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Thursday, October 15, 2015

A trip to the Pig Patch..............

Today Edna and I went down state, the Hillman area I think, to the Pig Patch. One of our favourite places to shop for quilting materials. I picked up a couple of sale items that will back a couple of quilts later. I took samples of some that I am going to be working on that needed something extra. Well the something extra came to 185 dollars. I said I was not going to do this any more. I just cant help it I guess. Well anyway..............First off we went to see Barb to drop off some quilts I had already finished. She will quilt them on her long arm machine. She now has two of them. She has been doing this almost since we left the bank. Anyway, she has 5 of mine to do now. I need to get a few more done as Christmas gifts.
 photo 103_0485_zps0z7yudjn.jpg
I love the Pig Patch because she not only has good stuff but the shop is in the farm house. Its beautiful. Did I say she has nice stuff? I bought a pattern for a purse that I don't have and I know Laura will like the pattern. I found fabric to put with material for a lap quilt for her and one to go with what I have for one for Jason. Well I did get a few extra pieces too but whose counting.
After that we stopped at the big farm market we like, it also has baked goods.
 photo 103_0498_zpsrvvbonue.jpg
sorry thats blurry. Thats Edna checking out. I did some damage in the bakery department and got a few fresh veggies that looked good too.
Next we stopped at the Amish store. Their flowers were still blooming. They sell bulk foods and have good prices so I got some crystalized ginger (Yummy) and some nuts and raisin mixes for Tristens snacks among other things. I did find some Apple Cider Vinegar capsules. Gonna try those so I wont choke on the vinegar when I try to take it. Its good for ya.
 photo pigpatch1_zpsv300ltbd.jpg
 photo 103_0508a_zps9iviyoo1.jpg
We drove down a lot of country roads. Nice and quiet. The colours are not yet at peak.
 photo pigpatch3_zpsg6omunwl.jpg
Saw these lovely Pampas Grasses along a county road
 photo pigpatch2_zps2nq8upy5.jpg
So we wound our way homewards. I saw this lovely barn on the way
 photo 103_0511a_zpswzl3e8bv.jpg
I got a picture of the ferry that goes to wisconsinon the way home.
 photo 103_0500_zpsntzdx8ow.jpg
We stopped for lunch at Mancinos and I had a Reuben sandwiche that was awesome. Barb showed us some pot scrubbers she made, kitchen thingies made from scrubby yarn.
 photo 8826763051038_zpspok32w0o.jpg
 photo pink-dishcloth-scrubby-side_zpsibqwlsa9.jpg
I thought I would make a few if I get time.

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LV said...

Definitely a trip I would have enjoyed very much. I realy like what the Amish people create.