. However, we get a little in Texas, but nothing like this. I am thankful.