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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Schools Out For summer................................

Yes it is. Half day today. I went to pick up Tristen and it was utter chaos, thank goodness I didn't drive. The van was in for repairs. I walked. Its like 2 blocks at most. The whole school was outside, there was a man playing the bugle and the front was full of kids listening. Grade 5 graduated. Tristen made it through Kindergarden.
Here he is with Mrs Grigle she saw him through some difficult times and gave me good advice. I am gratful to her. I picked flowers from the garden. My van was in the shop being fixed or I would have gone to the store yesterday and got her something.
 photo DSCN6124k_zps5vwjyidh.jpg
 photo DSCN6123_zpshgjauu5m.jpg
This is Tristens poem
 photo DSCN6140h_zpscoscadag.jpg
We walked home and had lunch then Laura and Reina came over. We were going to take the kids to the playground then go for ice cream.
The kids were not really into playing. Both were tired and so were both Laura and myself. So a quiet walk was decided upon. Familiar ground in the woods and shaded. It was getting too warm for me.
 photo DSCN6148_zpskxpkpnaq.jpg
Silver Lake park has some nice trails, nothing new but still a nice enough walk.
 photo DSCN6151_zps6ew27fb7.jpg
There were loads of Dragon flys and I tried to get some pictures. The Blue Iris were out.Soon the yellow will be out as well. The ferns were only just unrolling last time we were there but now are lush and thick on the ground.
 photo DSCN6156h_zpspbck6d81.jpg
Here I am trying to catch the Dragon flys, Laura caught me.
 photo 13346718_10154216210894761_5316374823710294011_n_zpsxofgyvey.jpg
 photo DSCN6197jk_zpsakb3nkji.jpg
Its hard to get pictures of dragon flys they flit around hither and yon.
 photo DSCN6169hj_zps0oqzck4c.jpg
 photo DSCN6159h_zpsi9pwgsa9.jpg
Damsels are worse, it's really hard to get a good picture. There were several mouthy Chipmunks. We could hear frogs but didnt see any.
 photo DSCN6157h_zpsztf92rbw.jpg
The kids were not really into this today but they still managed to enjoy it somewhat. Reina and Laura took naps when they got home. I could have done the same but had to go get my van. It's fixed sort of.
 photo DSCN6176_zpsjknihrcb.jpg
I think it was an emotional day for the kids, getting out of school for summer. They wont see friends for another few months then new teachers and kids.It got pretty warm today after a couple of wet cold days
 photo DSCN6182_zps9kd2znvg.jpg
I was trying to get a picture of Laura but she got one of me instead.
 photo 13419051_10154216210744761_9017312574948676640_n_zpsmg9o5dqg.jpg
We then went right back to the car, they didnt want to play in the park. Probably because I had said we would go for ice cream after.
 photo DSCN6208h_zps6hsqb382.jpg
 photo DSCN6211_zpsmiyj9abs.jpg
So that was how we spent the first half day out of school. The first of many we hope.


Magic Love Crow said...

What a great day! Tristen is lucky to have a great teacher! Beautiful flowers you gave her from the garden! I love Tristen's poem! I love the photos! The dragon fly ones are amazing! The one of you smiling at the end is so cute! I want an ice-cream now! Big Hugs!

Merlesworld said...

Looks like a pretty perfect day.
You did well to photo the dragon fly.