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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Getting into the swing of things..................

Where to begin. I am so far behind now that it will be impossible to catch up. So, I think I will just give a somewhat brief explanation.
My husband Gerry had toothache, he suffered a few days or so before actually giving in and going to the dentist. The dentist said he would have to take antibiotics to get rid of an infection before he could do anything. Meantime, Gerry was getting terrible headaches, down into his neck and jaw. He took all kinds of stuff for pain. Got desperate and took whatever he could find. We found Ibuproden can make you sick. By the end of the week he was still in pain. I kept telling him to go top the doctors, finally he did. Doc gave him pain pills and told him to continue with the antibiotics.
Thursday my son Jason had arrived for the family reunion that was to be on Saturday and so had my granddaughter Danielle. Well..............Gerry got worse and during the night he got up and was all over the place, knocking stuff off the walls and not being able to stand. I said he needed to go to ER. He said no. He would go to the doctor on Monday. I got Jason up to help me get Gerry back up out of the chair on the landing. I asked if he would take him to ER even if his dad didnt want to go. I got Danielle up to help. Tristen was sleeping and I cant drive at night so they took him. It was not good trying to get him downstairs but we did and they got him to the car.
To make a long story short he was in hospital three weeks.They could not figure things out. First it was Menangitis and then he got Merca virus from the hospital.
They did a CAT scan as well as MRI and spinal taps. You name it, they did it. Meanwhile. Come to find out he also was having Prostate problems so had a catheter in as he could not urinate. All this was a big puzzle. The doctors didn't seem to know anything and could not figure it out.We had no idea if the two things were even related.
Well, in the end they found a spot on his brain and did surgery. It was fluid and they got that out. It was a long haul.
I had Tristen and so had to rely on Laura to take me back and forth to the hospital. I can drive but the parking there is just not good so I dare not try it myself. SHe also took Tristen overnight the first week because I felt it would be better for Tristen. Gerry is the one who takes him to bed at night.It has always been his routine to have playtime and story and I felt it was bad enough that he missed Granddad and being with Reina would be better for him. That got me in trouble with Grandpa Dan but thats another story.
 photo 102_0008_zpsxmdmz0dp.jpg
we had to put on gowns and gloves each time. The kids enjoyed that
 photo 102_0009_zpsvaalnw9g.jpg
These are probably later in the 2nd week because he was flat on his back much longer than a week. His head hurt so bad. Finally they did the surgery and some of that pain was relieved.
 photo 102_0011_zpszzfvhfn7.jpg
Finally he was able to come home, as soon as he was able to walk again and be steady. He is still recovering.
Needless to say having him off work this long is a great financial hardship but here's the thing. I had suggested that I take my retirement money out of my account. The stock market overseas was doing badly. I was getting a bit nervous but Gerry said no, don't do that. I decided to do it anyway. So now there is no savings but............because I had that money I was able to pay all the bills off and enough to live on. Gerry is hoping to go back to work on Monday, I am not sure he's strong enough but he has to try. Maybe 1/2 days if he cant manage all day. I think the Lord was prompting me to take my money because soon after the stock market plunged. We could not have got through these past couple of months without that money. If I had left it in we would have lost 1/2 of it. I did have to pay a lot in taxes but that's OK, it will work out in the long run as he lost so much work.
So thats why I had not been blogging. Too much else to do. Then the 2nd reason was a good one. My Aunt Liz and uncle Rodney came for a visit and I will do a seperate post on that one.


Merlesworld said...

Oh dear you have had a bad time of it, hope all goes well from now on and improvement is all up hill.

Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest said...

Oh my goodness, when it rains it pours!

Praying for Gerry's quick recovery - and for good things to come your way soon to ease your worry and burden. God bless you and your family at this time of need and trouble.

LV said...

You and family have gone through what they call when it rains it pours. Such a terrible ordeal. Trust things start improving greatly for all concerned.

Sanchin Wang said...

Just read your blog you had good and bad happened in the summer me too luckily you had relative visiting I wish I could I am the only one in he US with a sic1k child one sister in Singapore two brothers in Taiwan envy people with a big family here
Bad news on a routine check up found out I have diabetes now I have to watch my diet no fun
Now summer is gone we all go back to our routine if there is a routine looking for a roommate help me pay the condo fee I have a 3br condo too big too expensive that's my project
Keep writing I don't have a blog I only write in Chinese I keep a journal