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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Poodle Play Time....................

These long boring Winter days are a pain not only for us, but for the "pets" too. The cat Bessie is bored out of her mind. She and Boots love being outside but won't go out at all now. Boots will take a quick stroll to the garage to see if any of the Rodent population is hanging out but is soon back inside to lay on the heater.
The Poodles spend most of the day napping, insisting on being petted or eating. They are rather round at the moment and shaggy. Time for March grooming sessions I think.
Well the last few days Bella has initiated a play session. I have to get down on the floor and throw her toy before Bodi beats her up for pestering her.
 photo 20170_zpse8k43rfs.jpg
So it goes, I throw a toy and everyone joins in. All except Bijou who does not much fancy running around and competing. She likes to just pester them when they are trying to sleep.
Bessie on the other hand was watching from under an old record player.
 photo 20170212_135242_zpsom1ir2vl.jpg
She figured she would swat anyone who came close, but they didn't so she removed herself to the dining room chair and swatted Bodi as she ran by or tried to retrieve her toy from under the table.
 photo 20170212_135932_zpsy01yagco.jpg
As I said, the pets are bored. Bodi didn't care, she has enough fur.
 photo 20170212_135505k_zpsfqe2x4cc.jpg
 photo 20170212_135746k_zps6w17ruro.jpg
When they get tired Bella takes off with her toy and watches
 photo 20170212_135712_001_zps4aiavtq3.jpg
Brea took a breather too. She always looks like she has fangs when she smiles. Hehe.
 photo 20170212_135920_zpsaggxspkj.jpg
Then pretty soon its back to napping on the heater, they have a heating pad under their blankets.
 photo 20170212_135 k_zpslfebqh3y.jpg
No they are not spoiled at all.
They get to warm their pads up when they come in from the snow and wrap up warm.
 photo 20170212_135733k_zps747y9w3x.jpg
Bijou meanwhile has nothing to do with any of that. She will watch through the window for a reason to bark. That would get them all stirred up again just when they are all settled down for another nap.
 photo 20170212_165925k_zps3d41y0ws.jpg


A Brit in Tennessee said...

What sweet little faces, I love poodles they are so intelligent :)
Our cats are in and out cats, I wish they would just stay inside but they started their life like that when they came our way, and so it's hard to get them to stay inside all the time.
That being said, they stay on the covered porch 90 percent of their outside time !
We reached 72 degrees today, even here in the south, that's unusual.
Spring is in the air Janice.

NanaDiana said...

We once rescued a poodle from a dumpster when a carnival left town. She was COVERED with fleas and even the vet had a hard time getting rid of them. However, once she was cleaned up we kept her for many years. She had been trained at some point and would get up on her back legs and dance on command and walk backwards. She was my youngest son's best friend for many years. Sugar...he called her Sugar.
Love all the pictures of your sweet babies. xo Diana

Stephanie Faris said...

That's true--winter can be boring for our pets. When the weather's nice, my dog will hang out in the backyard for a long time. Now she's out for just a couple of minutes and she wants back in! Sometimes she'll find a sunny spot and lay in the grass for a while. It's like she knows she needs the sunlight.

Magic Love Crow said...

Awww, this is such a cute post! I am sorry they are bored, I love winter so much! Looks like they are having fun inside! LOL! I love the fang smile! LOL! Big Hugs!