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Friday, February 17, 2017


So what is Nationalism. People are offended by it, so it seems. It brought about such things (for example) as Nazi Germany, so they say. To me, in my mind that is Fanaticism not Nationalism.
Wikopedia says Nationalism "is a complex, multidimensional concept involving a shared communal identification with one's nation. It is a political ideology oriented towards gaining and maintaining self-governance, or full sovereignty, over a territory of historical significance to the group (such as its homeland)".
I live in the United States but to me England is my home.
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One day I had posted something on my Bluebell Woods page on Facebook, a post from another group. Someone took um-bridge with that. Their symbol was a Union Jack with the British Bulldog superimposed on top. She took offence first because I had said "England" rather than the UK. Well, I was actually talking about England, the picture was in England. It is STILL a country.
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Complicated though it is, all definitions have a distinct use. United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. England. Scotland Wales and N Ireland all distinct countries within the United Kingdom. Great Britain is England, Scotland and Wales as a political unit. British Isles would be Gr Britain the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man. Great Britain and United Kingdom are somewhat interchangeable as in sporting events. So according to her I should say I am British. I am. I am and always will be English first. So, have we got that part sorted?
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Patriotism. Loving ones country. I believe that one can be Patriotic and yet disagree with the powers that be at any given time. A Patriotic German could and did fight the Nazi's. I as an English person may or may not agree with my government and if I am of the belief that my country is very wrong, then I am Patriotic by fighting that government and not a traitor. Its all in the way one looks at things. That is my belief. When I say I love my country I love the land. I love the past present and future of that land. I love its history. I am a Monarchist, I love my Royal Family. I love the continuity. Good and bad Monarchs have come and gone and because they are in the past I can enjoy reading about them without approving of them. In more tumultuous times I would have had to choose a side. Thank goodness we don't have to do that anymore.The English people, well thats much the same as I feel here in the States, some I like and some not so much.
Now I live in the United States. I am not and will never be a citizen. I love my own country too much. I remember St George's Day and proudly.
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On the political level I do not like the American political machine, I want nothing to do with it. Especially now. I do not like how they have ever conducted themselves, I resent the attitude to other countries. I think their idea of Patriotism is not mine. I do not believe in "My country right or wrong" I believe if something needs to be fixed then fix it. I do not like the racial attitudes in America. I do not like the way the rich have so much and the poor and middle class are not appreciated or represented.
In England we have the aristocracy. Good and Bad and somewhere in between but I appreciate them for they are the guardians of our heritage. They keep up the Stately homes of England and that is a part of what makes it the country I love. They are rich yes, but they are different. Ok so I live in a dream world maybe. I love the English countryside and I love the place I now call home. If it were not for the people (sorry) I would love a lot more places in the USA. Its the violence, the guns, the hate, the prejudices thats what I mean when I say... the people. Intolerance for those who are different. I detest what has been done to the Native Americans, the original owners of this land. For that reason alone I could not be American with my whole heart ever.
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OK so yes, the UK has problems now. So many immigrants have moved there that people resent them for getting services that the British people can not get. Resentment and dislike and yes hate, but nothing like here. Not yet. I am sure it will get there but for now guns are not an issue. I hope they never will be but the world is changing.
I went to Arizona and loved it. Now with the laws of open carry and stand your ground I would never be able to live there, that and the attitude towards the Mexcans. I think Michigan has open carry, not sure, but you don't yet see it here where I live. I have been to a lot of lovely states but for one reason or other I could never live there. I will stay in my corner of Michigan thank you.
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So back to that lady taking offence when I said something about England. She said something like "you mean Britain" I said "No I mean England" she said its people like me who are whats wrong with the country. Nationalism is prejudice. Then she referred to the flag and the nasty little bulldog.(It was not even my picture) Ah well. So be it. I know friends who live there have been criticized and told to take down the flag of St George the English flag. I say keep it up. It is our flag. There is nothing wrong in being proud to be English. Just as there is nothing wrong in being proud to be Scottish or Welsh or Cornish for that matter as that is a Principality within England. I am proud to live in Michigan, I love Michigan that does not mean I am not liking other places, I just love my home.


Kay G. said...

Oh, this is so well written and I do agree with you so much. I even can relate about you saying "England", the same thing has happened to Richard and he says the same thing. "England IS a country!".

Anonymous said...

Extreme nationalism can be a dangerous any extreme-ism can become in the wrong circumstances. Something we should all be on guard for. Tolerance is the only way we can survive as a planet.

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Piffle Anonymous....
Unless you are fleeing a suppressed nation, then circumstances which lead one to another's shore vary greatly.
I agree wholeheartedly with Janice, my heart will always belong to England, despite living as a transplanted Brit, my values are English and proud to say so.

Magic Love Crow said...

People like to nick pick about everything! Great post Janice!

Janice Kay Schaub said...

Thank you Jo for you kind words and understanding of what I am saying. Thanks everyone for comments, I appreciate them. I am not advocating extreme anything Anon, that much is true it is dangerous and that was why I explained what it means to me.