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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Not Quite The Same.................

Laura was working today so we had Reina for the day. I got my work done and laundry actually put away. It's a nice sunny day so I asked Gerry if he wanted to go for a walk. Maybe, he said. Reina said yes so Granddad had to get into the mood.
 photo DSCN8065_zpsvx5oq0pk.jpg
The colour is certainly past the peak now. The woods were lovely though. I am not so keen on these paths that have so many people on them, but saw plenty of ladies walking alone. That's encouraging.
 photo DSCN8074j_zpsgo8oplfk.jpg
We missed having Tristen. Reina ran around but it's not the same without your companion. So we phoned him when we got home.
 photo DSCN8061_zpstcod4zfb.jpg
I was hoping for some good pictures but nothing spectacular, although it was good to get some exercise. Much more fun when me and Laura go. Gerry is not much for walking far and didn't fancy going for a drive.
 photo DSCN8070_zpsxfe8xxnj.jpg
Apparently someone thought it would be fun to have some fairy houses in the woods. That would be great but then people have build their own and they are sort of trashy, The ones actually put there are built with natural things.
 photo DSCN8056_zpsaqxe0vow.jpg
The ones put there by kids or others will end up all over the woods by Spring and become junk laying around.
Nice idea but not thought through.
Well we didn't do much else but I did take this from the top of a subdivision that looks down on the town
 photo DSCN8081_zpsrlytu8ce.jpg


Anonymous said...

looks like a beautiful day for a walk!

Magic Love Crow said...

Another beautiful day! It's going to take sometime, without having Tristen not around! I feel for all of you!