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Monday, October 26, 2015

Sunday drive.......

Another beautiful Sunday. Tristen was bored so we went to Michaels craft store. I bought some things to occupy his time. Some paints and craft paper and this and that. When we got home he got busy.
Before that we went for a walk down by Kids Creek, there is a small trail down by the stores, they have made it nice and the creek has fish in it. A great place to take kids if you are a fisherman. Anyway.......we go there often. It was nice to see a couple of young ducks. Must be from this years brood. They were quite friendly and obviously hoping we had a snack but we didnt.
 photo 103_0848a_zpslzgjb4ux.jpg
 photo 103_0854a_zps3bqoeiwg.jpg
 photo 103_0852_zpsnf1ctuqo.jpg
We continued on and admired the seed pods and Autumn colours. Check my Garden blog to see some pictures. Tristen enjoyed the romp and showed me how he could climb a tree. I told him stories about me when I was a kid and getting stuck in a tree. He thought that was great
 photo 103_0864_zpsphr2cais.jpg
 photo 103_0865_zpskupvpq0p.jpg
When we were done with our walk I had Tristen go ask Granddad if we could go to Gallaghers and get some donuts. I really didnt want any but love to go there and I know Tristen does so........Granddad said yes.
 photo 103_0891_zpsbvafpl5w.jpg
He enjoyed the corn maze and likes the toy barn. He always heads right to that.
 photo 103_0873_zpsigqmebsq.jpg
I love the chickens
 photo 103_0876a_zpsfrfdw7lb.jpg
 photo 103_0884_zpsn7yaknlo.jpg
Arn't they handsome?
Tristen was still not ready to go home so we stopped at the trails by the old State Hospital
 photo 103_0912_zpsw8neiumj.jpg
There was a man sitting by the stream with a guitar and was singing. SO naturally Tristen went and talked to him.
He enjoyed running in the woods, and we climbed up to some old buildings that he wanted to see. The woods were busy that day because they had a run for breast cancer going on. Not exactly what I expected on a Sunday afternoon but hey...........hope they did well.
For us it was a nice day of walking and it got the job done getting him some exercize
 photo 103_0908_zpsfu6nfrro.jpg
So when we got home he was straight to his craft stuff to get out the scissors and got to painting and cutting. Had a good old time. Look at those scissors flashing.
 photo DSCN5482_zpsndvthv3k.jpg
You would think he would have had no problem sleeping but oh no, could not get him asleep for quite some time. Still a lovely day. Wont be too many more like this this year.

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Susie said...

Bet you slept well though. all that wonderful energy...wish we could have some of it. At least you made some memories. Blessings, xoxo,Susie