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Friday, May 27, 2016

Why do we do this?..............

Why do we keep going back and looking for stones? Blue stones now, Petoskeys get thrown up on the beach for others to find. We seek the Leland Blue. As I have said before, it's slag, why do we want it? Well some day maybe if we can get some classes, or self teach, we may make some jewelry. We need some silver wire for earrings and bracelets. The small ones would be perfect for both.
 photo 103_4329h_zpsgrolpfp4.jpg
Sometimes we can find some that are of equal size and so would make good earrings. I did buy a drill. I have not tried it yet though. I don't want to break any. The larger ones yet still small enough, would make pendents.
 photo 103_4328h_zpsktfdyflo.jpg
Some have marks on them and if they are pleasing, then they too could make pendents
 photo 103_4327j_zpspobv8ioe.jpg
The fun though is in the finding. I found some really big ones today, not too pretty and so they will go in the garden somewhere.
 photo 103_4330_zpsi8pgvby0.jpg
Those are just slag and not pretty really. I will put them outside. The pretty ones go in dishes around the house. My one peacock colour one does not show up on camera, it sparkled in the sun. That one is special even if it doesn't look it here.
 photo 103_4340h_zpsyz32qkud.jpg
We started out this morning on the way to Leland and it was misty on the Bay. One of the tall ships, maybe the Malibar was out and looked to have a full load of people going out.
 photo 103_4285h_zps6c5iwdps.jpg
We got to South Beach and could not believe our eyes, the lake was calm. A perfect day for stone hunting.
 photo 103_4299_zpsggvw8oyp.jpg
We walked towards the Whaleback, it was beautiful, hardly anyone around.
 photo 103_4309_zpsnbri6sbr.jpg
We were lucky to see two bald eagles chasing each other. Looked like one was not happy with the other. They sparred and flew past us before I could get the camera out. They look very strange head on and low. There were geese flying close to the waters surface in the mist.
 photo 103_4305h_zpsabf6prcf.jpg
Laura looking for stones it was not freezing, but was cold enough to numb fingers and feet.
 photo 103_4313_zpsrwyhrroj.jpg
 photo 103_4301_zpsy3ubuunu.jpg
I want to try to walk around that shore, the lady we asked said its not accessable because the water is too high this year. Still if we didnt have so many stones and our bags so heavy we would have gone as far as we could just to see whats around the bend.Look again, it seems there may be a path, but maybe its private as it is below the Whaleback Inn.
 photo 103_4309_zpsnbri6sbr.jpg
We dragged ourselves huffing and puffing back to the van and ate our sandwiches. I was glad I had taken my water bottle with me this time. I noticed the Dandelions at the gates of a house looking so pretty
 photo 103_4298h_zpspxm2wgod.jpg
Who can not like Dandelions


NanaDiana said...

Those stones are just gorgeous. I can actually see the sparkles in the one you said didn't photograph too well. Sometimes the stuff others take for granted are even more precious to those of us that see beauty in the 'slag' around us.

That country there is just beautiful. You got some great pictures. The one of the boat in the fog is almost eerie, isn't it?

God bless you- Hope you have a wonderful weekend. xo Diana

Magic Love Crow said...

Oh!!! I wish I lived closer!! I want to come!! I want to collect some stones! I loved them all! Really did Janice!! I love stones so much! Any type! Even the slag! What a great day! Love the ones you are putting in your garden too! I love dandelions too! The are like sunflowers to me! I hate that people call them weeds! Hugs!