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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

A Visit to Donna.........................

All summer we have been wanting to stop out and see my friend Donna. She lives out in our favourite area and usually we are on our way home by the time we pass her house. That means kids are dirty and cranky.So we never seem to make it. Well.....Kim, Donns's wonderful talented husband made me a bowl for my yarn. It is made of wood and is just beautiful.Can you imagine the talent and generosity, to give it away as a gift.
 photo 103_2781_zps3ekkytyt.jpg
 photo 103_2783_zpsidf3uouh.jpg
 photo 103_2782_zpsvlkpkgjy.jpg
So Laura and I had a day that we could get away. Tristen and Reina were in school. Gerry was home to pick him up and so off we went.
 photo 103_2552_zpsnej89s8f.jpg
The day was nice enough, the skys were lowering, moody and quite beautiful. It was a little windy but not worrisome. So we set out for Donna's.
I have known her for a good many years, we both worked at Empire bank although not together. We attended the same bank events and the last time we actually went to a get together was many years ago. We went to a party at Carrlins parents cottage on Glen Lake.
We reconnected on Facebook and she has reprimanded us for not stopping out there yet. So with a mission at hand we set off.
Donna made us a wonderful lunch of home made hummas, pita chips, scones (the best I ever tasted) and fruit, cheese and veggies. I had wanted Laura to be able to see her beautiful home, so this was a great opportunity.
Kim made us coffee that was delicious. Donna's home is a log house and Kim did all the work. He is very handy and is also a great cook. Donna is a lucky lady.
They called Carrlin who lives next door to come over, so we had a nice visit. Donna wants us to take the kids, she want's to meet Tristen. They will have a great time there as it's on acreage and Kim has built a play house.They will be ecstatic.
When we finally said goodbye and I had a look at Kims wood shop before we set off for home. It was snowing by then and the wind was up.
 photo 103_2557_zps1secdand.jpg
It got worse
 photo 103_2578_zps1q3x1c1p.jpg
and worse until we could barely see a thing. Some idiot in a truck passed us. Can you believe that.
 photo 103_2581_zpsnm12ffdh.jpg
Closer to town it was not quite so bad, but still it was difficult to see. Laura did a great job of staying on the road against the odds. We arrived home safe and sound and very thankful.

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Magic Love Crow said...

That bowl is gorgeous! I know you will treasure that gift Janice! Looks like you had a very nice day, except for the weather! I am so happy you made it home safe! Hugs!