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Thursday, February 4, 2016


Humans are carnivores. We were not created to be. When God made Adam and put him in the garden, there was no death intended. Man ate the vegetation and fruit. It was after man fell from grace and had to leave the garden that God took the skins of animals to clothe them both. The fear of man was put into animals for self preservation and man no doubt enjoyed his first steak. Well, man was created to live forever and it seems sort of a coincidence that his days were cut short after he began to eat meat. Well I am sure it's not that simple but anyway. That is a whole different story. Mans appendix is a left over from the vegetarian days.
Well, as time went on man developed farming abilities and could grow food as well as keep animals easy to domesticate. He found that the wool/fleece of different animals could be used for garments as well as their skins. So in the early days man took good care of his animals, he depended on them for everything. Now we do not take care of them, we abuse them. The farming practices over the last 100 years or so have become barbaric. We no longer care for the food animals with anything near respect or kindness. Not unless you are a small time farmer who raises animals for their own use. For public consumption they are raised on huge food lots and sent to slaughter under the most inhumane conditions.
The general public turns their heads and ignores this. I no longer can. I know I can't do anything about it other than protest but I can stop being a part of it.
 photo Dudley_zps70kwrlfj.jpg
This picture above is of Dudley from the Gentle Barn in Tennessee. I fell in love after reading his story. The poor guy got his foot tangled in something and lost a foot. The farmer sent him to the Gentle barn and they got him a new foot, you must read his story. He is a wonderful personality and when you get to know any animal, you understand that they are individuals. They have feelings like we do and most certainly feel fear and pain.A farmer can not afford to become emotional or get attached to his animals, but this farmer did after taking care of Dudley. Simular stories about other animals you will hear at the Gentle Barn. Well, all animals and birds are like that. Get to know them and you are not going to eat them.
Give Dudley a kiss.
 photo 12615381_546573232183195_1058113468461005942_o_zpsbhjj3ouu.jpg
When I was a child I was raised in a small village. I saw animals going in the back door at the butchers. The cattle market on Wednesdays. None of the animals were abused and all were very healthy. They ate good green grass and hay. They had grains and good food to make them fat naturally. The sheep were raised and shorn for wool and sent to market.
We would hand raise the babies who were rejected or sick and then they would go off with the rest. I think we were naive, I never thought about what happened to them.
 photo 103_2321_zpscfsbtg5h.jpg
The sheep went off in a big truck but were processed locally and so the ride was a short one. I am sure they were afraid but they went to market and were bought and taken to the butchers where the deed was done. They live a good if short life until then.
 photo 6b6f3a1a72b67569e8e7c0fe3800a4b1_zpsztmoyvc5.jpg
I never did like the taste of lamb or mutton and I have never eaten veal.
The thought now of eating a baby animal is just too horrible. After I found out how the veal calfs are treated I could never ever eat veal. Or lamb for that matter.
Don't get me wrong. I love meat. I am a carnivore. I love bacon and pork. Again, once I found out what happens to the pigs, how the sow is stuck in a small cage to feed her babies, cant move or ever see the light of day. No, its insane. Pigs seem to be treated the worst of all. I am not debating or getting into details because people who want to know can find out. Plenty of research has been done and proof of the cruelty of the workers in the factories are documented in plenty of detail on film.
 photo henry and horton_zps0sqehyie.jpg
Henry and Horton from the Gentle Barn, they are funny and sweet. Very intelligent.
 photo 12043058_505374582969727_3169684317068073455_n_zpsq5vcz142.jpg
The people at the barn tell stories of mischief, and you can see it in that face can't you.
I have videos of cows being released into a field after being in a barn all their lives. The joy and happiness melts my heart.
So I have decided to once more try to not eat beef or pork. I can not at this time go vegetarian. I will eat chicken and fish, turkey. Just not any of the big animals that I love.
 photo Cows_2532445b_zps9psnobpx.jpg
The dairy industry needs a complete overhaul too. How cruel to take away the baby as soon as its born to prevent it from taking mums milk. The cow has to have a calf in order for the cow to produce milk. If its a male then it is destroyed and female raised for milk or food. I am sure the males become veal cows. They are chained in a small hut so that they cant move and raised mostly in the dark to produce tasty meat.
I can't at this time not drink milk or milk products. I must make a start though and that is the line I am comfortable with at this time. No beef or pork. I already do not eat sheep or veal.
I try to get free range eggs, or non caged chickens eggs. When we are out and about we look for farms that sell eggs.
I am thinking of getting a few chickens for the back yard but have to figure out how as I cant keep a rooster because I live in town. Guess people don't want to get woke up at the crack of dawn? Anyway.......We had chickens once and about half turned out to be male and so we had the killed for meat. I could not eat it. I gagged when I cooked it and just could not eat it. When chickens are hatched for sale the males are all sent down a conveyer belt and crushed to death. That goes into pet foods. When did we become so hardened to all this.?
Yes animals have always had a hard time at the hands of man. Horses worked to death, abused for entertainment. I will never ever go or take a child to a circus. I will never go to Spain until they stop with the bull fights and so on.
It's not much but I make a stand where I can. I wish we could stop all the cruelty in the world but It's not possible. Some day man will realize what we have become.
All the hormones in cattle food has already had an impact. Our children mature at an early rate, most likely due to the hormone consumption. Now we have to worry about growth hormone and genetic modification. We do not know what we are doing.Even vegetables are not immune from that. Our food is no longer pure or even safe sometimes. So, go organic if at all possible. yes it costs more but what is your health worth?


Merlesworld said...

Since Drummy wandered into our place I have a lot more respect for hens, I only buy free range eggs now as I was surprised how she likes to wander, she no longer lays eggs but will live out her life in our back yard.

Magic Love Crow said...

Very powerful post Janice and I agree with everything you have stated!!!

Sophie said...

It's pleasure to meet people like you. Every year it is getting more and more people who are trying to reject meat. This'll make our life and world a little better for sure.