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Monday, October 17, 2016

A chilly day at the beach.....................

Laura and myself do some crazy stuff. It's a wonder we don't get hurt sometimes. That usually involves animals but we do lots of silly things. I taught her well (eye roll).
Well this Monday, a week or so ago (when my computer was gone) we went to the beach. It was a cold day but we wanted to get out.
The beach was empty just as we like it. I love this time of year. The weather is milder and as the leaves turn its very pretty.
 photo DSCN7718 1_zpslmjb1gl5.jpg
 photo DSCN7726_zpst41wvlov.jpg
 photo DSCN7725_zpst6oepcuv.jpg
We were not looking for stones this day but, well when you see a Petoskey stone, can you pass it by?
 photo DSCN7729 1_zpsrhc18c8i.jpg
 photo DSCN7724_zpskeoaeien.jpg
Only a few trees had changed. It should be the peak sometime this week.
 photo DSCN7723_zpssr1fq8vu.jpg
We didn't see any animals. Sheesh!!!!! A couple of butterfly is all. We went up through the woods just in case there was something to see. When we got off the beach (Otter Creek) we stopped to look at the river. We saw BIG rainbow trouts in there. Very pretty.
 photo DSCN7744_zpsikq67bm6.jpg
The rest of those roads was mainly farm land and the conservation for the national park has saved many that can be explored.
 photo DSCN7752_zps4e5q97z3.jpg
Not a lot to see, no birds, no deer, nothing up in the woods. When we got back down Laura noticed a snake and chased it off the road. This guy was not so lucky. Poor thing.
 photo DSCN7781 1_zpshakritli.jpg
We did stop at a ruin that we always pass by. Nothing to see though
 photo DSCN7777_zpsh8hwcbae.jpg
Up in the woods we passed some riders. Always pull off the road or go slow passed horses. You never know. When I had a horse people could be really stupid, some liked to see the horses act up and would scare them.
 photo DSCN7750_zps2kq2imml.jpg
Oh I forgot, we did see one deer. It was bounding across a meadow and stopped to enjoy some apples
 photo DSCN7754_zpsntxtxddi.jpg
Later on Laura picked some pears from a field that used to be a farm. we did see two Bald Eagles on that road but no pictures. I love these silo's and I think I take a picture every time.
 photo DSCN7772_zpspgnrpihw.jpg
On the way home the county had finished the bike path that now joins the trails and we were able to get a good look at this lake. We remember years ago it was just a swampy area and the trees died as it got bigger. Now its a lake. There is a farm there and the lake is almost up to the barn now. Unless the park service do something they will loose the barn. Its good to see nature working
 photo DSCN7789_zpsoltqskja.jpg
On our way home we took a detour along a country road we like. Stopped to talk to this girl who is pregnant
 photo DSCN7798_zpsflmkmicn.jpg
She seems lonely. Across the road were her friends and family. I have stopped eating beef and pork. However I wish all cattle could live out their lives in wonderful pastures like this.
 photo DSCN7814h_zpscnqraao3.jpg
They were very curious and came down from the woods and back fields to check us out. The old bull in the back field was not happy though so we didn't stay long.
 photo DSCN7812_zpsingq5slv.jpg
 photo DSCN7811 1_zpsdkacrlmt.jpg
I love cows. I have had a few experiences with them though and learned a few lessons. Cows are curious so don't ever run, they will think you are going somewhere and run after you. Trust me, I know.


LV said...

Enjoyed the outing with you two. Looks like a lot of fun.

Magic Love Crow said...

What a great adventure! Thank you for sharing such beautiful pictures! Such a gorgeous area! I will not run with cows around!! Thanks for the warning! Hugs!